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  • How much for replacement Fascia and soffit?
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    I think you’re into ‘piece of string’ territory there.

    Depends on the condition of the stuff that is there, condition of what they find when the remove the old stuff, difficulty of access, scaffolding required etc.

    I think I had a quote of £1900 to do all the fascias, soffits and guttering on my old 2 bed terrace. I did it myself in the end, hired a scaffold tower, did the lot and painted the walls at the same time, took a long weekend.



    Think we paid 2,200 for med. size detached house.

    Like alfabus says it’s grey area. THe local pikeys will do it for bog all in comparison as they will tack it to the old wood, not use a scaffold tower, pay no tax/vat and never be seen again.

    A proper company will strip back to tiles from the eaves, lay down a eaves guard systems, use quality PVC-u and make sure it’s continuously vented soffit board too.

    Cutting corners and capping the old stuff accelerates the rot and it won’t be long before you have to do it again.

    Best bet is to get three bona fide installers and compare the quotes, ask them what product the use Celuform/swish are the dearest and compatible to Everest quality and then you have Kestrel/BCE mid ground and other import stuff which is cheap, has low silver ratio in the PVC-u and will discolour.


    I’m getting some quotes for new UPVC fascia, soffits and guttering on a two bedroom semi, garage and porch. I’ve got approx two straight runs at 4m, one run at 2m and two runs at 3m.

    How much should I be looking at paying?


    Geordiemick, please explain how over capping will speed up the rot ? please dont say it seals in the water because overcapping only goes on over the front and bottom face of any fascia and the fascia will still dry out from the back and top once you stop any water getting to it.

    To the original poster:

    there are two options over capping or total replacement?
    there is a big difference in cost
    Please read here why to overcap fascias or full replacement

    Over capping should cost between £1000-£1200
    full replacement should cost £2200-£3000

    make sure you use a company that operate from a fixed address and also someone who will offer a guarantee on request.

    P.s stay clear of the large companies who employ salesmen they will charge up to £10000 ive seen the quotes myself.


    fasciasandsoffit 1st post and dead on subject as your username, a spot of spam anyone. You websites shite by the way.

    Why’s it called a ‘soffit’?

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    In the last 3 years M Jones building have had a internet presence and received positive reviews here and here and have never received any negative reviews.

    I might give him a negative review for his spelling and grammar. That website is quality 🙂

    oh, and the ‘here and here’ weren’t links, just text.


    Just had bay window refelted, PVC soffits & facia boards and new guttering all round the semidetached and it’s cost us £1445. Knock off £300 for bay window roof. Roofer the black facia boards were 4x the price of white ones so maybe a saving if going for white.


    Thanks for the comments, I’ve had the first quote, which seems pretty reasonable, has anyone any experience of Hightech Roofline?

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    nope… they look a bit flashy.

    Have you tried going down to a local trading estate and/or asking for recommendations?

    We found our way in to a really good bunch of tradesmen by asking people who had done good work to recommend others. Our plasterer gave us our gas man, he gave us a chippie etc.


    Look Guys a member on here has posted a question and I have tried to give them a bit of advice, my advice is relevant to the conversation and is not spammy, Im sorry you feel the way you do but there is no need to go round throwing insults at me I would never do it to any of you. Shame on you !
    As for writing a negative review……do you realise this could damage a business, reviews are important for customers to find good tradesmen,what hope have they got if people go around giving negative reviews, how would this help anyone????????
    Thanks for the advice on the broken links.

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    I had our house done last year.
    two 8m runs and some bloody long runs (with extensive soffits) at the side, where the roof overhangs the walls.
    The rear also needed scaffold as we had a conservatory to work around!
    New gutters too.

    We paid £1500.

    This was for a big 3 bed semi.

    This cost was low though as we were introduced to the contractor and he did it with a mate in a weekend. Still, it must have been no more than £500-600 materials, so thats still a grand for a weekends work!

    They stripped off the old wood and installed it to the rafters.

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