How many people on here don't actually ride an MTB?

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  • How many people on here don't actually ride an MTB?
  • ads678

    Still have 2 mtb’s but they rarely get ridden these days. I did go for a local ride the other night though, but got the front wheel stuck in a ditch and went OTB’s!! I should probably just give up!!

    Premier Icon timraven

    I am zen like ferrals 8) except I generally dismount OTB. πŸ˜†

    Never quite got the whole “road riding is less faff” thing, surely if you’re putting in some effort you will still need a shower and wash your kit?

    They will be screwing the lid down before I give up my MTB, hopefully.


    Sold my last mtb a few months ago, it hadnt been ridden fir a year or teo before that.

    I dont want to ride cheeky trails cos its anti social and a decent trail centre is 200 miles away.


    I still MTB,but I do far more miles on the road bike or CX.
    As with a lot of people a day on the mountain bike also involves a car journey & getting all the mud off when I get home.
    The road bike, or CX for off road light, just mean pedaling from home,admitted the CX bike often gets covered in mud but at least there’s no car journey involved.


    Been out three times this year. Once was in California so nice and dry, once was a race around Ashton Court but the other was local and it took me ages to clean my bike. My trails haven’t dried out at all so I’m perfectly happy doing 150 miles / week on lanes on my Grade. If I lived somewhere sunny and dry I’d ride a lot more off-road but it’s simply a PITA during this non-summer.


    Another rare MTBer these days. An MTB ride is basically a full day out for me and PhD hell + getting married really started to squeeze those a few years ago. If I’m honest at that point I was starting to moan a bit about the ratio of actual riding to travel/cleaning up anyway.

    I’ve struggled to get back into it to the same extent since and (wait for it…) tend to do far more road riding from my front door now.

    Havent ridden mine other than the odd pootle with my 5 year old son for almost 3 years. **** thing tried to kill me at Bike Park Wales. Plan to try again next month or so having built up my fitness on the road bike.

    Premier Icon mccraque

    I think back to the carefree mid 20’s and there was a group of about 20 of us….usually 12-15 would be available for the weekly Saturday morning ride, taking in all the local trails.

    Fastforward 12 years – We’re all just about still doing it. Mainly solo or at best in smaller groups, either ridiculously early or nocturnal – with some switching to Road rides so that the Strava stats (monthly miles) look better for the hour or so they have free…and less cleaning.

    We probably get together annually for a BPW/Afan ride.


    Strictly no, since I converted it to be a 26″ wheeled singlespeed CX bike, and have not stolen Teen 1’s trance yet. Mainly road though. No track this year either πŸ™

    Premier Icon prawny

    99% of my riding is commuting, but I’d say of my riding for fun it’s 90% mtb. Infact this year it’s been 100% mtb for non work rides, but that makes up probably 100 miles of the 4800 I’ve done so far πŸ˜•

    I dont want to ride cheeky trails cos its anti social and a decent trail centre is 200 miles away.

    That’s a reason? 😯

    Since my son arrived 20 months ago ridden mtb maybe 6 times. Just takes up so much time and with other hobbies can’t fit it in. I enjoy spending time with him so much I’d rather do that than ride truth be told at the moment. Just got a road bike to do rides from front door which is more time efficient.

    Premier Icon verses

    Not been on mine since I broke my neck while riding it on 4th Oct last year…

    Recovery’s going well and have been out on the roady a bit, but haven’t taken the plunge on the MTB yet.

    Premier Icon nedrapier

    Been off games for 5 weeks since I knacked my shoulder. Put some sit up and beg bars on my pub bike and tried a few miles earlier this week. Hurt like ****, put myself back a couple of weeks. πŸ™

    Premier Icon cookeaa

    I am certainly riding mine less, the Bridalslayer and road bikes have their parts to answer for there. But I still get out on the MTB regularly and wouldn’t take anything else for a big day in Wales…

    So now my FatNotFat 29er wheels have been delivered, is my Voodoo Wazoo now officially an extreme hybrid once fitted, rather than a mountain bike? πŸ˜†

    ~1055g front
    ~1267g rear

    With no skewers or disc rotor.


