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  • mudsux

    Mines at £200 pcm for a 3 bed house.

    Two bed end terrace house on meters for gas and electric using roughly £1 each per day. Will never go back onto direct debit ever again


    £100 pcm 3 bed, two adults two kids.

    Letter through the box other day saying it’ll be £110 soon.

    Premier Icon paladin

    £140 for a 4 bed house. Half of the house 1890`s stone built, the other half is cavity wall.


    Currently £93 pcm for a 4 bed detached for gas & elec.

    We’ve got an ancient boiler & draughty double glazing, so I think we could use less gas if we sorted this out.
    Hoping to replace both at some point (double glazing first) and that should help with the gas side of things.

    Premier Icon iainc

    £170, 4/5 bed modern detached in windy west of Scotland

    3 bed house that had meters when we moved in – spent ages trying to weight up whether paying to have them removed was a good idea. Then realised it was great for showing my teenagers how much electricity and gas they wasted. So the meters stayed, they kids learnt to embrace jumpers and using less energy

    Gas and electric rarely goes over £80 a month in the depths of winter and in the summer it’s far less.

    Wouldn’t go back to direct debit here either

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    About $2600(Oz) per year for electric on the old house, bugger all insulation and single glazed but did have solar hot water. So about £125/month.

    Not sure what the new one will be…


    two bed victorian mid terrace, crap insulation, crap doors, draughty chimneys, old boiler, some single glazing and the double is 20mm panels.

    £60 pcm


    just switched but was approx £70 a month for 2 bed flat.
    Had a house with Meter previously and wad easy over £100 a month and the house was not even heated properly but litteraly couldn’t afford topping the gas up anymore, running out of gas half way through Xmas dinner was not ideal either…

    paying monthly worked out much cheaper for me


    i dont get why folk do direct debit, you end up paying over the odds and its a bugger to get your brass back off em. i just give em readings every quarter. 3 bed semi, about £150 in autumn and winter and £50-£75 in spring/ summer for combined gas/ elec bills. Gonna go up in may (locked in with BG till then).

    Premier Icon Stoner

    £740 pa (£60pm) for electricity only. Big converted barn – 2010 minimum+ insulation standards. And that includes running the company from home on a big computer that has to be on 18+hours a day so 1/3rd of the elec bills go through the company.

    Fired up the central heating (i.e. on top of the wood burner) for the first time this season today. But it’s wood powered (my own wood) so heating costs are nominally £0, but If Im honest and tot up costs of saws, fuel, etc its about £250 a year.

    Premier Icon stu170

    Electric is a meter roughly quid a day. Heating and hot water is oil fired and I spend around 75 ish a month. Wood for thefire I get more than I can burn for free now. So hoping to bring oil bill down

    Wer’e paying £117 a month by DD & are currently £280 in credit going off the last bill.
    3 bed detached, 3 people including a 25 yr old who doesn’t pay the **** bills!

    Premier Icon benji

    £86 a month, co-op energy, so getting dividend as well on that, and that’s for a three bedroom house, gas central heating. You also get extra divvy for submitting a meter reading once a month, in the past 18 months it’s been hassle free.

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    looks like I’m near the top end 🙁 must be due to the high amount of renewable’s our state run elect corp provide…

    b r

    i dont get why folk do direct debit, you end up paying over the odds and its a bugger to get your brass back off em.

    Because we get a better deal, and I’ve never had a problem with DD’s in the +25yrs I’ve owned houses.

    Averages over the year:
    Gas £0
    Electricity £50
    Oil £200
    Firewood £50

    Detached ex-Mill in Scotland.

    Premier Icon scotroutes

    IIRC, tariffs are cheaper if you pay monthly and you get a further discount if you pay by DD.

    Premier Icon jambalaya

    scotroutes – Member
    IIRC, tariffs are cheaper if you pay monthly and you get a further discount if you pay by DD.

    The energy companies use the “discount” word to massively surcharge those that pay quarterly by cheque, something like 20%.

    Two properties – £350 for 5 bedroomed house, £90 for 2 bedroomed flat.

    Premier Icon midlifecrashes

    Around £270 per month here 🙁

    7 bedroom Victorian with no cavities or loft to insulate.


    £70 per month for gas and electric. 1960’s 3 bed semi, 15 ish year old back boiler, work from home all day.

    Premier Icon grtdkad

    Gas & electric £225 per month here. Family of 5, 4 bed detached 70s house.


