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  • Mrs Jackass is now 6 days over due! I hate waiting for things, i’m really really impatient.
    Finding it very hard to concentrate on anything as I might get the ‘call’ at any time and as I am the only person in our work that does my job I can’t get too involved otherwise jobs could be left half finished for a few days.
    Seems they are talking about helping it along on Thursday and then in on Tuesday to be induced(?) if still nothing.
    Can’t wait to be a Dad now, really excited but this wait is killing me!!

    Any of you Dad’s had similiar experiences or delays? Any inside tips if they have to force things to happen??


    The prostaglandins in semen are known to induce labour. A fact that women may not want you to know is that they are more effectively absorbed through the gut.

    First one was two weeks late, second two weeks early. 😉

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    The prostaglandin thing is right.

    MrsF says “having sex will bring on the baby” is an old wives’ tale.

    Apparently “best absorbed through the gut” is an old man’s tale. 🙂


    The truth is the prostaglandins are best taken as a suppository, the curry trick works as well (probably best taken orally though).

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    Our first was both two weeks late, according to the medicos, second induced at two weeks late, not very pleasant process. Third we lied about the dates. Don’t sweat it and enjoy it when it comes. Bikes on Classifieds yet?


    6 days is nowt. Give it another week! Best wishes, anyhow. 🙂

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    Sintocin is your friend.

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    Conventionally you’ve got up to another 8 days before they’ll take action!

    Bikes on Classifieds yet?

    NEVER!! Looking to buy ANOTHER one actually – thinking if I have a road bike to get to work it might be the only chance I get to ride for a little while!!

    Tried curry, sex and even long walks and still nothing!!

    Think they are going to break her waters on Thursday and see if that moves it along if nothing has happened.

    Will keep you posted 😉

    Isn’t it two weeks before they normally consider inducing unless there are medical reasons to do so?

    But I can imagine how frustrated and impatient you are getting – my wife isn’t due until June (with twins 🙂 but I am getting impatient already.

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    In a month’s time you’ll appreciate the extra few nights of full sleep! Be patient, FB jnr was too eager to get out and arrived 5 weeks early with complications. As long as mother & baby are fine, don’t worry about due dates.


    dont rush this, make the most of this time youve got together alone – itll seem like rarity in 12 months or so..

    Little BD was tw oweeks overdue and was induced, popped out in the middle of The Bill…

    popped out in the middle of The Bill…

    What? On set?


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    Impatient – get some bluddy sleep! Enjoy your last days/nights of being to do exactly what you want to do, when you want to do it.

    Seriously though try and chill – you are going to be stressed enough when the little bundle of joy arrives 😉


    JnrI is 8 months now. In 2 months time, you’ll be wishing you had made the most of the time without. Max out your sleep whilst you can. MrsI gave birth on the due date.

    Despite me hoping to maintain a hefty biking schedule things have slipped. I manage to do some training on my Turbo trainer once or twice a week and a ride every other weekend or so. That said, last weekend we invested in a “Mountain Buggy Terrain” and took JnrI on some pretty cool trails.

    This weekend involves testing our new bike child seat and JnrI’s new helmet which he loves and has been wanting to wear most of the week! A good sign I reckon. :o)

    To be fair though – how many of you want to keep riding your bike at every opportunity once you have your own family? I am pretty sure I will end up riding less as I will want to be with my children.



    nope i ride more cos if the oportunity presents its self you bloody go,none of this one more brew lark shoes hit pedals sharpish.
    mind you i stay home and look after ours so i see plenty of em it might be different if i hadnt seen them allday.


    To be fair though – how many of you want to keep riding your bike at every opportunity once you have your own family? I am pretty sure I will end up riding less as I will want to be with my children.


    You will be surprised at how much riding you can fit in!

    Mother and baby tend to sleep lots, especially in the 1st few months, freeing up lots of riding time. Use it!!!

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    No one told FB jr to sleep lots! I think the issue is when you’re back to a 5 day working week & the wife is at home. After 5 days at work I wanted to spend some time with FB jnr and it also gives Mum a break. When I changed my work hrs to a 9 day fortnight I did manage to get out more as I had a day with FB jnr in the week.
    As nonk says, when you get the chance, you just go, and probably cut down on post ride cake/faffing/gassing. I’ve also tended to change riding style, so am not doing a lot of 1/2 to full day rides, but local playing in the woods/ practising some downhill stretches.

    I intend to ride to and frm work so I am getting some riding in, but also not really taking away from time I can spend with the new family.

    Of course the reality may be very different from the fantasy.

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    Mrs Grips is on about week 36 now. So I’m wondering when to start wondering about it…

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    That’s my current plan, having been made redundant last year, to get a local job so I can ride to work, but so far all my contracts & interviews for permanent jobs have been too far away. At my last place, they had showers so I was able to take the bike in & ride at lunch time.

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    A lot of first ones are late – my first was 10 days late and second a weellate.
    People used to ask when is the baby due and I would say last week (cue person to step back as if I am about to deliver baby any second)
    Get some sleep and keep Mrs jackass walking about and eating curry.
    I am still convinced the thought of being induced in a couple of days did the trick!
    Best of luck.
    ps – I have found it possible to keep riding as a Mum but not much in the first 12 months, also it tends to be a quick hour or 2 from the door – none of this driving, ride, lunch, drive home stuff that used to take all day.
    I have found my recent redundancy has helped though…kids in school/nursery me out on my bike !


    I would not recommend being induced to anyone (unless there is a medical emergency eg placenta stopping functioning or baby in distress). I know that the first time it is all exciting and you both can’t wait to see the baby, but induction is not a gentle process, it brings on full on labour really quickly and can be very traumatic for mother and baby. I was induced for my first and it was a truly horrific experience that lasted 36 hours. All sorts of complications that I’m sure were a result of me not actually being full term, but ‘dates were dates’ and the midwives insisted tha baby was coming whether it wanted to or not.

    My second, I was adamant I was going to wait til nature took it’s course and went 3 weeks over my ‘dates’. The midwives were frantic to have me induced spinning me scare stories about the baby getting “too big to deliver” and it being dangerous, but the consultant obstetrician said that so long as I came in for twice weekly ultrasound to check that all was well with baby and placenta, there was no medical reason why I wouldn’t go into labour naturally. And I did. It was a much more controlled and less painfull (physically and emotionally) than the induced birth. I was still pressured to have various interventions “to speed things up”, but my partner helped me resist this. Don’t put me down as a fanatical ‘natural birther’ though, and still took the pain relief that was available.

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    We’re very set on dates in this country, but they could be completely wrong. Apparently, in Australia you just get told it’s due “in May”, rather than “May 15th”.

    Tried curry, sex and even long walks and still nothing!!

    More curry, sex and long walks needed them. She’ll not be letting you near it for a while, and spicy food is out if she’s breastfeeding, so unless long walks are your favourite of those three, take them while you can!

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