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  • How much has your bike changed in a year?
  • curvature

    My Five has changed into two bikes…..a Clockwork 29er and a Whyte M109!

    And both new bikes have changed with a combination of changes including wheels, tyres, mechs, brakes etc.


    new pads front and rear
    new tyres front and rear
    new seat clamp
    new headset
    new bb
    new casette
    new chain
    pedels changed from mallets to egg beaters
    new cables
    bar possition changed
    new top cap

    so not much realy

    Premier Icon tmb467

    Was a green 06 Enduro elite – pretty much as it had been for 4 years before I got it

    Now, candy blue, fox 36 rc2 instead of 09 pikes, 1×10 instead of 3×9, front end wider and stem shorter, hope m4 brakes, new back wheel and all bearings / bb / hs replaced

    Front wheel and saddle haven’t been changed tho

    Premier Icon oldagedpredator

    Not as much as it should have, nothing exciting but in the last 4 months done both mechs, cassette, chain, rear shifter, middle chain ring. Wished I’d gone with the urge to go 10spd in the spring as I’ve now got fully functional 9 again.


    from this

    to this


    Based on everyone listing parts they’ve changed, I’ll speed things up and list what I haven’t changed.

    Seat clamp
    Frame/Rear shock

    Everything else, brand spanking new!

    Went mental this year, have had two new frames, replaced a Demo 7 with a Makulu and a Spicy with an Ion 16. Bar a few bits that had to change like BBs/headsets/rear hub/crank, etc, the components all stayed the same

    Premier Icon tmb467

    Based on everyone listing parts they’ve changed, I’ll speed things up and list what I haven’t changed.

    Front wheel
    Frame/shock (shock rebuilt tho and frame coated)

    Triggers bike, IMHO


    Mine changed from a SS rigid 29er Kona Unit to an Alfine hubbed front suspension 26er Genesis io id. The change was not of my making, but insurance has its uses.

    Wheels size
    Tyres (Conti vs Maaxis)
    Front suspension (Recon gold vs. On One rigid carbon)
    Gears (Alfine vs. SS, but planning on SS again)
    Brakes (Shimano Deore vs. Avid)

    Contact points (ergon grips, carbon seatpost and Flite Ti saddle)
    Geometry (60cm VTT for both, similar angles)
    Material (both steel)


    Just contributing to another thread, I’ve realised how much my bike has changed in the last year. This is my Meta about this time last year.

    And now:

    Apologies for most of the pictures being poor quality. How much have yours changed?


    My bike is somewhat of a Triggers broom.

    This was two years ago a couple of things change since this photo, cranks and brakes.

    P1000889 by i_ache, on Flickr

    This was a month ago but the drivetrain was worn out so now has SLX 1×10.

    Untitled by i_ache, on Flickr


    From this and this

    To this and this

    Mav not built up yet, but very excited as I’ve been after a Durance for years!


    Maintenance rather than upgrades for me this year: DIY fork (x2) and aircan service, chains (x3)cassette and chainring (x1), rebuilt 2 worn rim brake wheels with new rims and brake pads (x4) only! I nearly fitted new grips on the yeti but then I just turned them over a bit so the rubbed off bits are out of the way.

    Still shocking how much it cost me just to keep the bikes running unchanged/un-upgraded though, bearing in mind I always keep an eye out for cheap spares/consumables and buy when going cheap, not when urgently needed, and that I have not needed to pay for a bike mechanic to do any of it.

    But I did buy a whole new-to-me (8 years old) road bike so I don’t feel too un-upgraded. 😀


    Both bikes (fs and hardtail) have new frames and forks.

    Bullit w/Boxxers to a Voltage FR30 w/55s (gonna be changed for Lyriks if I ever get my bmx sold)
    Charge Blender w/Pikes to a Chameleon w/Sektors.

    I wish I’d kept the Blender & Pikes tbh, that setup just felt right.

    Premier Icon colournoise

    Continental tyres (Rubber Queen / X-King) to Specialized (Purgatory / The Captain).

    Forca Vario dropper to a Reverb.

    Forks dropped from 150mm to 130mm.

    Various switches between 760mm flat bars and 740mm risers.

    Ragley Cheeky saddle to a Charge Spoon.

    Azonic Outlaw wheelset to a tubeless Flow/Superstar Switch setup.

    BB7s to XT brakes.

    Premier Icon stewartc

    Last August it looked like this…

    Then changed to this last December…..

    And then a drive train, drop post, tire and rear shock change later now looks like this…

    I feel there may be more changes by next December


    Mine went from a Nicolai Helius CC and a Kinesis FF29 to a Giant Anthem X1 29’er and a Boardman CX Team

    Premier Icon turboferret

    My Tri bike now has Di2 and a disc on the back.
    My road bike now has Di2.
    Just need to fettle some electrics onto the MTB 🙂

    Cheers, Rich

    Premier Icon Bregante

    My Nicolai hasn’t changed at all (apart from consumables)

    My other bike has changed from this

    Autumn2012 016 by redmancunian69, on Flickr

    To this

    Untitled by redmancunian69, on Flickr

    Premier Icon jamj1974

    Changed quite a lot this year on my 2007 S-works Enduro: –

    – Replaced my e150SL front fork with Bos Devilles
    – My AFR shock has been swapped for Bos VIP’R
    – Rovale wheel set usurped by Hope Hoops on Flows
    – Just succumbed to desire for remote dropper post – so picked up a KS Lev to take the place of my trusty (and reliable!) Joplin.

