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  • How many people have died in your house?
  • FunkyDunc

    Found out from a neighbour that the old fella who owned the house before us died by falling down the stairs.

    I bet most peoples houses have had loads of folk die in them
    Especially if the house is over, say, 30 years old.

    Over 30 years old, so built say 1980. I wouldn’t expect loads of people to have died in a house of that age unless the owners name is West.

    Our last house was built 1890 so I’m sure a few people died in that and a few were born. It isn’t something that would bother me or I find macabre.


    Previous owners wife death was suspicious ‘apparently’, no idea if she died in the house though. We discovered a boarded up cupboard during some work, bizarrely it full of clothes that had just be left in it… this is a house built in the 70’s not the 1600’s!

    Premier Icon Pik n Mix

    I quite like the idea of people being born/dying in my house its the circle of life isn’t it. For that reason I would never have a new build sterile house. (It’s well documented that I’m a bit weird 😉 )


    To answer the OP’s Q, none in this house as I bought it new, though is suspect quite a few Strawberries were murdered as the groundworks were put in 🙁
    However my first house was an old coachouse in Ironbridge dating from1690, fully expect quite a few had died during its previous owners and perhaps a few horses too as they climbed out of the valley from the furnaces.. 😐

    Premier Icon miketually

    There’s been at least one birth in our house.

    A former owner committed suicide. That’s probably not something you leave the house for?


    1 death in our old house & chap across the road died when he decided to cut down a tree with a stihl saw thing with the guard off – went through one thigh & almost through the other

    Premier Icon Drac

    Nil as far I’m aware our house was built 1939 and we’re only the 3rd occupants.

    Could be worse could be this one.


    Previous owner gassd herself in the garage around 15 years ago, she keeps an eye on my Bike’s now 😈


    Banks ah that is tragic. ****


    Parents of someone I knew years ago bought Michael Tellings house in West Wycombe at a bargain price – apparently he shot his wife, kept her body for 5 months before disposing of it, but cut off her head & stored it in the freezer at the house…. nice

    Premier Icon simmy

    There one rom in my house that’s got a strange vibe about it and I use it as a junk room so its full of bike stuff but I hate being in there especially at night.

    My grandad died of a cardiac about 2 ft away from where I am typing this but that doesn’t bother me as, infact, it makes me feel better in a strange way as I was only 8 months old when he went so I never knew him.

    Would have loved to know him. One of the old guys in the local was grandads apprentice years ago and he always calls me Bob as I look just like him apparently.


    Two in my current house, built in 1930. Two that I know of in my previous house, built 1986, one that I know of in my flat before that, built 1976.

    My wife claims to be sensitive to such things. She hated the flat, said she felt like she was always being watched and would never sit in an armchair in the living room. I’ve since found out from a mate who’s a funeral director, that that chair location is where the old fella died in his armchair.

    Previous house wife felt better about, but still not completely comfortable. Current house we both love. We’ve research the history and exchanged letters and photos with the granddaughter of the original owner. The lady bought it new in 1930 and lived in it until 1992 when she died. Her husband died in 1960 something. It’s had two families in it since and all have loved living here apparently. Very different vibe the the other two properties such that even I, a confessed sceptic, feel differently about it.


    i used to hear plates being scraped very early in the morning.. i asked my mum why she did the dishes at that time of the morning, she said she didn’t.. my great grandmother that died in the house before we moved in was apparently a total cleaning freak.


    Just in the process of buying a house built in 1988 – but the old couple that had it both died in it. Very odd viewing it because it looks just like they have gone out for the day – teabag on the draining board, toothbrush in the bathroom etc.


    Went to view my last house for the 2nd time and found an ambulance outside, vendor comes up to me and says its not a good time to view the property as the next door neighbour had been found dead mowing the lawn(he did it for her as the house was empty and she lived in another)!!!!.
    I did say I,m not fussed about viewing the garden as I had driven 30 miles to get there :-).


    Johndoh I once viewed a house post-body laying there for months.

    I asked, the agent answered immediately yes. Didnt take rocket science with the mdf square/missing carpet/decor all around…


    I bought a suit at a charity shop for a charity bike ride. Once I started sweating in it the smell was so bad I suspected the previous owner had died in it.

    dapper by Jon Wyatt, on Flickr

    Premier Icon maccruiskeen

    I suspect the previous owner wasn’t quite as tall as you 🙂


    2 by my own hand, one by accident, the cat killed 2 as well, but they were after her food, so they deserved it, she eats well you know. No, it wasn’t the cat ahaha. And that’s only in the last 3 months. The 3 before that were accidents as well. But I buried them so so no one could tell- that’s ok. I never seem to get many visitors. or post. HOWWW MUCH is febreeze these days? sheesh!


    None that I know of in this house, but I wouldn’t be surprised.
    However about 10 years my 1st girlfriend bought a terrace house in which a member of my family (known as Our Annie’s Arthur), committed suicide by slitting his own throat, in the mid 1930s.

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    Built in 1760, so I’m guessing a few..


    House in north London I lived in was built on railway sidings where they would unload dead soldiers, local lads from both world wars, always at night. Never felt weird living there though tbh.

    b r

    As a house no one, but previous to that it had been a threshing mill and before that farm buildings (back to mid 19th century) – so maybe.

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    Don’t know but would love to know the house’s history – so far have drawn a blank. It’s 100 years old and there’s a local postcard of the hill it stands on when it was new and was pretty much the only house around. One of our neighbours told us that an old woman was hanging around the garden some years back, they spoke to her and she said she just wanted to come back and see it as she had been the servant girl in the kitchen. The US Air Force stationed pilots in it during the war as well, apparently.

    No idea about deaths in it but the house has such a happy feeling.

    Premier Icon somouk

    None in the house I’m in at the moment as it’s only 12 years old but I did get a viewing cancelled as the owner had hung himself from the loft hatch on another place.

    A friend recently purchased a 1930’s place and the previous owners had both expired in there at some point but can’t say it feels eery at all.

    Cripes.. I was just thinking this thought as I turned out the light last night, with ethereal oily darkness sinking into the room. My house is 1905. Hmmmm…

    Not entirely sure this thread is going to help!

    Anyone feel like starting a ‘what candles for space-clearing’ thread? 😕

    My old house was about 300 years old. It had been a blacksmiths, a pub and a house over the time before we moved in. It used to have six (tiny – it was a small garden!) cottages in the garden. I’m betting it had a lot of people die in there. It was a mining village as well.

    When decorating we found the old cellar entrance (filled in the with concrete by the prior-owner), bar tiles in the front garden (from of the house had to be chopped off when the road was turned into a proper road) and old bar tiles in the front garden, and on the bottom of one of the floor boards in the hallway “The House of the Rising Sun, 1805” was written across it.

    We have a lot of pictures and then likes from it’s days as a pub somewhere.

    My parents live in an NT house so 300 years x ~60 family and servants, fair to estimate a lot of them are now dead!

    To top that it’s built on the graveyard of a dissolved monestary!


    Ours is an 1890 mid terrace.

    No deaths confirmed, but when we moved in a few things went missing. Specifically a couple of small kitchen knives.

    My girlfriend decided it’s a ghost, I suggested it was more likely that we used the knives to open boxes etc and accidentally threw them away.

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