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  • How many of you have been hit by a car when you've been on your bike?
  • GW, unfortunately not, the Police took the car! wouldn't have wanted it anyway it had a perfect bike/body imprint down the drivers side ;o)

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    A slow mo roll into my back wheel by a woman as I puffed up a hill past a junction. She just went a bit early or expected me to be moving quicker. The smooth bit of road was close to the white lines. No damage.

    Overtaking stationary/slow traffic a Punto decides to U turn without consulting mirror/expecting anyone to be there. Ambulance to the hospital with a neck brace and fracture around elbow and grazed face. Fifth gear on the Nexus hub still not shifting perfectly. Driver was not insured for the car he was driving.


    Once a few years back I was stopped at a roundabout, rolled forwards decided not to chance the gap as traffic was too fast. Woman behind drove into me forcing me towards on-coming traffic, I jammed the brakes on and set my feet down on the road whilst screaming expletives. She stopped, I dragged my bike to the side of the road totally un-nerved questioned her sanity with the aid of a few more expletives tried to cycle but the rear wheel was very buckled, and I had some nice gouges in my legs form the v8 pedals.


    Going to school aged about 14, straight ahead through lights at junction. Old woman turning right never saw me, I went flying over bonnet. Bike totalled, I had 2 witnesses. Promised me she'd pay for damages, police turned up but didnt even offer me a lift home (3 miles with broken bike). Turned out son was a copper – I never saw a penny.

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    1984. Cycling on the A20 from Maidstone to Bearsted. Woman in a Volvo estate pulls out of a road on the right striaght in front of me. I'm doing about 25 mph. I brake and shove the bike into the gutter missing her by inches. She accelarates and I breath a sigh of relief.

    Then she turns left across me to park diagonally. I plant my foot square in the rear passenger door and fall over quietly. get up, check for damage – none. Knock politely on her window to get her details – she drives off.

    I called the police. They went round to interview her. She claims that she left the scene of the accident because she was frightened. OK, I can see that – really scarey being in a 2 ton Volvo being hit be a 10 stone boy on a bike. Not scarey at all being hit by a 2 ton Volvo.


    GW – why does that sound stupid to you? You really have some odd logic.


    hit from behind on a fairly wide country road, returning from a night ride just after midnight, high viz clothes, two rear lights, from the first i heard of the engine approaching behind me i kinda knew what was coming so i was right over on the left.

    they didnt stop, so i suspect they were drunk and either didnt even notice, or thought the consequences of stopping were too much.

    eventually picked myself out of the road found my smashed glasses and rode home covered in blood from head/face wounds, sprained wrist and badly smashed knee/leg

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    Two and a half
    First time someone opened a car door on me and I got catapulted under a Volvo coming the other way (beyond soft tissue damage and scrapes from the sump plate got away without major injury).

    Second a van driver managed 'not to see' four of us on Norton Roundabout in Sheffield and took out the back wheels of two of us.

    Last time I was given the choice of a head on collision with some teenager coming round a corner on the wrong side of the road or going over a wall (five foot drop into a snow drift).

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    To be honest you were both to blame. When I ever filter down the side of traffic I always expect a car to pull into my path and reduce my speed.

    Technically I wasn't "filtering", I was in a bus lane (restricted to bikes and buses at that time), the cars were in their own lane and I was already going slowly – no more than 15mph.
    The driver pulled straight through the line of traffic a few feet in front of me. You know when you let someone pull out in front of you, the driver usually waves thanks and floors it out without looking – you've let him go so it must be clear is the way of thinking. This guy did that – floored it across a separate lane without looking and straight into my path, I couldn't avoid him.

    I did ask him what he'd have done if it was a bus heading down the hill and he hadn't seen that… He admitted he hadn't looked. 100% his fault.

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    I dun a pickchu

    My intended route in green. Looking back from x, looking back lots at y and y with a view to cross the sliproad. The only things I can see then are the white lorry and the blue Punto, both well beyond the start of the slip road, not indicating, obviously going straight on, so I set off over the sliproad to rejoin the carriageway.

    I hadn’t seen the dickhead in the red 4×4 overtaking the lorry, and I was a bit surprised to find myself being hit by him in the purple area as he tried to make the sliproad over the hatchings.

    I lost a fair of skin from my back and shoulders and everywhere else (not skin graft time, but quite a large acreage off blood and weeping grazes) stiches in the head (no helmet).

    Luckily, everyone stopped. The guys in the lorry and the punto both said they’d been watching me and that I’d done everything right. The guy in the Punto was on his way to Frimley Park hospital anyway, so he gave me a lift with the bike. The driver of the 4×4 went to write his number on my hand, then didn’t. I think he got waved off by his mate. I was concussed, so wasn’t really in a position remember things or insist on anything. They said they’d see me at the hospital. And didn’t.

