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  • How much to build a wall?
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    We need a wall building next to our garage incorporating a gate.

    Said wall is approx 12 foot wide 6 foot high and will need to be double brick?

    How much should we be charged for this for a complete job?


    £10 I recon

    £10 I recon

    I'll do it for £9 😉

    It all depends. Best bet is to get someone locally who's had some work done to recommend a builder and get a quote.

    Eg. Is it to replace one that's 'fallen over' in the wind or new? (Eg If fallen over it'll have fallen over for a reason, is it in an exposed position, does it need to incorporate need piers).

    Do you need footings digging, if so are there potentially services in the way…

    What brick are you intending to use? To match the house? If so is it common / available locally or 'special'? Do you want coping, if so what.

    You get the idea..


    Thanks but i just need a rough estimate so i know if i'm being ripped off, i need footings the lot 😐

    It's a new wall to replace double gates that are phucked.

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    £100 per sm depending on type of facings required and a standard footing.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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