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  • How many T-shirts do you own?
  • judderman

    As above, beguining to think I am a freak as I seem to have more T-shirts than hair!

    Premier Icon Stoner

    too many I dont like, and not enough that I do.

    Means that there's a small stack of worn out ones and a bigger stack of musty stale ones.

    I need to go and buy more T-shirts I think…


    two drawers full and counting… you're not alone

    saying that, I also have half a drawer of 'cycling tops' do they count too? 😆

    Premier Icon beej

    About 20? But I wear t-shirts to work, so they are split between work safe and NSFW.

    Premier Icon momo

    Two big drawers full, and like Stoner, I have a few favourites which I wear a lot.

    Loads. Some to small. Some waaaay too big. Some worn out and shite loads for riding. I have around half a dozen that I wear regularly and I have a couple that I wear for dossing round the house.



    including all the concert shirts going back to the mid 80s that i never wear and am in the process of selling, it's something like 150. there's only maybe 12 of those i ever wear, and out of those 12 probably 6 or 7 regularly.


    20 ish probably. About 8 pairs jeans. 4-5 suits, loads of shirts, loads of shoes and trainers etc far too much clothes actually


    tons of them fro m years of triahlons etc..

    ive around 100 and about 20 pairs of shorts or cut down trousers and two pairs of jeans only got my second pair recently and my family commented they hadnt seen my legs for ages lol

    Not too bad on T-Shirts, got about 40 pairs of jeans though!!!


    Probably 20-25, 4 or 5 I wear regularly. Many of them cycling or motorbike based 🙂


    I, too, have 'hunners', but I'm a girl, so not only is it ok that I have that many, but I also still don't have anything to wear!


    never thought to count, about 25? Not as many as shoes…..

    Premier Icon Houns

    About 3 that i use to sleep in..God awful pieces of clothing


    24, 14 of which are cycling related. Still that is too many as I don't get to wear them all. That doesn't include the t-shirt I use for messy stuff…


    the t-shirt I use for messy stuff…

    The one under your bed that looks like a poppodom?

    Premier Icon tootallpaul

    I own a lot, but I only bought 5 with me to Africa.

    Oh, and the VSO gave me a "Proud to be a volunteer" one.

    I find they are too warm!


    Hundreds. As with xherbivorex, mostly old band ones (probably some of the same). 4 binliners full came down here from my mums last week as she is moving and wanted them out and they are just the ones i dont wear. Over 100 in draws here that i do wear in rotation.

    Oh dear, i have a problem – 30 pairs of trainers too 😳

    Auction time here we come – anyone want a DOA shirt for a starter?

    Premier Icon CountZero

    Gawd knows, dozens probably, mostly music orientated, but quite a number to do with bikes. Bought one at a The Joy Formidable gig last night, and I was wearing a Lush tee from somewhere around '93-95. Got a Rolling Stones tee from their '82 gig at Ashton Gate in Bristol, but sadly it's a wee bit too small for me now.


    Many, I only occasionally wear …… such as this one :

    preferring as I do,

    the more subtle and "understated" ones, like this one :


    CountZero – Member
    Got a Rolling Stones tee from their '82 gig at Ashton Gate in Bristol

    I remember that gig! I couldn't afford a ticket so I sat outside and listened to it!!


    about 40ish but only wear about 6 or 7 of them regularly.


    jo, just dont ask if your bum looks big in any of them !
    yous guys comin to the ullapool c2c2c or what ?


    that's a great t-shirt

    I have around 50 after my (forced) clear out

    That's a very nice tee shirt mtbmaff

    …… but it looks a tad too small for you, if you don't mind me saying.

    Where do you ride btw ?


    150-200 But im in the fashion industry so tend to get free garms

    Hundreds. I was a rock band roadie for a long time, and then went to lots of mountain bike events, and everywhere you got a shirt. I will never have to buy another t-shirt, and I do not have a single one that does not have some sort of image or logo.

    Kin 'ell Repack Rider, don't you have an iron?? 😕

    Premier Icon BoardinBob

    Just counted them.

    42 in my drawers.

    10 in the wash.

    Outside of work, it's pretty much all I ever wear on my torso. very rare that I'd wear a shirt.


    I have 6 Dirt magazine ones

    haven't a clue. plenty I s'pose. Does it matter?

    Does it matter?

    ffs, someone puts in a lot of time and effort trying to think of an interesting question to ask,

    and you come out with, "does it matter?"


    well I'm serious. Next thing you'll be asking is "how many pairs of socks do you have?"

    c'mon, it's Sunday morning, we can do better than this 😉

    c'mon, it's Sunday morning, we can do better than this

    Well I'm just waiting until 2 o'clock so I can change the clocks and go to bed.

    So I'm ok with talking about socks.

    Hang on a minute, I'll go and count them.

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