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  • How much do you charge your offspring rent ?
  • peasant

    My son has got himself an apprenticeship at the ripe old age of 21 he will be taking home £900/1000 p/m ,we have supported him through college ,paid for driving lessons etc ,mrs peasant thinks £15 pw is enough but im not so sure ,what do you charge yours ??

    Premier Icon jam bo

    I think you mean offspring not sibling

    I got charged 20% I think

    Premier Icon footflaps

    We charge our cats £20/week basket and kibbles.

    Having some issues actually collecting the money….


    I was paying double that over 20yrs ago.

    That said. My 21 & 22yr olds don’t pay a penny..


    when eldest was doing apprenticeship agreed £15 per week out of £95
    including all meals,washing taxiing heating lighting etc etc and use of the bank of dad 😯 not a bad deal ?


    Depends on what sort of lad he is
    If he is going to do something worthwhile with his wages then let him crack on and just take 15 quid off him
    On the other hand if he is a mentalist that will just get smashed on it then it’s better off in your pocket .


    good luck with that, I’m constantly asking both of em for some upkeep without success. bleeding me dry. the eldest came up with the excuse that she wasn’t working, had to go to school and … get this she’s only 7!!!! bloody cheek. don’t worry though I’ve got all on a spreadsheet so when her ctf pays out it’s all mine. oh and I paid £30 pw when I was at home and working 20 odd years ago.

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    Oldest heading off to uni soon, reckon I’ll be paying him. 😕

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    Earning that much, I would take a third off them.

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    I paid £200 p/m plus helping around the house etc. Question is, how much does he actually cost? And how much does he do? Take one from the other, sorted. Add or subtract the amount which you want/do not want him to stay.


    £50 a week all in, this should help with food, washing, leccy, council tax etc. If your feeling generous take that from him, bank it in a different account and give it back when he eventually moves out.


    25% of take home. Put it in the bank and give the lot back to him when he needs a deposit to rent or buy his own place.

    EDIT: Oh yes, don’t tell him he’ll get the money back.


    I started as an apprentice in 1984. I earned £46.50 a week take home and payed £15 board.


    is that net take home or gross?

    Do you want them to stay or to leave?

    £30 minimum ish

    When I was that age (nearly ten years ago) I was handing over £200/month. Cheap when I look back, full board with ironing!


    I paid £30 pw ten years ago (20% of wage), seemed reasonable to me. Now i pay two thirds of my wage out on living costs, bloody rubbish.

    ****from a son**** Currently 21 *****

    I never got my driving paid for, and after 16 if i needed things i paid for most of them. I covered my own phone bill from 16 also.

    my 1st full time job i paid 200/250 pound a month in rent.

    I currently pay 20% of my wage and try to buy my own food where possible.
    I dont have a car and bring in less than job seekers.

    Come february i join the military and will stay pay my parents some money because they spent so much on me!


    Oh and i do still pay his phone bill 😳

    he needs a serious wake up call, if he’s not offering to pay more rent or pay his phone bill you have sadly lacked part of his grow up process.

    he should be respectful, not still benefiting from you.

    Edric 64

    200 a month sounds fair enough

    Specialdrifter-Good luck to you.
    You sound like a very rare lad indeed.
    With an attitude like that you should go far.

    tell him 150 a month or he can get his won place 🙂


    Depends really. Are you still providing food, washing, cleaning and a home? What percentage of your income covers these items?
    I’m not trying to be harsh, but my mum was too soft with me and it took a while for me (after I left) to comprehend the cost of living against what I earned.

    Tough love, but good parenting.


    Friend at work charges around 250 a month of his sons takehome. Serious amount of grief and moaning, however what he is doing (and not telling his son) is actually putting the money to oneside for him to be a deposit for a house in the near future. So, he is teaching his son to pay for bills and eventually will hand him back the money to help him.

    I think this is brilliant and plan to do it for my kids


    Oops! Dropped signal, double post.

