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  • karnali

    peugeot 206 est diesel 64 mpg only 1.4 but enough power for family of 4 2 little ones with bikes and kit on

    seat ibiza 1.9 tdi 130 bhp goes like a rocket returns between 56-60 mpg on commute and knocking about not had it lon enough to get a good motorway journey out of it both 04 plates

    Premier Icon Drac

    About 60 easily Golf MkVI TDi 140

    Currently Honda Civic TypeR about 30 MPG if driven liek a granny.

    I have on order a VW Passat 170BHP Bluemotion, had one on test, drove it like a tool and still got very near to 50, 49.something

    6.5 miles to the litre – less if round town or towing

    Driving around town and general use = 22.3mpg
    Driving long motorways with cruise control at 70 = 29.8mpg
    Driving long motorways with cruise control at 95 = 25.4mpg

    The long tests to get these figures have been repeated several time on one particularly dull commute which is between 2 – 3 hours each way. They are normally within 0.1mpg of the numbers shown and I was surprised how consistent there were.

    6 litre V12 Merc


    karnali – Member
    seat ibiza 1.9 tdi 130 bhp goes like a rocket returns between 56-60 mpg on commute and knocking about not had it lon enough to get a good motorway journey out of it both 04 plates

    I have one of these.
    My driving is mainly a-roads & motorways. When I used to go everywhere at 70mph and wasn’t particularly driving for economy, 55mpg was fairly typical (measured, not based on the computer reading).
    Now I have started driving a bit more conservatively, I generally don’t go above 60mph on my commute and am much more concious of driving for economy I get over 60mpg consistently.

    A friend at work recently got rid of a Fabia estate – the latest shape with the 1.6TDi engine. He used to easily get mid-60s out of that.


    Between 5 and 6

    Heavily modified R32


    Depending on how acurate the computer thing is my A180 diesel merc reckons it’s done 48.4mpg on average over the last 21,000+ miles (how many I’ve done since I got it).

    Motorway runs it’ll do 60mpg, town/commute sit’s around 43-43mpg.

    Premier Icon DezB

    Average according to the compooter is 44.5mpg. Saab 9-3 1.9Tid estate sport linear blah blah blah thingy.
    It’s blue.

    Premier Icon GrahamS

    2.0l petrol Ford Focus around 34mpg (down from 37mpg as new) – based on the dash computer rather than doing maffs.


    Touran 2.0tdi DSG – averaged 46mpg over last 4 years. Though i do have a pretty heavy foot….

    Premier Icon MartynS

    just had a bluemotion Passat estate as a hire car.. was doing 55-60 on the m’way

    My car does 20-28 mpg…


    Between 5 and 6

    Heavily modified R32


    Pictures and videos please!

    Premier Icon misterturnip


    Ford Focus Zetec 1.6 diesel 2008. Motorway driving at 60 mph you can get 70+mpg. Around town around 45-55mpg. The usual average is high 50s to lower 60s. Plus the road tax is only £30 per annum.

    Great car, easy to look after, nice spec, cheap and reliable.

    Hope that helps

    Premier Icon GrahamS

    Of course the question is: why the chuff do we measure mpg when we sell petrol in litres?

    Seems to me we should be using mpl, no?

    Or perhaps the far more relevant number: £/m

    I bet a dashboard computer showing that would change a few driving habits!

    Volvo V70 2.0d – 35mpg no matter how I drive, what I put in / on it and what I tow….

    Looking at one of those partner tipee things…..Need space and economy… whats it like??


    2.0 diesel Mondeo, 54mpg @ 70mph, 46mpg @ 80mph, about 45mpg round town all according to on board computer anyway.


    averages about 60, up to 70 on long motorway journeys. Audi A2 TDI

    Premier Icon lunge

    64.1mpg from the computer in my 1.5 Megane. It is generally a little higher in the summer and a little lower at the end of the winter, it is also about 5mpg lower if Mrs Lunge drives it… That is for 5 days per week on an 80 mile round commute of motorways and a-roads.

    Premier Icon Harry_the_Spider

    2.0 diesel Vectra. 45 mpg about town. Better on a long run.

    don simon

    I don’t know the speedo’s in km/h. Sorry. 🙁


    LEON FR 2.0 TFSi DSG – according to the onboard MFA anywhere between 27.5 – 28.9

    edit: that’s based on work commute of about 13 miles each way – no motorway miles

    Premier Icon midlifecrashes

    S-Max Tdi140 here, just a smidge over 40mpg round town, 52-55 steady run, about 46 overall. Plenty of space, economy good enough given how nice it is to be in and how big it is. I’ll squeeze a few more mpg out of it once I adapt from the high revving Honda and choose the right gear now and again.

    Honda Stream VTEC petrol 1.7, 34mpg overall.


    03 plate VW Passat estate TDi.

    Long journeys with kit in the boot: 53 mpg
    Normal driving round town, to work and back: 45 mpg

    Loving it.


    a2 is winning so far…

    litres per 100km is the metric equivalent.


