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  • How much has your bike changed in a year?
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    My SX Trail became a Banshee Rune V2. Bits are mostly the dame apart from the bars which I changed (same bars different colour) and the grips (Renthals to Vans…not a good move). Am planning to add a Sram clutch mech this month.

    My hardtail has changed a lot…from a GT Lopes 4x to an old old school Tazer (which cracked) to a Cotic BFe in XS. This has then had new forks (03 Z1’s became 04 Z1’s with a 20mm axle), my X9 mech became an X0, my trusty old school (5 bolt) Bulbs on D 321’s were swapped for Pro II Evo’s on EN521’s, my ancient Azonic A Frames were swapped for Superstar Nano’s and I added some orange Race Face grips. Final changes will take place this weekend when u swap the Deus XC cranks for some Atlas AM’s with a Goldtech ring.

    Not much then…

    to (bars, forks, stem, rear mech, saddle, tyres, chainset)

    to (forks)


    Only really changed to 2×9, swapped my Marz 66 RC3 180mm to Lyrik RC2DH 170mm, Fox RP23 to CCDB Air, and changed from some 680mm alu bars to 720 carbon havens.

    Next planned change is 11 speed.

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    Quite a few changes for me over the last year. My Intense has gone from:

    To this:

    New wheels/tyres/forks/bars/grips and gone 1 x 10 with XT clutch mech and RaceFace N/W 30T chain ring…oh, and a paint job 😀


    I’ve thrown some money at mine to drop it from the heavyweight devision to being more of an all-rounder.

    XX1, carbon rims/bars/saddle, custom tuned shock and fork.

    It was a great bike before but now its awesomez!*

    *rides great but its a stranger to the sponge.

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    My Blue pig has had:
    DMR V8`s to point one podiums
    Avid discs to Hope floating rotors
    A hub rebuild and new freehub courtesy of Ison 😀

    A brodie holeshot Ti frame swap :mrgreen:
    Which meant
    a Cane creek headset was replaced by hope
    an XT BB replaced by hope
    Thompson seat post replaced by a Ragley spike

    Since then its also had

    Rear Juicy 5 replaced by XT Brake
    Ragley spike seatpost replaced with a Lynksey Ti post
    Brodie seat clamp replaced by Carbon Ti QR
    Specialised saddle replaced with Charge spoon.
    Cheapo stem replaced with Thompson 50mm
    Hone Cranks replaced with XT
    New grips
    New cable outers (To suit frame)
    New PC991 chain
    36t front ring

    Next on the list will be carbon bars and a Clutch rear mech with mod to suit XO 9 speed shifters that are on there

    Chiefgrooveguru, we’re in Sheffield now. The riding is much harsher and not quite as convenient to squeeze in. I miss the ability to quickly blast a loop around Stanmer, but the rocky stuff here is refreshing. Sometimes it’s like climbing on scree with big square blocks chucked in for fun and the descents don’t have much in terms of corners (apart from the built stuff). It’s making me consider FS again 😳

    I pummelled a bar end cap right into my inner thigh, no riding for a while…

    How’s life? Which FS did you settle on? Solaris?

    The bike I bought six years ago, I’m still using the spokes.

    Anyway, in the last year, I guess I’ve done

    new tyres on the regular wheels, & got a ‘spare’ set with DH tyres
    brake swap
    new seatpost (bent the old one)


    If you change the frame then is it really the same bike? In my mind stripping the components from one frame to another means you have built a different bike

    To a certain extent I agree but for some reason I still see mine as the same bike but with a different frame as everything else has stayed the same. Its different but not different enough for it to seem like a different bike. I suppose if I had changed the forks and wheels at the same time it would feel like a totally different bike, but as its just one component it feels like an evolution. It’s a strange one.


    Also forgot that I changed my M4’s with a Mini lever (rubbish by the way) for Shimano Deore brakes.

    The big bike also had new wheels earlier in the year…I swapped my NS Bikes hubs on XM321’s for Easton Havoc’s and I finally went tubeless (swapped my Maxxis Minion/High Roller set up for Hans Dampfs).

    I’ve clearly spent far too much money this year in bikes! But at least I’ve ridden loads.


    For my 29er, a bit – it’s gone 1×10 is the main change. New saddle too.
    A year ago:


    CX bike – new frame/fork so quite a big change I guess.
    A year ago:


    For my other bikes, no significant changes

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    In the main there’s nothing of note but then this:

    evolved into my Trigger’s Broom:

    Which has changed wheels, tyres & saddle since……

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