How much for LBS to build some wheels?

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  • How much for LBS to build some wheels?
  • jodafett

    I just paid £28 for build of 1 wheel plus 50p per (silver) spoke, black spokes were £1 each. In Edinburgh.

    Premier Icon tomatoevousparlour

    Evans charged me £31 including sapim DB spokes per wheel.


    I charge £45 – but I’m good 😉

    Premier Icon mos

    If i were to do my own shonky chinese wheels with light bikewide 29er carbon rims on either hope or superstar hubs & get the LBS to build & supply spokes, what would you say the going rate would be?


    My LBS do a sterling job, you can pay £20 to build but if you buy rim & spokes (no use to you granted) they will build for no extra cost, saying that need a new EN521…that’ll be £50 then!

    Think my lbs charges £15 + spokes per wheel, or at least they did.


    Evans have stupidly cheap pricing for wheel builds. £31 for labour AND decent Sapim double butted spokes.
    I asked in store why it was so cheap and they said it’s just due to the fact that the big cheeses in suits have never really bothered looking into it since the price was set 10 years ago.
    Cant grumble at that!


    norman wrote:

    big cheeses

    Mmmmm, biiiig cheeses…

    Premier Icon tomhoward

    £20 plus spokes. Though this can be reduced with the addition of baked goods.


    My local are £25 and they true for life FOC
    Worth the price alone !!

    Premier Icon coolhandluke

    Wheel pro book and build your own.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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