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  • How much does your Camelbak weigh
  • Dibbs

    I just weighed mine 9lb 1oz (bladder only half full), I ditched some stuff, 10mm spanner (haven’t had a bike that needed that for years), chaintool and a selection of allen keys (there was a multitool that does all that) and a shock pump. That brought it down to 7lb 14oz. I’ve still got 3 spare tubes a pump a small bottle of oil spare set of pads and some emergency cash.
    I think the biggest saving would be from only taking enough water for the ride you intend to do.

    Premier Icon cynic-al

    Replace 2 tubes with a patch kit and ditch the oil – when is that needed on the trail? Never used my shock pump either, pads can be checked at home.


    thinking about ditching mine and going back to a water bottle and saddle bag (awaits mocking). If I had 2 bottle cages I would put my tools/tube in a fake bottle but only one set of bottle mounts.

    Only problem is the dog – need to take water for her and some way to carry a ricotta cheese tub for putting full poo bags in.

    and ditto the above ^

    I don’t bother with oil, make sure my pads have plenty of meat before I head out and normally carry 1 tube and a small puncture kit. I don’t take any spare clothing unless going out for more than 4 hours and it might get chilly and then I take a warm cycling top just in case.

    seat pouch and water bottle here – and no unneeded stuff. Multitool, tube , patches, chainlinks and a couple of bolts and some cable ties in the seatpouch. Pump and water on the frame


    Replace 2 tubes with a patch kit and ditch the oil

    I’ve found 3 tubes to be the safe number round here and there’s no way I’m standing round getting cold fixing a puncture, the oil is for the annoying squeaks that start when you’re furthest away from home.
    I just put a more sensible amount of water in and now its 6lb 9oz 🙂

    Premier Icon simondbarnes

    I generally just use waterbottles & pockets unless it’s a big day out in proper hills.


    9 lbs, bladder thirdish full (at the end of yesterdays 50 miler), pump, 2 tubes, repair kit, ipod, spare gloves(thought it may be to cold for fingerless). Its a chunky old camelbak freeriding style job, but very comfy and I tend not to notice it.

    Premier Icon cynic-al

    Repairing tubes doesn’t take me that long. I run tubeless so less need also.

    I hate seat packs off road!

    Premier Icon footflaps

    Quite a lot, normally about 8kg, but then I like to carry a lot – normally have my HAWG bursting at the seams…

    0.5 kg Bag itself + bladder
    3 kg 3 litres of water
    1 kg tool, spares, lights, tubes, pump, CO2 etc
    2 kg SLR + lens
    0.5 kg food
    0.5 kg waterproof + buff + spare gloves
    0.5 kg wallet, iPhone, car keys
    0.3 kg First Aid Kit + Bivvy bag etc


    Quite a lot if the bladder is full. I don’t really carry many tools around its just the water that weighs it down.


    8 hour ride recently and no bag, 2 water bottles, small tool pouch and sapre tube in rear pocket, plus 1 gel for every 30 mins in another pocket. Took some energy drink with me and used one of the many public taps available on the South Downs for a top up. Havn’t used a bag in quite a few years! the freedom of not having that banging around on my back is ace.

    Premier Icon stumpyjon

    A lot, usually think it’s going to kill me as I haul it on and then almost immediately forget about it.


    8 kgs!

    My road bike is lighter than that!

    That’s a ridiculous amount of stuff; I went on holiday for 4 days and took less.

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