    £120 a month 4 bed new build, 2 adults 2 kids


    £70pm for gas which is looking like a bit too much. I reckon it’ll settle around £60pm, probably less once once we get the log burner working.
    £50pm for electric. I reckon that’ll come down once they take a reading cos the solar panels have added loads in.

    4 bedroomed house.


    £96pcm for gas and electric fixed for two years. Actual usage is electricity pretty much £22/23 per month all year. Gas ranges from £15 in summer to £150 in winter. Average seems about right..

    3 bedroom semi, much extended downstairs.


    I don’t do direct debit either, just pay for what i use now and pay bits off on my debit card every so often


    >£200pm 🙁

    Extended 1600’s farm cottage (cider farm) with lots of bodges, leaky single glazing, damp and a knackered gas heating system.

    We are moving shortly though to somewhere that has just been freshly renovated with PVC double glazing, new oil heating and a log burner so it will be interesting to see how much less it costs to run.

    £25 gas and £25 electric by direct debit for a two bed miners cottage with no dishwasher or tumble dryer and the heating doesn’t come on until the starts getting bellow zero outside, and I am in credit by £30. 😀

    The telly and computer is enough to heat the front room on all the but the coldest days. I only really put the heating on when the girlfriend stays.

    Careful if you change suppliers – we left Southern Electric last year to take advantage of a dual fuel deal elsewhere. The other night, going through our statements, we discovered that the new company hadn’t taken the steps to tell SE that we were leaving.

    We’ve been paying double for our electric for over a year – the DDs to SE hadn’t been stopped (the new company had assued us we didn’t have to do any of this and that a final payment would be taken and the DD stopped).

    So now I’m fighting with Southern Electric to get a years worth of ‘leccy refunded. Barstewards of the first order.

    Slightly OT, but we also found that Orange / EE have been charging us for two lots of phone and broadband since we went on to fiber-optic – there’s another pile of cash we need refunded. Check those statements folks…


    £200 per month for leccy, then coal on top in an old stone farmhouse with a Mrs who thinks anything under 26C is unsurvivable by humans.

    Premier Icon smogmonster

    £150 pm Gas (LPG) and £60 electricity, 3 bed house, 6 years old.

    Premier Icon nickc

    £60 a month for a 3 bed semi cottage, built 1820 or so.

    3.5m3 of Logs for burner £180. Heating hasn’t been on yet in any significant way, laundry and dishwasher always on overnight.

    Premier Icon bigblackshed

    £35 on electric, £65 on gas. About £50 on logs from November to March.

    Shower from the combi boiler with 2 sons who think 15-20 minute showers are normal. Good loft insulation, no cavity in the walls, no double glazing and crap doors. Can’t replace because of the conservation zone. Haven’t put the gad heating on yet, wood burner started just over a week ago.

    1908 3 bed semi.

    Premier Icon footflaps

    About £100 pcm for 3 bed room Victorian terrace (9″ solid walls). IIRC £60 gas, £40 electric or thereabouts. We probably use £140 of coal over the winter each year as well, which means the CH isn’t used much in the evenings unless its really cold.


    we are a 25 quid DD and still in credit.

    interestingly im monitoring the house with an energy meter atm just to get an idea of where savings can be made.

    we use about 60pence a day on a week day and 1.20 on a weekend ( we do alot of cooking on the weekend)

    oil – looks like about 30-35 a month – might be less this year , spent last year trying to get to grips with the system and how to set it up best.

    wood – 25 a month.


    £41 a month for both from Npower and I’ve just checked my account – seems I’m £89 in credit as well!
    I do have a lot of jumpers though.

    Premier Icon footflaps

    oil – looks like about 30-35 a month – might be less this year , spent last year trying to get to grips with the system and how to set it up best.

    Impressively low!


    heatings set to come on at 4.30am for 1 hour

    lots of insulation and well fitted blinds(cheers bruneep)/heavy curtain combo

    wood burner used at night/weekends – plus eco fan and high level room vents let the heat about the house.

    when you take into consideration i pay for fire wood its not that impressive – how ever i couldnt keep the house as warm as i do with just the oil heating for the price we do – i burn alot of scrap wood as well – removed over a kg of steel(nails , hinges , handles ,screws) from the grate on saturday during a stove clean/service of moving parts.

    Premier Icon footflaps

    I’ve got enough scrap wood / pallets left over from the workshop build, to keep us going this winter and the next. Shame we have open fires as 85% of the heat just goes up the chimney!


    Maria Miller – £2,011 on electricity
    Conservative MP Nadhim Zahawi – £5,822.27

    340 MPs claim £200,000 on expenses for energy bills

    Hope that helps 🙂

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