How many of you have been hit by a car when you've been on your bike?

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  • How many of you have been hit by a car when you've been on your bike?
  • Obi_Twa

    Lets here your stories. We'll include all other vehicles in with cars too – including tractors Trail_Rat.

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    But a clubmate was knocked off this morning (she's OK though).


    a florist's van?

    i got a lovely bouquet.

    true story.


    3 times and each time the drivers excuses get worse!

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    Once, car pulled out of side road and kocked me off, wrote off £200 bike, I was fine, their insurance paid out.

    Avoided plenty more over the years I'd like to think!

    Chris S

    I got knocked off by a silly bitch in a 'smart' coupe – fortunately no serious damage !

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    Got taken out by a motorbike a few years ago. He lost it on a wet road and as he slid along he took me with him. The thing that p1ssed me off most was the women in the car behind who saw it all, gave me abuse for holding her up by lying in the road bleeding!

    I threw my bike at her car…


    Yeah, on the approach to a mini roundabout, she pulled in and clipped my front wheel. I banged on the car, then followed her home and had a good rant at her.


    An old man turned right infront of me when i was on my motorbike, went over the roof and landed pretty much on my feet. Was proper shook up! Only ended up with cuts/bruises on my leges from dragging over the roof as I went over, bike was pretty knackered tho :/


    Been clipped a couple of times but never knocked off. A guy on a group ride a couple of weeks ago was a victim of a hit and run. Idiot driver never considered that the 29 other cyclists there would take down his number plate. He got picked up 20mins later.

    TBH, I've probably had more incidents involving other cyclists than car drivers.


    I was on my paperround on a shonky bike that the brakes didnt work on. I was on the path going down a steep hill and a bloke just opened his car door in front of me. I went straight into the inside part of the door. apparently he didnt look behind before opening the door.

    Once, car turning right. Left a nice bodily shaped imprint on the windscreen!

    Inches away from being hit by someone pulling out of a junction whilst p***ing around with a mobile phone. Almost wished I had been hit and that I'd made a mess out of the shiny new car that her Daddy probably just bought her.


    Women drove straight onto a large and fairly busy roundabout without looking, despite the car in the other lane right next to her seeing me perfectly and not crashing into me, unlike her.

    Some blood, swearing, and a little time later, I cycled off. No point trying to do anything. Idiot drivers will always be idiot drivers.

    Mr Woppit

    Just the once, sometime in 1994. "BLT" (remember them?) lights on the bike, so – bright! Approaching the exit from an amateur local football club. I looked at the driver. The driver looked at me. When I got level, he pulled out causing me to fall off onto the road in the face of an oncoming lorry. Luckily, the lorry stopped in time.

    "Are you all right"?

    I pride myself even today for the restraint I showed in ignoring the cretin…


    Yep once when a car waited till I was very nearly up to the junction then turned right across my path leaving me no option but to ride straight into the side of his car with me going over the bonnet. If I'd have had time to brake I probably would have lost some fingers as the brake levers cut into the handlebars…
    As I was lying in the road cussing my head off the passenger of the car came up to me and said the driver was sorry but he hadn't seen me and that his gran had just died..WTF????
    I'd just had the bike resprayed and it was a writetoff. The ambulance men were joking with me that I had the loudest jersey on they had ever seen…
    Turns out he was a provisional driver who didn't have anyone in the car who was qualified driver either oh and he had no insurance…Quel Surprise

    The second time a dog ran into the clubrun straight into me, making me crash and bounce down the road, The owner tried to claim that I was riding a bike that was too big for me and that I couldn't handle the bike properly – I was at the time riding international stage races etc for Wales and all my bikes were custom built for me….Oh and cos I was a girl they reckoned I panicked when I saw the dog… I never saw the dog, just the tarmac!!!

    And used to have at least one near miss a day when I used to commute to and from Brum everyday…ah those were the days!!!


    after being t boned by the florist at about 25mph (her not me) i shakily picked myself and my shattered bike up from one of the busiest roundabouts in central shuff, bleeding and in pain.

    only for her to say 'i didn't see you, i can see now you have a few lights on, but you really should wear a hi vis vest'

    ah. cheers for that.


    Just the once. Coming down a hill on my Cervelo TT bike at a rapid pace in the tuck position, when a car pulled out from a junction 🙁 snapped the bike on impact when I t-boned the car, and I went flying.

    The main road running parallel to this road was gridlocked. They sent the air ambulance! but just as it landed, the road ambulance arrived and scraped me up from the tarmac. Always wanted a ride in a helicopter.

