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  • How much fuel?
  • Planning to cycle 85 miles (on road) on Saturday. Normally confine rides to 50 or so – unless in a race/enduro.

    Just wondered how much food/fluid people would take with them for that sort of distance. Also, i have a set of race wheels (mavic cosmics) and wondered whether, considering the distance i might be better off with this lighter wheelset (rather than ‘open pro’/’ultegra’ wheelset)

    thoughts people please.

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    1g of carbohydrate per kg of body mass per hour seems to be the best advice.

    I’d go for whicherver is more ‘comfortable’ (however you measure that) rather than worry about a few grams here or there.

    for 85 miles – 1 bottle containing water and at least 1 cafe stop to eat beans on toast, cake and 2 cups of tea. i carry an energy gel and a couple of small flapjacky type things just in case as well


    If it’s just a ride not a race, and I can stop any time I want, for this kind of ride, I’d just take a couple of chocolate bars, plus something sugary in one of my water bottles. Can always stop at a shop to get some crisps or whatever.

    If it is with other people, and there aren’t any cafe stops, I’d take energy drink in both bottles, and maybe 3 or 4 chocolate bars.


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    4.5 to 5 hours? I’d take 2 full big bottles, and expect to have to refill at some point (shop or petrol station with tap). I’d normally start with 100g of energy powder in 1 bottle, which is ~2 hours food, along with 5-6 bars or gels. Though you suggest you’ve done longer events, so just fuel as you would for them.

    The wheels won’t make a significant enough advantage for it to be worth worrying about.


    Drink a bottle of energy stuff in the hour or two before you set off, have a good breakfast, then take two bottles and a couple of gels or biscuits. It’s only bike riding through the uk, not a trip up the amazon, so dinnae stress y’self.


    Water. Take it like a man!


    I normally take 2 bottles of just water on a ride like that and a few bits of flapjack/enegy bars. Take 2 minutes to eat a bit every hour or so.
    Nice to have something decent ready for when you get home though….Take some cash just incase you need more water/food along the way.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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