    4 rides in 6 months πŸ™

    Half decent trails are 45 mins drive away at least. Have been thinking about getting a road bike or a cx-er which shows how serious things are ! Not sure thats going to work as I hate traffic. Probably better to work on fitness at gym so I can enjoy the MTB and/or at least manage more than 20k and 200m climbing

    @aa BPW is perhaps not the place to rediscover your technique πŸ˜‰ I am going to be facing something similar if I go to Alps next month


    The day I fancy putting on bib shorts or whatever they are called and a peakless helmet is the day I put my head in an oven.
    MTB for life.

    Premier Icon teadrinker

    No mtbing either for a while. With work commitments, family life the way it is and my location the mtb just doesn’t get used. I use to put myself under so much pressure to go mtbing that I stopped enjoying it really and it became a hassle. I cx bike for general riding but I’ve found that only ever gets ridden on the road these days so now I have a full on road bike being built up which I can’t wait for as we have some lovely quiet roads to go biking on round here (essex/suffolk border).

    Will I go back to mtbing, at some point I think I will. I’ve always had one since the early nineties and I love the nostalgia of it all but it doesn’t fit with how I ride at he moment. I’ll have a Stanton for sale soon I’d imagine.

    Premier Icon dknwhy

    I have two mtbs, a road bike and a cx bike. I used
    to ride the cx and road bike the most just for the convenience of a quick hour or two from the front door.
    Since fitting some Jones bars on my 29er,I’ve been riding it the most but not really mountain biking – more relaxed road, parks, tracks etc. Took it on some proper trails yesterday for the first time this year and went over the bars. I realised a while back that I’ll never be a mountain biker, more an “off road tourer”.
    Feel at the point now where I want to sell all my bikes and just have a Jones Plus for everything.

    aa BPW is perhaps not the place to rediscover your technique

    BPW is where my bike tried to kill me, wont be going back! I’ll stick to Swinley!!!


    Oi PMJ – you’ve got a new bike! If you nowhere to ride it, come up here and ride 100km of singletrack near us πŸ™‚

    I leant my road bike to someone a while ago. Maybe a year, Not sure where it is. It’s 7 years old and still on the original tyres. Does nothing for me. CX bike gets ridden occasionally but only because ether roads are so bad here.

    The bit about nailing the coffin down ^^ +1

    Riding in the dry last nigh, chucking the bikes between trees with dust coming up… all cycling is good of course, but MTB is just better πŸ˜‰


    I don’t currently ride at all as I moved to South America, but I’m back in the UK after 11 months on Wednesday and will be going for my 3rd ever ride on my new-ish Jekyll ASAP. On STW as it’s the only thing that keeps me sane without my bikes.


    Doubt its every other month. Been like that for at least 6 years when I started banging off the gravel miles almost daily rather than twice a week. Road also takes up the other days but that’s been the main thing for over 35 years



    A knackered back made me sell my beloved Cotic Soul, I now have only my road & CX bikes.


    This is an interesting post, I used to ride MTB lots, raced enduro for a season and I think in many ways the racing killed mtb for me. Got too serious and too expensive.

    Alongside that I’ve always commuted by bike and recently got a sscx bike for commuting duties. And then discovered how much fun tame trails are on a rigid 700c simple bike.

    And alongside all of that I got a bmx so now get my gnar points from trying to jump.

    Both bmx and cx/road are less faff, less tech, less cost and less marketing but strangEly are more fun.


    Guilty. I’m a roadie. I started hanging round here when I bought a MTB. I rode it a few times. The last time was well over a year ago, since I bought a cross bike that fills my off road needs. I don’t do technical. But I still keep on popping in.


    Is the question *really* about the (subjectively rather generic looking) modern, full-suspension ‘mountain bikes’?