    Mondeo diesel 130bhp

    50 mpg at 85mph
    47.5 mpg other times, heavy right foot

    Think I’ve had it down to 37-38 ish when I really ragged it through the Dales one day. (computer figures)


    Saab convertible 2l turbo. About 28mpg on long motorway jaunts at 65mph with the roof down.

    Luckily most of the time it’s broken down. 🙁

    Premier Icon votchy

    Mondeo Estate 2.0 TDCi 140, 57 plate currently returning 48.2mpg across the last 4 tankfuls of diesel, combination of 25 mile commute and short around town trips.

    Premier Icon letmetalktomark

    We had a similar need.

    Peugeot 206 1.9 naturally aspirated diesel… 50 & 55 mpg was not uncommon for the sort of driving being done – 30 mile journeys mainly on a dual carriage way.

    We moved to a Civic diesel 2.2 and real world initially got 52mpg but more recently 55mpg is fairly easy to achieve and would get 60mpg coming up on more frugal journeys

    To be honest the majority of our driving is longer journeys and motorway type.

    Round town the Honda gets mid 40’s

    It makes no sense really as the 206 is red and the civic is grey – everyone knows that red cars are better and so should have been more economical, faster, etc.

    The Civic is a hoot though and whilst not as good in the corners as the Focus equivalent it does embarrass a fair few drivers of sportier cars…..just not from the lights


    megane 1.5 dci 106 bhp.

    I’m not easy on it, but at the same time i don’t abuse it.

    combined fignure of 48mpg. I’ve had it up to 68mpg though


    just noticed this:lunge – Member

    64.1mpg from the computer in my 1.5 Megane. It is generally a little higher in the summer and a little lower at the end of the winter, it is also about 5mpg lower if Mrs Lunge drives it… That is for 5 days per week on an 80 mile round commute of motorways and a-roads.


    (the 68mpg I mentioned was on a 350 mile round trip when I was driving miss daisy)


    My Skoda Roomster 105bhp 1.2 TSI petrol does around 50mpg depending on how hard I drive it. The Fabia is a little better as more streamlined.

    Premier Icon woody2000

    Golf Estate, 1.6Tdi Bluemotion. Showing (from the onboard computer) an average of 55mpg in the 11,000 miles I’ve done in it. I get silly mileage on a run (had it up to an indicated 73mpg on a slowish 100 mile run up tha A1), but it is very senstive to the way you drive it.


    VW Golf GT-TDI 130bhp Estate, 03, 90k

    On the MPG No.2 computer that has never been reset – 50mpg

    Been trying to hit the magic 50mpg for about 3-4 months, with it avg. 49.8 for ages on that trip!

    On long MW trips I can hit 700 miles to a tank & avg. 60mpg+ with cruise set.

    With 4 bikes on the roof, fully kitted up with camping clobber & with all seats taken, I avg 45mpg back from SSUK recently.

    Been bombproof so far, very sloppy handling and no real thrill to drive though, but its been a good motor


    old duratec mondeo estate, 45mpg on average (1999 on 183,000 miles)

    costs significantly less to run than my mates tdci 130 mondeo (which will do 55mpg, but just had £800 of injector), but is also significantly less nice 🙂

    mx5 does an average of around 30mpg, does 35 on a run and did 22 round the ring\gp circuit

    eta : mpg is a silly way of measuring things, as the difference between, 40mpg and 75mpg is less than that between 25 and 40 (which is obvious if you work it out). also fuel is still a small proportion of most people’s motoring costs (even with complete bangernomics its only 50% of the cost, if I ran a new car it’d be around 25%)


    Toyota MR2 Turbo 240 bhp. Around 28 mpg measured with rack + bike on the roof.


    Modified Clio sport 15MPG
    Citroen c5 estate 2.2 HDI 45MPG around town 50-55MPG on a longer run (re-mapped) for economy though. Before it got around 31MPG around town.

    Petrol 1.6 focus C-max.

    34mpg driving arround
    47 on motorways cruising arround 65.

    Premier Icon lunge

    morgs, basically by driving like an old man. I never go above 70mph on the motorways, I coast up to junctions and generally try to avoid stopping if possible. I accelerate slowly and coast down hills if I can. I very rarely use the aircon, I keep the tyres at the right preasure and I try and keep the boot empty.

    I took the decision a couple of years ago that I would take an extra 6 or 8mpg over arriving home 5 mins earlier. It seems to have worked and my fuel bills have dropped nicely.


    Generally about 40mpg. Nissan Almera 1.8 petrol with a slush box so not the most economical set up but I do drive with economy in mind. Hey this might connect to the thread of when did you realise you became your dad! 😉

    Anyways that sort of mpg is done on a commute from Oxford to Newbury every day so mix of dual and town driving. Last tank included a trip into London with shite traffic in town and last fridays hell that was the A34 as some muppet pranged again and it dropped to 39mpg. Non of your computer estimates here – this is good old maths coming up with these figures!

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