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  • ross980

    I’m clearing out my loft and considering getting rid of one of these:

    Epiphone 335 Dot in cherry red (sans case)
    And one of these:

    Marshall G30R-CD amp with a channel switch. Also got leads and a Marshall Guv’nor effects pedal.
    The guitar used to be my pride and joy but there’s no point in being sentimental and keeping it if I don’t have the time to play it.
    Both in good condition (or at least they were 6 years ago when I last played them). Any idea what they’re worth? Where’s best to sell them? Is it best selling separately?


    Mmmm, my favourite hollow-body style, and I love the colour, too. I’d love it, but I’ve never had the discipline to sit down and learn to play, sadly.
    I think there are guitar-specific fora where you might have a good chance, worth have a dig around on Google, if only to get some ideas as to value; you could stick an ad on the for sale section here, once you’ve got some ideas as to value.
    Good luck, that’s quality gear, I’m sure you’ll be able to send them to good homes.


    sell seperately, guitars hold value better than amps. Guitar should get at least £150, maybe a bit more cos its nice! Amp with gear, maybe £50-70.

    How much would you want for the Guvnor pedal?


    keep it and hang it on a wall, they look nicer than most pictures.


    I’m about to start learning. Can’t you make time to play?
    You might regret selling it.

    I’d go with the wll art suggestion if I were you. I think you’re looking at around £200 for the lot on a good day, the second hand market seems fairly flat unless you’re prepared to sell really low.

    I wouldn’t bother doing that if I were you on the off chance you’ll want to play later on. No point taking a loss now then having to buy more kit later. If you like the guitar, definitely keep that if it plays nice. Amps have moved on a fair bit so you could do a lot better than what you have.


    Sold a nice Yamaha guitar and Fender amp on ebay before christmas, expecting £175-200.
    It sold for £70.
    I was very disappointed, as I’d rather not sell it at that price, but swings and roundabouts, I bought a nice Olympus DSLR for a bargain £75 last week.

    I’d give £150 for it tomorrow, but maybe less than what you are after?
    Where are you?


    You might regret selling it.

    I certainly regret swapping my fender tele (like this)

    for a GT Zaskar frame……that was stolen as a full bike about a year later. It was only a mexican tele but I miss it all the same. I will never ever get rid of another guitar.


    Ooooooh, my dad had a Gibson 335 in sunburst that he promised he would give to me. It’s beautiful.

    He sold it to buy an amp instead.

    Premier Icon BigJohn

    Mmmmmmm that Tele is my 2nd favourite guitar.

    My favourite is the 57 replica Tele in same colour but with thicker butterscotch finish and a single coil. 3 bridge saddles FTW!


    on the subject of guitars that I’ll never sell, I modified one of my jazz masters to create this wonderful thing:

    …from my cold dead hand only.

    Premier Icon chipps

    If it’s a black, rather than silver Guv’nor pedal, then I’d buy that off you. Always fancied one of those… (Gary Moore moment…)

    Guitars as wall art you say? Yes they do look ace, but mine get played regularly too 😀

    Keef Framed 002 by -Cheesyfeet-, on Flickr

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