how much do you reckon you spend on fuel a month?

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  • how much do you reckon you spend on fuel a month?
  • TandemJeremy

    Nothing – unless food counts as a fuel fr cycling

    Lady Gresley

    Have some of you ever thought of living closer to where you work? Doesn’t half make life easier.
    And most months, £0 for me – bike and train (if necessary) make mentally relaxing journeys.

    Premier Icon PePPeR

    Jeez I’m a bit if a drinker compared to you guys!!

    I do about 1200 miles a week in a Ford Transit, that costs about £275 a week!

    My other half spends about £70 a month for commuting and We put about £50 a month in for getting around.


    pp, serious question, how do you know the trip distance is right? if i look at speedo and a gps the two give differing speeds, i would suspect the distances differ as well.

    I know the milage is not 100% accurate. It’s taken from the same sensor as the speed, and pretty much every car in the world over reads on speed, so the milage will be OTT as well by the same amount.

    But that can’t be changed. It’s the most accurate reading available.

    But no. I don’t trust fuel computers because I’ve got 17,000 miles worth of data that proves the car one over reads. And now 1400 miles of data that proves the bike one under reads!

    What people generally quote is the odd trip computer reading that they can remember…. (One that makes their car sound good???)
    And they don’t realise it varies. They don’t know how fuel consumption changes with different factors, because they’ve not been keeping records for hundreds of thousands of miles for 21 years in god knows how many different vehicles (not all cars) like I have. I admit I am an EPIC fuel geek. But as such I really do know what I’m on about. It’s not bullshit. 🙂


    about a tank or so – £76

    Premier Icon Drac

    On average our car does about 1250 miles a month which is less than 2 tank full so at a guess about £110 most of that probably for the wife to go to work the rest leisure.

    Premier Icon jameso


    I got pi55ed off with driving a long time ago and changed a few things in life that enabled me to be car-free, for now.

    £100 or so on train fares, sometimes £150-200 inc the odd cab. Now I’m used to it i’d happily spend more on public transport than the fuel + running cost value to avoid driving wherever possible. It’s no longer about saving money. Can’t imagine it lasting forever in reality, but i hope so.


    About £ 700 work and pleasure, not including £ 200 pm on house fuel. 🙁

    Premier Icon mattbee

    Around £400 per month, mix of work and pleasure. Thats probably around 1000 miles. Mind you, I drive a 3.9l V8 Range Rover!


    About £80 a month, maybe more if I want to ride somewhere interesting more than once a month. At the minute I’m not driving at all though so zero for the next month or so.

    b r

    M/C about £230, all work commute
    Car about £90 – one tank, all leisure


    A grand in the van and 150 in the car. On the bright side the tesco club points are handy


    I reckon I come out on top

    work from home and claim business miles as soon as I leave the house for work, always seem to get more back than I put in each month

    Premier Icon bigjim

    £30 a month or so. Some of you have more money than sense!


    Is this survey just for running a car or are we also including gas and eletrickery aswel ?


    Currently, about £200 for me and the GF has a works van and about £40 into the fun car.

    When the van goes back next month though, looking at £300 for the GF in my car (as it is the more economical for the longer drive) and I will get the fun car at about £100 then add another £75-100 for non-work stuff.

    Would be lovely to spend less time driving to work, but jobs are where they are and we are where we can afford to live. We could live closer to where my GF works, but she would rather come home to where we are in the countryside.


    2 tanks in the commuter and maybe half in the family car, more if we’re away but then less n the commuter, so probably £250/month

    Re trip computer haters: are you guys using the forecourt fuel pump and car odometer for your figures? Obviously the mileage is going to be higher than true whatever you do but isn’t it as likely that you are shortchanged by the pump as it’s likely all car manufacturers are going out of their way to build in inaccuracy to their systems?
    Fuel pump dispences 70litres in about a minute whereas the car injects fuel with almost atomic accuracy.
    Just sayin….


    £40 / week ish. Mainly veg, cheese, meat and fish.

    Premier Icon jam bo

    Have some of you ever thought of living closer to where you work? Doesn’t half make life easier.

    Love too, however being a bit specialist in my work means I have to drive a bit.

    Premier Icon totalshell

    van £90pw (35 of which is taking the lads to the footy every week)
    skoda £65Pw ( mum and dads taxi)
    motorcycles £15pw cheap liesure

    Premier Icon bigjim

    if i look at speedo and a gps the two give differing speeds, i would suspect the distances differ as well.

    Don’t trust the GPS, there are several things that can lead to GPS distances being inaccurate. I would think it is only recording cartesian distance, thus not taking surface or terrain into account, or if it does use terrain data it’ll only be SRTM or something low resolution. Also if it loses signal it’ll create error, and simply projecting from WGS84 to create the distance values could be introducing a lot of error over longer distances, depending how they are doing things. Garmin don’t release information about the transformation parameters they use to convert from WGS84 so its hard to verify the accuracy.


    £40/ week


    Jesus, the thought of spending near enough 5 grand on fuel is disturbing.

    I probably spend about £60 per month. Loving the diesel hatchback. 🙂


    Don’t own a car, but have been doing a few airport runs recently so it probably works out about £15 a month. :mrgreen:

    £500 a month on fuel? Christ that must be depressing 🙁


    On average, probably about £40-50 per month.
    Not being driving much in the last couple of months thanks to the arm. I spend more in term time as there’s trips between home and uni every few weeks, but it balances it out when I drive less over the holidays.


    I put £50 in, that was June. It’s not ran out yet.

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