    Premier Icon ton

    my 16yr old daughter has just jacked in army collage after 2 months.
    she came home with £1k in wages both months.
    chuff knows how she is gonna pay us anything now……….. 🙁


    Never paid rent at my parents

    How ever it was an agreement made that i would not move out to go to uni so i would not pay rent till i finished uni.

    Finished uni, 6 months cycling round nz and aus ( paid for our our own pockets) Moved out with the blonde asap. Got a real job fast forward 2 years- bought our own gaff and 2 years later we are still renovating.

    How ever i have always worked from age 13 paper round/bike shop and the family business’s (grass cutting and building contractors) money generally got spent on bikes/ keeping the car on the road or racing bikes and they never minded because i wasnt out getting smashed like most kids my age.

    If i had been out getting smashed all the time and pissing my money up the wall skipping uni or being a bum im sure they would have come down on me like a ton of bricks.

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    Well, as a fully grown up person with grey bits in his beard I get to keep circa £300 a month once household bills, pensions etc grab their share. The house does pay for the car though. If food,lodging,council tax, household bills etc are costing £15pw he’ll have more disposable income than most folk earning 3 times the wage I’d imagine.


    Apparently we can’t charge crankbrat as he is 30 months old. However i recall my parents charged me very little more of a token about 10% of my wage.


    You should be paying him to stay there.
    Your son didn’t ask to be born.

    Depends on your income aswell I suppose. I was still working on a bar and living with my mum after I finished uni 7 years ago. I pad her £50 per week, but she doesn’t earn a great deal of money so I thought it was fair enough.

    If you earn loads, then I guess you don’t need to take to much money off him. Guess it’ll be easier for him to save and then get a spot of his own. Up to you really!

    b r

    It really depends on whether you need it. If so, then charge him enough to cover what is needed – but not enough that he’ll just move out and pay it to someone else.

    If you don’t need it, then same rules apply except you put it in a safe place so if he ever does need it, you can give him it back.

    For the record, I paid the same as my brother – £20pw. This was nearly 30 years ago and I was taking home £100pw whereas he was signing on and getting £25pw. Mum’s reasoning was that you shouldn’t be discouraged from earning; and they didn’t need the money.

    Got far more back over time than I ever paid.

    Martin B

    I remember paying 25% of my take home pay
    It was still a pretty good deal and made me appreciate that things were not free
    Probably got it back in numerous ways but that’s immaterial, it’s the principle that counted

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    Take the time to work out a budget with him, it’s a skill most are lacking and explain to him what the household costs are.

    Come up with something fair at the end of it and either spend it on holidays and bike bits or invest some of it for him.

    GF charges her 16yo son £200 per month which seems very reasonable for all rent, food, bills, laundry etc.

    As soon as he left school she lost out on family credit so his rent-money comes in very handy.

    [Edit] Her eldest lives with the father and he charges the same. Both sons are doing engineering apprenticeships so neither are earning a great deal yet.


    We don’t charge anything
    But when I started working I was paying £ 15 per week


    What apprenticeship pays 1k pm!?


    I pay £50 a week and half of the TV/Internet which is £30 every month.

    Buy my own food for work dinners and put £150 a week into the safe for savings.

    After work take out my pension etc I have about £100 a week to myself unless I work overtime.

    £15 a week is a joke, even if you’re ‘well off’ and don’t need the cash to help pay for the house etc, you should take a decent amount and keep it as savings for them, help them get prepared for the real world of scrimping and saving.


    Have two mates that both charge their sons £50 a week, both are working, getting around £12-14k. Sounds about right to me.
    I pay for James apprenticeship, his board, his clothes, racing etc… But he does work to keep his car and bike on the road. Daughter works unpaid volunteer work and does too many hours to claim anything else so gets an allowance from us. What’s this world coming to, I left home after school, had a job etc etc …


    I hope that when my kids are old enough that I will be rich enough to not ask them to pay a penny. The kids are gift to my life and I want them to get the most out of every second.

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