    Got patched up, rode back home again. Police couldn’t traced the driver, as I couldn’t remember enough of the reg number.

    Could have been a lot worse, could have ended up being deaded, given the circumstances. I’m still confused about which bit of the car hit me The bike was pretty much fine, apart from a bent brake lever and a broken squeaky tortoise.

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    Tell a lie, I've had three road related incidents:

    Twice, nudged from behind [SFB to the forum etc] at roundabouts by drivers looking right and continuing to roll forward. Second time, I turned around and saw the passenger say to the driver "you've just hit that cyclist". Same roundabout, opposite junctions.

    Only other incident was a pedestrian – chap stepped straight into my path. turns out he was blind (no stick or dog, though) and was trying to cross by what little he could see and sound. I was his silent assasin.

    malc hales

    Yep, last year i was knocked off by a white van driver! i wasnt hurt badly just bruised ribs and hip. ripped gloves and endura jacket. Took 2 days of work. He paid in cash for all ripped stuff and my missed time at work! I know this must be rare but it was an accident pure and simple.

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    Not in the last 15 years. But the 15 before that saw quite a lot of car & hitting the deck action! The main causes were Bristol drivers & me being younger(less careful) & fitter.

    Though the worst one was a full on hit and run by a drunk driver, (he got caught & jailed, mostly for previous record I suspect) that resulted in me being punted over the roof of a parked car and landing headfirst on the road without a helmet.
    I Spent 1 hour out for the count & woke up to bleeping sounds and an inability to move. That really freaked me out as I thought I was paralysed but it was just the fact I was strapped down to a spine board.

    Spent Easter drinking through a straw covered in bandages, still suffer from sinus problems caused by the crash & the repair to the bridge of my nose is a bit scar-tastic.
    Took me months to feel anything other than terror about riding on the road, still not the most confident in traffic so I tend to plan my routes carefully to avoid roads I see as dangerous.


    Ok, Coffeeking, maybe you're a jedi, from the Matrix or have some other "special" powers but my odd logic tells me that it's far more likely you are simply deluded in thinking YOU somehow have an ability to avoid unforseen freak accidents.

    stupid/foolish/naive whatever, you have little to be smug about, that's for sure 8)


    That looks well nasty nedrapier. I wasn't knocked off my bike but more scooped up. I was wanting to turn right but there was a car behind me not overtaking. As I decided to signal and begin my right hand turning she decided to overtake so I don't think it was really anyones fault. There was indecision from both parties then decision at the wrong moment too. I was left sprawled on the bonnet of her Volvo with my bike hanging from the radiator grill by the right pedal.


    Just once – Land rover decided to pull out of a line of stationary traffic whilst i was overtaking down the RH side.

    Difficult to say who was at fault (him for pulling out without signalling and checking mirrors or me for overtaking) and luckily i just rolled across the other side of the road which was empty at the time.

    Walked away with minor bruising.


    had bottles thrown at me, for no reason, had people desperate to overtake me on my road bike, only to turn left 10 ft later.

    I hit a horse once, in the midrif, as I had my head down and pushed on through the pain of a long(ish) hill in the New Forest, only to find myself on the floor with a horse looking down at me with a slightly affronted look on its face.

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    I got properly hit and runn'd by a couple of drunks in a white van in N Ireland about 18 years ago.

    The driver honked on the horn then drove into my back wheel sending me into the brambly hedge. The car driver behind witnessed the lot and took down the reg of the van.

    Police were called and apprehended the van.

    Both occupants were drunk; they had no insurance on the van; BUT as it couldn't be proved which one was driving at the time the police took no action FFS!

    Apart from some scary scratches a trashed jacket, back wheel and helmet I was OK but no thanks to the Police

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    5 proper, had a few wing mirror/habdlebar interactions when people have pulled left while I was already there.
    1 Women turned onto the road I was on, pedal scraped her car (big flatties)
    2 Women pulled out of stationary traffic I was overtaking (me over the front wing, bruising and grazes)
    3 Guy did a U-turn from a parked position I just bumped into the side of him, he continued, his rear wheel dragged my front wheel under – screwed wheel (paid for by him)
    4 Guy pulled out of side road onto road I was on, me off, bruised ankle broken seatpost (paid for by him)
    5 Guy took offence to being called a cock (he was driving dangerously whilst texting) drove into back of me wrote off my rear wheel then ran away, had to claim on my insurance, hoping they'd track him down for it – nope.

    Oh yeah when I was a kid I did similar to AndyRT but into parked car, face/bonnet not nice, car was fine 6 then.


    I broke both arms, my right ankle, dislocated my shoulders, right knee cap and had some brain swelling after being smoked by a car driver at a roundabout. It was an older chap in a big BMW, and a pretty busy island, he didn't stop for the island just slowed and continued thinking it was clear and hit the side of me just behind my legs on the back wheel. Apparently he just didn't see me, despite the fact I had a hi-vis jacket on and was lit up like a xmas tree. To be fair I have no recollection of seeing him either; this said I have pretty much no recollection of waking up that morning, cycling off to work or the 48 hours following the off!


