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  • organic355

    I havnt had any alcohol since 22nd September which is pretty good going for me. Havnt stopped for any other reason than it was getting abut excessive Friday/Saturday in the house. I am akso getting quite into my fitness/weightlifting and karate and am now starting to get a bit ripped for the first time in my life at 36!

    I had kinda thought I would stop until Xmas but there is part of me that is thinking I may actually stop for good.
    I am still drinking non alcoholic beers as I still havnt broken the habit of cravin a beer at the weekend, but they are far less calories and no hangover. Just been to a party tonight too and decided to not drink and take the car, wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be without alcohol.

    Who else has stopped and not gone back?






    Me and her currently getting raj’d to oasis who are back on spotify! Sorry!


    I stopped drinking in January this year.

    I have never been a big drinker though to be honest and a heavy week for me would have been 3 bottles of Magners.

    I gave it up because I was drinking purely because it was there and wasn’t actually that fussed.

    Haven’t been tempted to start again and I never get any comments from anyone when socialising.


    I drank strong punch out of a large storage box the other day, aside from that no.

    Stu McGroo

    Nope 🙂

    Premier Icon martymac

    i rarely drink, tbh i find it boring if i do it regularly.
    several times a year i will ask mrs mac to get some beer (or whatever) in, but by the time im home the mood will usually have passed so it will sit for a couple of months.
    however, when i go out i tend to get absolutely mortal, which has led to some epic pisstaking at work ‘you were in some state when i saw you at the weekend’ etc.


    I don’t drink as often as I’d like to. Basically because I can’t afford to. Nothing to do with a desire to get shit-faced, I just like the flavour of a good beer or single malt. Friday and Saturday night, two pints down the pub. Simple as that.


    Me! Well, at the moment at any rate…haven’t had a drink in six months. I’ve lost quite a few pounds, gained some bank balance but I feel a little at sea, my drinking persona was larger than life and full of fun, but my sober persona is meek and awkward. But I talk a lot more sense these days.

    Do I miss it? In a word, yes. However, I don’t miss sitting in the the lounge and sinking eight cans of ale and the resulting hangover the next day and subsequent self-berating.


    I don’t, haven’t for over 20 years.


    I’ve been on the wagon for about 6 months and intend never to drink again. Not for any other reason that i wanted to stop…been a big drinker in the past, but was down to a couple of cans a night before i stopped do a nice whisky thou

    Premier Icon Onzadog

    I’m not a non drinker but I really don’t do it that often. Probably not even once a month. Then it might be a couple of bottles of crabbies. I don’t like the taste of beer so I think socially, that’s been a big influencing factor.


    Not much, although I really wish I’d just stop full stop

    For me it’s wretched awful stuff really.


    Yup I have the odd glass of wine but only at home with Mr MC I certainly don’t drink with work colleagues and I think the last time I was hideously pi**ed was about 7 years ago. Not interested but I have a vino when I feel like it. Everything in moderation does you good.


    Nope. I hate alcohol. Wife’s a lush though.

    Premier Icon jam bo

    Rarely although not through any moral or physical objection.

    13 month old in the house means getting up in the middle of the night is hard enough as it is…

    Premier Icon PMK2060

    I often go months without having a drink. I used to drink excessively in my mid 20’s but just grew out of it.


    I used to drink pretty heavily, including some periods in my life when I would drink all day every day..
    Only ever for fun with friends though..

    I stopped when our kids were born, which I think was definitely the best course of action for dealing with sleep deprivation, screaming, teething etc..

    I’m gently easing myself back into social drinking now.. I miss the community of the pub, and I firmly believe that intoxication is a vital and natural process for human interaction..

    Premier Icon Kryton57

    Stopped drinking 1st September on the basis wifey would soon drop. After the birth I decided to go on until Christsmas, just because I can.

    On Friday I went out with the lads. It’s quite sad watching people deteriorate in front of you when you are sober. I’m not sure in what capacity ill go back as I quite enjoy a beer, but I think it’d definately be on an enjoyment basis rather than to get drunk. Probably a couple of pints/rums at the weekend.

    Premier Icon njee20

    Very rarely. Occasionally have a bottle of wine with the GF on a Friday night. Have gone over a year without drinking previously.


    Can take it or leave it really.. it doesnt agree with me and I’ve always been a lightweight at it.

    Last drink I had was about 10 days ago.. we all got multiple punctures so called the ride off and went to the pub. had 4 pints and spent the next 24 hours very ill. 😳


    About 3 years for me now, just don’t really feel like it. Funnily it winds my friends up too, some of them can’t understand how/why I don’t drink!

    Went out on Friday night until 5am and had fun with friends and still don’t feel the need to be pissed. Being tired the next day is fine, being tired and feeling like the world is going to end, no thanks!