    If it’s wider than that – here’s an example of I’m not really sure I understand the question:

    I was out on my Vaya last night – (technically a touring bike, albeit mine has a full XT groupset and Bonty XC wheels) – riding on a mix of tarmac, rutted green lanes / farm tracks, and [even] a bit of foreshore.

    So, much the same kinda riding I’ve done for the last 20+ years, on pretty much whatever bike I’ve been out on at the time. Sure some of my bikes are better suited to one end of that variation than the other, but it’s really only a question of degree through most of the scope of my rides.

    Premier Icon nickc

    Names all noted…


    Still riding MTB (and road, and tour and cx). Got gloriously filthy earlier today and had to hose myself down outside.

    Premier Icon metalheart

    After a period of studied indifference I’ve been managing to get out a bit more the last 3 months (except last 3 weeks due to parent sitting) but today I did manage a two hour ride (with an old, old friend) from the house. Which was nice….

    Premier Icon fettlin

    Meh, just got rid of mtb No1 (26″ fs) as it wasn’t being ridden. Still got the 29er that gets trotted out once a week or so.

    CX bike in the shed as well that hasn’t turned a wheel in 2 months πŸ™

    Looking forward to moving soon, trails straight out the door, commuting distance to work πŸ™‚ more miles more smiles


    I don’t an mtb or ride……..why?

    Nearly died 11 months ago and still have a broken leg. Sold my bike but would genuinely give anything to be able to ride again. Hopefully soon

    I just come here because you’re all nuts

    The Pilot

    Guilty as charged. I used to be quite obsessive about it but it doesn’t do what it once did for me any more. It hurts more each time now too due to old injuries and general lack of fitness. I do miss the buzz but not sure it’ll ever come back. Luckily, I’ve now got a dog to get me out and about.


    Off to batter the PBW tomorrow with a couple of likeminded middle aged lost youth seekers !


    @steve healing vibes mate.


    Not sure if this thread makes me feel better or worse about my lack of MTB riding. Haven’t ridden regularly since third child came along over 3 years ago.

    I lack time, motivation and energy. Last time I got a few hours spare and set iff after 5 minutes on the first down hill I discovered my brake calipers had siezed. Β£100 and a few hours later the bike us fixed but I’ve not been back out on it.

    I need something to get my mojo going again!

    Premier Icon eddiebaby

    Fatty Trail and Jekyll Carbon rule my life. Cannondale Bad Boy with a Lefty for commutes.
    What is wrong with you road loving wierdos? Shouldn’t you be on BikeRadar?

    Premier Icon jonnyrobertson

    Barely ridden a bike of any description since a bout of chronic metatarsalgia back in 2013. Since then, life changes, lack of motivation, new baby, house moves and renovations, niggling foot problems and excuses have all conspired to hold me back. To put it into perspective I have ridden so little (and done so little exercise overall) that when I christened my new Trigger (a waste of money? Maybe) round the Monkey a few months back I was about half an hour slower than I used to be on my old fully rigid singlespeed. It was harder going than I hoped and certainly harder than I remembered! I’m full of good intentions but now that wee Dougie has arrived I doubt I’ll be going anywhere far any time soon…

    Premier Icon muddydwarf

    Hmm. Currently own five bikes. Two 26″ full sussers, s hybrid, a SS road bike & carbon road bike.
    Its a year since I last rode either mtb but I’ve put thousands of miles in on the road bikes in that time.
    Why? A mate is more of a roadie & was training for PBP last yr so we spent a lot of time on tarmac. Ive become interested in long road rides, the ease of getting a good bout of exercise in an hour and a half in the evening is one factor, boredom with my local trails/ploughing through muck/cleaning & maintenance were others.
    One big thing though, it feels like the mtb industry doesn’t speak to me anymore. My expensive full suss bikes suddenly became obsolete & bikes became bigger (I’m 5’2″)with wheel sizes and frames that didn’t cster for me. I just don’t feel ‘connected’ to the sport anymore for some reason – wish I knew why.
    I keep thinking I should go for a mtb ride but she it comes to it thr road bike is there and its much faster…

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