    Twice for me:

    First was riding a time trial only to wake up lying on the ground, bike wrecked and lots of pain in my arm and hip. Turns out a car clipped me with his wing mirror leaving bits stuck in my arm causing the pain there. The pain in my hip was because a small piece of bone broke off my hip. My minute man stopped and called an ambulance from a nearby phone box, driver didn't stop and was never caught.

    Second on the road bike approaching a zebra crossing, bloke in a car over takes me then realises that there's an old woman crossing the road so he brakes hard and slides into me (I'm stopping having seen the old lady). Bike driven over and destroyed, I fell off sideways as I realised he was going to hit me so minor bruising from glancing blow. The old lady collapsed , the policeman walking down the road runs over calls an ambulance for the old lady who'd had a heart attack and arrests the driver.

    Insurance (car drivers) paid out for bike and 'good will gesture'.


    Hit one of those new Renault Megane Scenic kid-carriers. Bounced right back off it! Lovely soft and squigy thing. If you're going to have a collision with something, then I recommend one of them.


    coffeeking – Member
    Not wanting to sound smug but no, I've always been able to avoid it, though one or two have been VERY close!

    I think you've been lucky 've been able to avoid 99.9% of the times people have come close to hitting me. It wasn't lack of skill or foresight that stoped me being able to avoid it. Sometimes there is just nothing you can do unless you are prepared to crawl past every junction or wait in every cue of traffic. Still not even that would help those who are hit from behind.


    5, but having commuted on and off in London for 25 years, not that surprising, worst due to filtering.

    (1) Filtered up nearside of lorry, small van turned across in front of lorry into a driveway. Managed to steer in driveway too but not quite quickly enough and launched myself across bonnet and landed in rockery (wore helmet after that and learnt some road craft.). Forks bent but front wheel survived intact.

    (2)& (3) Two black cabs taxis, both pulling out without indicating, one from a pickup and one into the right turn lane I was occupying. Saw both happening and as a result only glancing blows with no significant damage.

    (4) Filtered up near side to lights, unfortunately they changed as I got to the front and a left turning car cut in front. Managed to turn with it, but my drop bars got hooked up by the wing mirror and I was dumped – that hurt the most. Bike was fine.

    (5) Filtering up a jammed road but on a marked cycleway, SUV turned right across road in front of me, managed a slight turn but not enough, launched over bonnet but hit side fairly hard because it was an SUV. Bars and stem totalled but rest of bike survived.

    I also ran into the back of car once in France but that was certainly my fault and was the only time I was taken away in an ambulance.


    Anyone have a crash on the bike involving a vehicle where it was their fault not the drivers?



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    I've gone into the back of a couple of cars, once accelerating expecting car to do same, other riding slowly in lane and looking back to see if I could change lane. Neither driver bothered, I may have damaged second (trcuk actually) but there were about 500 other dents in the back of it.

    Anyone else seeing the red mist just reading these stories?

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    Hit by a car from behind on straight road in broad daylight 2 years ago. Woman driver doing about 40 hit my arse with her wing mirror. I backward somersault and land on road on head/shoulder. When she gets out of car tells me her mobile distracted her. She decided not to tell that to police when they arrived. I did but they decided not to investigate further or prosecute.

    I get a ride in ambulance with blues on, strapped to spinal board. Nothing broken but still have shoulder pain despite physio. Not got any compensation yet either, although CTC solicitors still working on it.


    Anyone have a crash on the bike involving a vehicle where it was their fault not the drivers?

    Well I rode into the back of a car on Monday evening cause I set off too quick from the lights then the driver in front applied their brakes. No damage done though and the driver apologised! as I did.

    I know a guy who rode into the back of a parked van, his face was a bit of a mess.

    Anyone else seeing the red mist just reading these stories?

    I try not too.

    Funny story last week though. Idiot driver of tipper truck parked in cycle lane, parked very far out in lane and then gets in cab as I approach and leaves door open taking up almost all of whats left of the road. Gave the fat git a look of disgust. Further up the road same truck passes me then pulls into cycle path then slows down to piss me off, I play the game for a while and he can see me in his wing mirror. Pass a road on the left and I move to the middle of the truck which is full of old furniture and sit right up his arse and he didn't have a clue where I disappeared to. Sit behind him while he accelerates and get a nice tow. I then moved to the left so he could see me again and gave hime a cheery wave. Fanny.


    i was riding on my tri bars down northdeeside road on saturday – tractor came up behind. over took got along side – took him longer than he thought as i was nicking on – cars came towards him and he swept me off the road onto the grass verge with his trailer – cars behind were beeping at him and going mental . caught up with him letting his load of cows out in a field just outside braemar and gave him a piece of my mind and got a SMIDSY out of him … **** –

    I’ve had a few that were the drivers fault…
    Guy pulled out on me from a side street which I kind of anticipated so had slowed down he then stopped blocking my way completely to see if there was any traffic coming the other way at which point I road in to the back wing… He paid after the threat of going through insurance.
    Had a whole load of clips and near misses I was thinking of wearing a headcam and compiling them all to the sound track of Benny Hill… In fact every near miss I have I get Benny Hill theme tune stuck in my head.