    It does ride a bit differently now…

    b r

    Same bike, but due to maintenance/breakage I’ve changed:

    Fork, freehub, crankset, 2 rear mechs, 2 cassettes, 6 chains, dozen brake pads, 3 rotors, seatpost, muckynutz, 2 gear cables and 1 outer, 2 sets of pedals (now back on Shimano after CB’s), 1 front tyre, 2 rear tyres, rear hub bearings.

    A lot of rocky miles.


    I’ve changed my 20T to a 21T rear cog on occasion, oh and taken the winter tyres off and stuck some new ESI grips on, ohhh yeah changed cranks to XO’s.

    Premier Icon BadlyWiredDog

    It has a new downtube and no wheels, bars, stem gears, cranks, forks etc… 😉

    Herman Shake

    In the past year the Marin Attack Trail has become a Blue Pig X;

    Fork upgraded from Pike to 150mm RCT3 Rev.
    Tubes lessened (tubes to rimstrips, now duct tape and crossed fingers),
    Mud XR, then ADvantages, now On-One combo,
    Brakes upgraded from previous to current XT,
    ODI Crosstrainers replacing Ruffians,

    Erm… and now rolling around the Peak instead of Brighton/South Downs!

    On my trusty Soul:

    X-King to Rubber Queen on the back (for winter but stayed on all year)
    Hope QR skewer to Superstar 10mm QR bolt-thru on the back (stiffer)
    X9 shifter to Saint (broken)
    X9 mech to Zee (jockey wheels worn out)
    11-36 SLX to 11-36 XT (worn out)
    Hope 32t to Works 34t (worn out)
    New chain (rotating three X10Ls now)
    Fork service with SKF seals
    Organic to sintered M4 pads (worn out)
    N-gear jump stop to Hope chainguide (broken)
    Truvativ to Zee cranks (broken)

    Full-sus currently on order and then Soul brakes and drivetrain are going on that and Soul is going singlespeed. But not yet!


    Purely aesthetic for me, new fork decals and de-stickered the wheels, oh and ODI lockons. Just got new pads, a brake bleed last night and re-indexed gears last night.



    Erm… and now rolling around the Peak instead of Brighton/South Downs!

    Hello! Goodbye! When did you move? Where in the Peak are you?


    New frame (warranty)
    Changed from Formula Mega to Deore brakes
    Changed Gravity Dropper to to Reverb
    XT cranks for XT cranks (after stripping splines).

    Canyon 29er:
    Changed DT Swiss forks to Rebas
    Changed bars to Nukeproof wide flat bars.
    Changed front tyre to Nobby Nic, rear to Rocket Ron (after putting hole in previous RaRA rear)

    SS 29er
    Changed XT cranks to Deore (XTs went to Zesty)

    Road bike
    New Lenzyne bottle cages
    New chain


    From this…

    To this..

    Transferred the Stans wheelset and Rev fork from my Giant over to the Evil and dropped some weight

    Chain, Hope chainring and cassette

    ESI grips


    Erm nothing, my Camber Expert 26er is still exactly as brought, just has some paint missing in places, i don’t count the pedals as it didn’t come with any.


    Bought my 2011 Genesis Core 30 from Winstanleys about a year ago, since then have changed:

    Grips (Clarks lock on)
    Pedals (Wellgo MG1)
    Seatpost clamp (Hope QR)
    Rear QR (Hope)
    Forks (120mm Reba’s)
    Tyres (Spec. storm control)
    Front Wheel (Mavic EN521 on Pro 2 Evo)
    Bars (Fatbar Lite)
    Seatpost (Thompson Elite)
    New front rotor (180mm)


    Replacing Octalink BB/Cranks with Deore next week.

    By the time I’ve got a new back wheel & cassette there won’t be great deal left, but the bike was cheap as old stock and I should have some good kit to transfer onto another frame in the future.

    Still really fancy a rigid steel 29er on fast rolling tyres for road/smooth trail use though….

    Toss up between selling wheels & fork from this bike, along with flat bar road bike to fund one, or sticking left over kit from these upgrades on a cheap inbred frame……. 3 bikes may be pushing it.

    Mister P

    If you change the frame then is it really the same bike? In my mind stripping the components from one frame to another means you have built a different bike.

    My road bike is 6 months old and the only original parts are the frame and fork. It has gone from 105 to Ultegra to 11 speed Ultegra in that time. It isn’t really the bike I originally bought IMO.


    26″ Anthem to a 20″ Verde Spectrum 😉


    If you change the frame then is it really the same bike? In my mind stripping the components from one frame to another means you have built a different bike.

    I concur here, I can’t help but feel like taking the frame away from a bike is taking the bike away. New frame, new bike.


    Hmmmm, mine is a parts bin hybrid and has been since 1990, I have swapped the frame 5 times and probably have no original bits left – perhaps it really is the triggers Broom of the MTB world – it’s always been my only bike so the frame swaps are still changes to ‘my bike’.

    Premier Icon stewartc

    If you change the frame then is it really the same bike? In my mind stripping the components from one frame to another means you have built a different bike


    That’s the one, with it’s wooden frame and bristle wheel

    Premier Icon tomhoward


    image by tom.howard.562, on Flickr


    image by tom.howard.562, on Flickr


    image by tom.howard.562, on Flickr

    Which has become

    image by tom.howard.562, on Flickr

    Only the bars, rims, front hub, grips and rear sprocket remain the same from start to finish.


    Think I’ve washed some mud of mine at some point. Does that count?

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