    Mister P

    I went over the bonnet of a van. I was following a large van who turned left and as I was in a rush to get to work I swung over to the right to overtake him. Unfortunately I couldn't be seen by the smaller van turning right out of the junction so he pulled out and I went flying. That was a few years ago and I am a lot more aware of traffic since then.


    only knocked off once (I think). Car overtaking dangerously in Edinburgh city centre pulled in fast right into me, piled me into into a bus shelter luckily it was that plastic glass stuff so I bounced off and hit the deck, bruises and superficial wounds and a little bike damage – was able to ride again (albeit painfully) the next day.



    first – some idiot coming from the opposite direction turning into the sidestreet which i happened to be riding past. didn't see me apparently. managed to put a huge dent in his bonnet and scare the $hit out of him by acting like a mentalist. wasn't hurt badly.

    second – another idiot in front on mobile moving as though turning right, me in cycle lane with bags of space and more speed. next thing he cuts across me in what i can only presume was him getting off the road to park up and finish his call. it hurt but not serious. he shouted. i shouted louder. he crapped himself reversed out of the car park and into the person behind then drove off (double hit & run). reported it to the 5-O but never heard anything back, even though i gave them the reg and left a statment. the police are crap!

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    first time someone cuts me up in front of me on a roundabout and the promptly stops so I rode into the back of him and fall off (bent forks slightly and bust light) – he drives off – probably didn't notice.

    second time someone pulls out on a roundabout and I hit their door and bounce into the road – a bit of an apology (didn't see me despite light shining at about high driver eye level) but nowt else. bike ok slightly torn pannier

    Just once. Car pulled into a roundabout without seeing me then the driver braked as she spotted me which resulted in me skidding sideways into the car (I think if she'd accelerated we would have missed). Luckily everything was okay apart from her door and she was very apologetic.


    I got clipped and fell off (only got stung by nettles), clocked the reg no, saw the guy two weeks later when I was in a van, chased him into a car park, received grovelling apology.

    The lesson? Don't cut up a cyclist in Cornwall – it's too small a county!


    Dec '97 I was a thin and fit triathlete , just worked out my training plan for the next year and planned to up my distances.

    I was about to leave work but noticed my front light was a bit dim so replaced the batteries with fresh ones and set of for home. 5 minutes up the road a car driver decided they couldn't see the cyclist on the pink bike wearing dayglo from head to toe so they made a right turn across the front of me.

    At the time of impact I was doing around 25mph , contact was made at the rear passenger door/window and my left knee shattered the window as I sumersaulted the car. As you do I attempted to stand up and thought 'ooh that feels weird' looked down to see a huge hole where my kneecap had previously been (bluergh).

    To tell the truth i was a bit more concerned about the bike but that was trashed , the next 4 months were spent on crutches with a ruptured patella tendon then after 6 months they opened me up again to remove the wire that held the tendon whilst it knit back together and I had another 3 weeks on crutches. Give me broken bones anyday soft tissue damage takes so long to heal.


    3 times in the last 5 years; twice in Glasgow and once in Wilmslow. Each time it was what the CTC now call a SMIDSY ("sorry mate I didn't see you").

    No serious injuries, thank goodness. I do kinda think that it's only a matter of time though….

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    I got knocked off in town. A woman in a Mini decided to veer from the right turn-only lane into the lane going straight on. The only thing that stood between those two lanes was me being alongside her bonnet at the time. Didn't seem to stop her. Thank god there was nothing in the left hand lane. Otherwise I wouldn't be typing this.

    This all took place in full view of a traffic cop. He sauntered over, while I lay there screaming, asked her if SHE was ok, then told me to kindly stop swearing so much.

    Oh… I do beg your f**king pardon


    Once. Knocked clean out from behind here in Leighton Buzzard, though I was riding from that London at the time. Left unconcous driver didn't stop. For some reason I think it was one of those Golf convertables, the Bronze ones with white roof.
    Not bad considering the years I commted 74 miles a day.


    Driver pulled out of a T junction in front of me. I went over the bonnet. Apparently he didn't see me because I didn't have lights on. Although if I never did can an explaination of how he managed to see I didn't have lights on when he didn't see me. It was broad daylight, about 45 minutes after sunrise on a clear day on a straight road. I had actually left my lights on by accident as well although the front one broke in the crash.

    I've been clipped by a Polish woman too. She tried to overtake me on a narrow humpback bridge and got scared by the oncoming lorry and tried squash me into a wall. I don't think she even realised as she looked confused when I caught up with her in traffic and had a word about 20m further on.

    I was nearly hit by a guy doing the same dodgy overtaking but saw this one in advance so braked before he moved left, lucky I did as he cut in front of me, mounted the curb and crashed into the bank. Not a crash but a proper brown trouser moment as he locked up and lost control about a foot away from me.

    This is over about 5 years commuting in two different areas of the country.


    Been knocked of my bike by other cyclists many times. Mostly by them just stopping but moe by them either overtaking then turning.


