How many times a week / month do you actually ride a bike of any sort?

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  • How many times a week / month do you actually ride a bike of any sort?
  • About 4 hours (2×2) weekday evenings and then try to do at least 1 longer ride at the weekends, but often it gets missed or doubled up another weekend, so averaging about 10 hours a week (+ cafe stops)


    Week 7
    Month Depends (usually 30-31, but was down to 29 a couple of months ago)
    Really, about 320-340 days a year, depending on injuries. Usually 900-1,000hrs a year, but it varies across the year.

    How far does it have to be to count?

    I might ride one evening of a week, and a weekend ride at a trailcentre (but half the time we get our bikes off the rack, cycle to cafe for a fry up and then never get out onto the trails)

    Premier Icon Northwind

    I ride most days- though the recent crap weather’s put me off commuting so I’ve been down to 3 or 4 days a week.


    Pretty much every day – its how I get around the city.

    Typical week would be 3 commutes each way ( I only work part time) a coule of rides running errands, one or two MTB rides

    raely less than 50 miles a week, rarely more than 100.


    I commute every day – but it’s only about 500yds… Proper riding; once a week if i’m lucky – 2 hours max…

    It’s only because i currently live in Lincolnshire. When i used to live in Somerset, i’d ride 2 x 2-hour night rides a week, plus a 3-hour Sunday ride.


    At least 50 times a month. Ride at least one bike most days, rides can vary from a 5 minute play or a quick nip to the shop to a days DH or 6hr XC jaunt

    Premier Icon njee20

    8-10 hours usually. Two 2.5 hour commutes, one or two 1 hour commutes and a 3-4 hour ride at the weekend.

    elaine anne

    last summer i was out 2-3 times a week…mountain bike and also training on the road bike…
    since xmas, my riding has somewhat diminished due to family commitments and also had a bad spate of illness….hopefully on the mend now.
    today was my first time out after 7 weeks no riding…all that sunny sunshine made it worthwhile.. thort i was gona be shit and not get up any hills but i did it….just went alittle slower and at my own pace and loved all the hills and downhills today…put a smile back on my face,,now im Buzzin….lol :mrgreen:


    Every ride’s a “proper ride”


    3 or 4, 2 or 3 hour rides a week.


    Commute 10 miles 5 days/ week . Try and do 1 ride with the dog at the weekend and if possible one solo/ small group ride during the week around shifts although 3 times out of 4 this doesnt happen

    Premier Icon matt_outandabout

    1-2 a week or so for ‘proper’ ride (including an 8 mile commute), 3-4 times for a kiddy pootle or to the shops..

    rob jackson

    Tuesday is a 10-15 mile ride ending at the pub
    Thursday is a 2hr rd ride
    Saturday 4-5hrs mtb


    6 hours of commuting, probably another couple of hours just getting around on evenings or at the weekend.
    Not getting much proper weekend riding in at the moment, but normally 4-5 hours once a week.


    4-5 times a week. Sometimes a quick blast round the village on my bmx, other times a big xc loop. Depends how I’m feeling and what the weather is like. If I don’t ride for two days on the trot, I get withdrawal symptoms.

    Premier Icon jonostevens

    Typically commute to work on the roadie 2 – 3 times a week (25 mile round trip) and a 2- 3 hr mtb ride at the weekend. Often swap a commute for a 90 min hack through the local woods after work though.

    Mid winter normally drops to a commute 2 – 3 times a week and a longer mtb ride once or twice a month.


    30 hours last month, which includes a 2.5 day bike tour but a week not riding… and but not a couple of rides…

    Averaged 20 hours a month for Jan/Feb/March… which isn’t great, but better than it was a year ago… but not as good as five years ago…

    Premier Icon kimbers

    100miles aweek comuting

    20 miles a week off road mtb if im lucky

    5 days a week. These will be a mixture of one or two interval turbo sessions a week which last about an hour, two or three 2hr+ rides and if I’m not racing a couple of 3hr+ rides at the weekend.

    I also commute to work which adds up to about 30 miles a week.

    Premier Icon geoffj

    After a period of can’t be arsed ness, I’ve set myself a little challenge for May. It would be interesting to see how often/far/time you spend on a bike each week.
    I’m expecting everything from the 2 hour a day commuting gods to the 2 hours a month trail centre lay abouts.
    So how much do you do?

    Premier Icon beej

    Commute every weekday (only 1.5 miles each way), train/ride 6 days a week. Excluding commute average about 10 hours a week.


    Between 8-12 hrs per week spread over 5 days.

    When the weather’s optimal, at least three times a week doing the 5.5 mile (each way) commute to college.

    When my work moves to Saturday, I’ll be doing two hour minimum rides most sundays. This’ll range from around 20 to 40.

    Premier Icon composite

    Generally 6 days a week. I expect to do some where between 4500 and 5000 miles this year.

    That’s normally split between 5 days a week commuting with an evening night ride, sometimes 2 and then a good long ride on the weekend.

    I generally do that whatever the weather and all the way through the winter.

    Premier Icon muddydwarf

    Commute every day on my hack bike.
    Just done my 3rd road ride since Saturday, 50 miles on Sat, 18 miles on Monday and 32 miles tonight so a nice round 100 road miles this week and looking forward to the mtb this weekend 🙂


    1 hour Monday to Friday Commuting
    1 hour per week riding an extended commute home
    3 hour night ride on Thursdays
    4-5 hours road/mountain ride at the weekend.
    Will be adding a race a week soon which will add another 3 hours one night.

    Premier Icon colournoise


    Good week would be a 2 or 3 hour solo ride on a Saturday (boring local loop or drive further afield), an hour or so on a Sunday with Zoe plus a short (3 miles each way) commute maybe 3 times a week (with one homeward journey stretched out to an hour or so by taking the long way round).

    Bad week would be no riding due to workload, other weekend stuff going on, weather or plain can’t-be-arsed-ness.

    Ride more March-October than November-February.

    As a teacher, my riding time bizarrely increases every Easter and for 6 or so weeks in the Summer.

    If I did target-setting it would be (bike-wise) to commute every day and make sure I ride EVERY weekend.

    slainte 😳 rob


    15 mile each way commute . 4/5 times a week.

    One ride at weekends and 1 night mtb

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