    Very very seldom and then only a small wine or a shandy. Hit the big 50 in a few weeks so l might get drunk to forget about it 🙁


    I gave up when i hit 30, almost 5 years. My work colleagues don’t get it at all and my mates are even worse. I keep getting what do you drink when you watch the footie, erm tea?

    For me i got fed up of the hangover on a sunday just wasting the day wrecked all the time. Now im up most sundays off out on the bike and enjoying having what feels like an extra day each week.

    I like the occasional pint after work in my local and the odd Thirsty Thursday as its £2.25 a pint every Thursday which is a bit of a draw, I also like a glass of red with my Sat & Sun tea and look forward to my Birthday & Xmas bottle of Malt. I have considered giving up alcohol altogether but wonder if I have the will power to maintain it. If I thought or Mrs FH thought I had issues with drink then I would give it up, I drink far less now than I used to now I’m not a member of any wine clubs.


    At the start of this year I stated going to the village pub as I’m not from the area and felt a bit isolated. It has been great for building up social interaction.

    However, I did notice I was starting to go down the pub twice a week and get sloshed. I have cut it well back to two pints on a Friday night and a couple on the odd Saturday.


    16 years not a drop. At 21 my life was pretty much revolved around drugs/music scene. Woke up one morning and walked away from the lot.

    Premier Icon Bunnyhop

    No alcohol for me.
    Partly because of health reasons and also it used to be very expensive as a young hip thing around town and I just couldn’t afford it, so got into a non-drinking habit.

    Premier Icon theotherjonv

    About 10 years now since I considered myself a drinker.

    I wasn’t alcoholic in the sense of ‘can’t function without a drink inside me’ but whenever I had a drink, I couldn’t stop – the switch that said you’ve had enough now didn’t work and as a result I was getting into messier and messier situations. I twice vomited in my sleep and woke up covered in it (fortunate not to choke on it I guess) and a couple of nights out in London ended up coming round to find myself sleeping rough in underpasses, etc., one time minus the cash contents of my wallet.

    Cutting down wasn’t an option, every time I tried the switch would just malfunction again, so I had to stop. To start with mates were a bit odd about it and they didn’t really understand the situation that drove me to it – they were more ‘good man, you’re a monster on the beer’ – but in time they came round. I drove a lot which gave me the excuse not to drink, and other times just avoided the first one. I didn’t drink full stop for about a year, then gradually reintroduced it but the switch works fine now, and the same group of mates have all grown up a bit too so the peer pressure is gone too. I can go months without a drink, other times i fancy a beer or a glass of wine so i have one, and occasionally I go out drinking for a special occasion, but I’m in control now not the other way round.


    August 1995

    Premier Icon curiousyellow

    Longest without a drink for me was 7 months. It felt great.

    Will give going teetotal a shot if I become a parent I reckon. At a stage in my life where I don’t feel like I need a drink to relax or take the edge off a bad day.

    Premier Icon jamj1974

    I have not had an alcoholic drink for 11 months. Before that was probably having literally a drink or two every couple of months and probably only got drunk a handful of times in the previous 10 years. Prior to twenty-seven, I didn’t drink every day but every few weeks would have a big night out where I would ill-advisedly drink to excess. Never out if control or paralytic but would consume around sixteen to twenty double measures between 10pm and 2am.

    I had my day and enjoyed it – but don’t miss it at all, hence why I drank so rarely before I thought why bother and stopped completely.


    I rarely drink anyway, once a week I might have a glass of wine or a beer, or my favourite single malt (Im building a collection!) usually with a meal. Occasionally (once every 3 months or so) I will binge on half a bottle of jd and coke but I rarely have the time or inclination to drink. It just doesn’t figure in my mind as something overly pleasurable unless its hot, sunny and Im really thirsty. And then its just to refresh.


    i gave up both drinking/smoking back in 2004.haven’t touched either since then 🙂

    Premier Icon scaredypants

    All my heavy drinking was between about 16 and 21, i.e. bloody ages ago

    I like beer but I only have 1-4 drinks in a week now

    Not worth giving up at that level; I’d feel or get no benefit and it’s just nice now & then

    Haven’t been pissed for about 10yrs

    b r

    I don’t drink anywhere near what I use to, then I was constantly travelling (and on expenses) and when at home we both liked a drink – most days. Plus money was no object…

    Now I manage a couple of bottles of beer and 1-2 glasses of wine a week at home and a beer after night-riding. Any more makes it hard.

    As in last week we had a couple of reds with dinner, and then 40 miles MTBing in the Borders the next day – it was a struggle 😯

    Premier Icon sneakyg4

    Very very little, I like the odd glass of a premium cider, but thats it. I don’t like what it does to me; two or three drinks will seriously cloud my judgement, 5 or 6 gives me full on tourette’s.

    Made a lot of bad calls when I was younger and drinking most weekends, can do without that these days.

    Couldn’t handle the 2 day hangovers anymore so I stopped last year 😕


    A couple of units a year is about my lot…tastes icky.

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