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  • How many of your bikes do you actually ride?
  • Hob Nob

    I have 2 built bikes.

    DH bikes gets ridden for DH. Hasn’t been used for a while though due to a lack of uplifts & no race season currently. That will be coming out to play in the next couple of months again, and thats what goes to the Alps in the summer too.

    Everything else bike, gets used all the other time. Trail centres, 4X, even local DH etc.

    Premier Icon molgrips

    Patriot – for rides that are focused around a big mountain descent; trail centres with jumps and black runs and the like; or when I feel like it or the others are dirty

    Orange 5 – for nipping around the woods OR when there’s a big long ride in the offing where I’ll need to cover the ground faster, or when I’ll have to keep up with faster partners.

    Kona Heihei – pretty much only a race bike, largely because it has some silly bling kit on it like an XTR ti cassette that I don’t want to wear out in South Wales grit, and it also has a pretty lean saddle and short travel forks. It’s great for the woods tho so it does come out sometimes when it’s dry.

    Kona Zing road bike – for training, gets lots of miles

    Kona Dew – commuter.

    So yeah they all get used. The reason I have these different bikes isn’t cos they’re nice, but because they enable me to do different things. It’s the styles of riding I appreciate.


    4 bikes, 4 ridden

    Intense 5.5 and Titus Racer X: seem to ride each of these with 2 different groups of people, usuually alternate days at the weekend. Titus for XC purposes and the more xc orientated group (with the intention of racing some xc this year). The 5.5 for all other mtb’ing purposes.

    Roadie: Cannnondale Six-13 for the road, the occasional weekend day gets replaced from one of above days, until the clearer evenings.

    Steel hardtail (Gary Fisher, from mid 90s): now in commuting mode. But when longer evenings come back, the road bike takes over sometimes, with a longer route home.

    Premier Icon Pickers

    4 plus one in bits
    HT MTB
    FS MTB
    Nice road bike for summer only
    Tatty road bike with full guards and rack for commuting, touring etc
    TT bike in bits – not ridden for 3 or 4 years – probably get sold soon (if anyone here wants to try their hand)

    Both MTBs and the tatty road one ridden this year


    I have 4 and they all get ridden regularly.

    The DH bike every other weekend,
    6″ ‘enduro’ bike at trail centres on the ‘other’ weekends
    Hardtail on a wednesday nightride
    and Brompton folder when I’m on the train to London most weeks :o)


    Trance is my primary bike, ride all day, quickly (for me at least)
    street/dirt bike for playing on the streets and in the dirt

    Hartail XtC, 32:18 and mud tyres or 42:16 and road slicks for commuting, a generaly low maintenence, very reliable. and good to ride 🙂 (was a fantastic primary bike back in the day before the trance)

    all get ridden equally.
    quite fancy a solid flair for doing weekend DHing on, but cant say i miss not having it, it would only take time away from the others.
    quite fancy a lot of things, but wouldnt use anymore that much i dont think.

    If i had one bike, it would be a soul with revs.
    no doubt


    SS MTB (3″ to 5″) gets used mostly for the commute with the occasional offroad blasts.

    Enduro gets used every couple of weeks or so, it’s difficult as I don’t store it at my house so have to arrange uplift of it when I need it.

    I can still justify another bike, perhaps make the SS rigid and get a smaller chuckable bike or a heavy hardtail. I just can’t afford it at the moment.

    Premier Icon ourmaninthenorth

    At a time.

    This thread is more about the danger of having – or thinking you have – overlapping “types” of bikes, whereas they’re all really just bikes for riding.

    And what the OP is really saying is that, like s*x, he thinks other people are having more fun than he is.


    Have 3, ride 2 of them.

    GT Zaskar gets used for most stuff, xc and generally mountain biking if there is such a thing these days.

    Commencal MaxMax, gets used for taking the kids to school, arsing about in the skate park and trying to keep up with my son on the BMX track. It’ll be good for play days on the DH track when summer comes too.

    87′ Muddy Fox explorer was bought to build as a commuter but is still in bits waiting for me to get round to putting it together.


    3 bikes 2 of which get ridden:

    Evil Sov’ used for anything and everything
    Marin Quake 7.3 used for anything and everything (rides a lot lighter than it is)

    Titus Supermoto that’s not getting ridden and is for sale

    Just sold my Bmx because I only raced twice last year


    Just sold my Bmx because I only raced twice last year

    that and you couldnt bare the thought of “coming out” to your parents?

    I’m down to two now:

    Carbon Focus Race HT – used for XC racing and winter commuting.

    Carbon Junker Roadbike – used for road-racing and summer commuting.

    Neither are particularly practical commuters, but I only have space for two bikes, so at least I don’t have to compromise; and at work, the bikes live in the building, so they shouldn’t be pinched (touch wood).

    Premier Icon Woody

    2 bikes built, MC Rumble and retro Marin + 2 frames waiting for parts to be hung on them and I have barely ridden any of them for a year + 🙁 😳

    Premier Icon DezB

    The chaps with, was it 10 and 14 bikes? Are you joking? Where do you keep them ??


    Summer season with pikes and a Nomad. Rode them both for 10 miles each yesterday. Tend to only take the Nomad out for Golspie, Laggan, Carn Ban Mor type rides. Got the Summer Season to be a “winter” bike but it gets most of the riding now as the nomad is too much for most of my rides. Having said that it has been so dry this winter I have had to get it out for some fun on the gnarlier routes as they are in such great condition.
    Summary. Got 2 ride both. One a bit more than the other.

    Premier Icon jim

    One for on-road.
    One for off-road.

    Both get ridden.


    one 170 mm travel bike built up main bike 4 to 5 hrs rides

    one xc full suss 90 mm to 125mm awaiting to be built

    one ti hardtail, in bits at the mo, was my main ride till last sept but back too sore at the moment

    guessing I will ride all three in the summer


    heckler ’07

    heckler is now redundant as is too much bike for my local stuff and prefer my HT 456 and so will be sold soon
    456 gets most use razzing in the woods
    epic FS is for races and long moor rides
    got the stinky in the post this morning but is for DH fun.

    have five that get ridden regularly old hack on the turbo,one for xc racing,one for sunday hurls,one for wednesday night rides all hard tails,one full susser for all day rides if it is dry or frosty,wouldnt keep em if Ididn,t use em


    Just sold my 575 as was ridden around 3 times in 6 months, now have just a Ti HT but I am thinking maybe a 5″ full sus would be a better do it all bike than the HT.


    1x Orange Subzero – gets ridden for everything

    thinking about buying this:

    2008 Wilier Mortirolo Cross, Large
    Ex-Photo Shoot (Discontinued)
    Colour – Carbon/Red
    Crank – Ritchey 170mm
    Front Mech – Campag Veloce
    Rear Mech – Campag Veloce
    Rims – Fulcrum R7
    Tyres – Michelin Cyclo Cross Jet
    Handlebars – ITM Racer 44cm
    Stem – ITM Racer 120mm
    Seat Post – Ritchey Carbon Pro
    Saddle – Selle Italia C2

    2008 SRP was £1699
    Larger Image

    Price: £1,099.00 (Including VAT at 15%)

    Carriage – £18

    …if only I could convince myself to wear lycra!! 😆

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