    Oh and obviously non that were my fault:-)


    Obi_Twa – Member
    Anyone have a crash on the bike involving a vehicle where it was their fault not the drivers?

    I'll say – I've ploughed into at least three parked cars over the years, usually when fiddling components or wondering where my riding buddies have got to. I've written off bikes, ended up in hospital & everything. Best one was piling down a hill one night in the rain, vision blurred by the street lights & rain on my glasses & head down to keep dry. When I looked up there was a car a foot in front, didn't even have time to react. When I'd slid down the rear window into a heap on the floor (very tangled up in my bent frame) I noticed 10 or so people with puzzled looks on their faces who had been waiting at the bus stop next to me. I was so embarrassed I just got up, picked up my bike and walked off.. then fainted about 100 yards further down the road..

    Premier Icon antigee

    many years ago before learnt to ride very defensively

    accelerated out of side street straight at me as i passed on the main rd
    reacted enough to lift leg up as bonnet came towards me – thrown to other side of road and it was a wide road – hit bike hard enough to crack bottom bracket axle
    lesson learnt was eye contact and don't forget to get the number plate – the guy wrote down a false address promising to pay for the repair when i got it sorted – eternally grateful to guy with an estate car that stopped and let me bleed on his seat while giving me a lift home

    lost count of number of times i've left the road though to avoid a collision


    One. Riding home on a sunday morning after night out, maybe ever so slightly hung over as a student. me and a taxi turn onto a street in edinburgh. I'm on the right hand side (to turn right) of a three lane one way road, taxi is on the far left(to turn left). taxi then decides to park on the right hand side of the road. I slide fairly forcably into his drivers door. Amazinly, the bike was fine, I was fine if somewhat shocked, but his door had a large hole where my pedal had gone through. I shouted a little abuse at him, then realised I didn't want this to go any further due to me being potentially over the limit and left.


    this thread is now ready for yesterdays potential cycle commuter to email to his missus.


    Ah the SMIDSY response

    Not wanting to sound smug but no, I've always been able to avoid it, though one or two have been VERY close!

    Me too – tens of thousands of miles – last 10 years commuting in London, Nottingham and Derbyshire, plus using a bike as my main form of transport between the ages of about 8-18.

    I'm sure there is an element of luck, but there is also an element of assuming the worst of all the other drivers which I think helps a lot. Oh and not riding like a **** is useful too (not going through red lights / down the left of lorries, filtering when you can't see if there are cars on the side roads etc.)

    The few times I've had close calls (I reckon about once per year / 3000 miles), whilst it might not have been 'my fault', I could see what I did wrong in not anticipating the idiot driver – for example deciding too late that I needed to stop at a roundabout, resulting in someone behind nearly rear ending me, or assuming that the person in the side road must have seen my 20W front helmet light pointing directly at him.

    Touch wood obviously – hoping I don't get knocked off on the way home today now.


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    I was his silent assasin
    Bit jovial for having killed someone 😉

    Twice, that I can recall.
    Once was my fault, rode out in front of a Golf. Long-ish story, which I won't go into. That was on a MTB ride.
    Second was fairly recent on a commute – stupid bint in a Mini signalled to go into a garage, didn't go in. Turned indicator off and then swung into the exit. I was ready though, so it was a gentle nudge which frightened her more than me.

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    Anyone have a crash on the bike involving a vehicle where it was their fault not the drivers?

    well apart from my number 6 I clipped a taxi, he pulled out from parked without indicating I just managed to swerve right to avoid him, instead of slowing down I kept going and as he passed me I pulled in behind only for him to slam on (and I mean a proper emergency stop) for someone at a zebra crossing, I was still stunned from 1st incident to react and my bar end* clipped the back of his car as I sailed passed on his left. No injuries, he was driving like a nob and nearly killed me but my fault I clipped him in the end.

    * this was the early 90's

    Given the mileage I do, I'm still surprised it's only happened the once: motorist pulled out into the road from being parked without checking behind him properly and I crashed into his rear off-side door leaving a nice, me-shaped dent in his car. Cue me ranting about the (non) usage of his mirrors, and much laughing/pointing by nearby Chav-scum. Luckily, neither I nor my bike was badly hurt.

    Many, many, many near misses, though…

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