    1.Car door opened on me and over the bars – was a kid on my paper round on my BMX
    2. Car turns right on me at a set of lights did not see me at all and only reacted when I screamed took me out and wrecked bike wheels and forks. Very apologetic and replaced the bike.
    3. Mini roundabout car on my left looked straight at me stopped then pulled out on me once I was too close to stop– deliberate by a young lad I had to go wrong way round roundabout and bollard to avoid him he gave me the w@nker wave and drove off he got 200 yards and held up at the lights I keyed his car and started kicking the sh1t out of it screaming come on then in a sort of taxi driver style …I was only young [early 20’s at the time] he did not get out I am not proud of that but it was deliberate and I nearly hit a car head on avoiding him.
    4. Cycling on a country lane when a car braked and skidded into stationary me pushing me into a thorny bush [SFB to the forum please]. He got out in full roadie in lycra and apologised and was upset beyond words. Just repeating I hit a cyclists I am one of those ****ts it was funny and to be fair they had just gravelled the road hence he skidded when he broke.

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    Heading downhill in a bus lane, solid traffic on my right hand side. It was about 6pm, dark but I had 3 front lights (one helmet mounted) and 4 rear. Next thing an oncoming car had turned right through a gap in the traffic without looking into the bus lane, I hadn't seen the gap cos of the position of the cars. I slammed into the side of the car (couldn't avoid it) and came off, landing in the middle of the line of stationary traffic, the driver jumped out as well. Amazingly not a scratch on me, my bike or my clothing, his car was fine too.
    He was really apologetic, I was very shaken but otherwise OK. We both went our respective ways, him still apologising profusely.

    No-one else got out of their cars to help or offer to be a witness though. T0ssers.


    Got knocked off by a crazy woman who cut in front of me to turn into a petrol station. Sort of knew it was coming as she was on the other side of the road waiting to do a uturn, I thought then 'she's going into the side of me when she does that uturn', she didn't but did so further up the road.

    She blamed me for 'not slowing down', yeh like I know that the car behind me is going to do a left turn across my path. She went mental, I called the cops. No damage done but she seriosly pissed me off.

    Also got knocked off when a car decided to mount the pavement at a junction because they didn't want to wait in the queue of cars that were going right and she was going left. I stumbled as the side of her car hit me and fell on to the pavement. Few bruises, female driver burst into tears, etc.

    In both cases I believe any serious injury to me was prevented by expecting something to happen and being ready to take action.

    Lots of near misses though, but you come to expect them.

    Oh and I did go into an open car door but I could have prevented that. I was filtering up a line of traffic sitting at lights, I was in the cycle path, driver of car parked on cycle path walks back to car, sees me coming but instead of waiting till I pass, they open the door, get in and leave the door open which completely blocks my path. I just carried on into the door leaving tyre marks and a footprint on their nice cream interior. They weren't very happy, I thought it was quite funny.

    He was really apologetic, I was very shaken but otherwise OK. We both went our respective ways, him still apologising profusely.

    To be honest you were both to blame. When I ever filter down the side of traffic I always expect a car to pull into my path and reduce my speed.


    Not wanting to sound smug but no, I've always been able to avoid it, though one or two have been VERY close!

    yep, a guy did a U turn without checking his mirrors, in a queue of stationary traffic I was overtaking, over the roof, landed on my head leaving me unconscious. The guy drove off, then came back when he saw the state of his brand new car to kick the sh*t out of me whilst I was coming round and lying in the middle of the road!

    Thankfully a passer by pulled him off, when the passer by told him the Police were on the way and that'd he'd be a witness to the whole thing he legged it leaving his car!? Nice Guy eh…


    I have been hit on 5 different occasions resulting from bruises and a bent crank to being knocked out and writing off my bike.

    The more you ride on the road the more likely it is you will get hit..


    mysterymove – have you still got his car?


    they had just gravelled the road hence he skidded when he broke.

    Lol, what did he break?

    The more you ride on the road the more likely it is you will get hit..

    From a statistical point of view that's nonsense. I would say the more you ride, and the more others ride, then you are in fact les likely to be involved in an accident.


    coffeeking – Member
    Not wanting to sound stupid but no, I've always been able to avoid it

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    Coming down hill on national cycle route just south of Strathyre when a tractor pulls out at last minute. Braked and managed to get foot onto tractor tyre which propelled me right over the tractors bonnet, guy didn’t even see me (I was even wearing high vis gear), said I should have stopped and let him out, police took a different opinion to him. Got called evil knievel for a while.


    I was turning right in Todmorden and could hear a woman accelerating a mini metro behind me.(It was in the 80's)

    I had my arm out to indicate but I could tell she hadn't got a clue and kept coming.I was commited and had to carry on.

    Big T-bone job but I've got to say the adrenaline rush was amazing.

    No major injuries though but my Carlton Sovereign was goosed

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