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  • How many mins of exercise do you do a week?
  • I reckon I’m close to 1000. Certainly over 750.

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    3! Haven’t you heard?

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    I’ve read that you only need to do 3.

    But I can’t remember where I read it. Maybe it was a dream.


    Probably about 600-700 depending what I get up to at the weekend – More if I’ve got a badminton match in the week.

    I’m not fat – I’d be curious to see at what level we start getting people that are fat in mins exercise/week stakes.


    between 500-750, depending on commute length and weekend activities.


    Whoohoo peehee doohoo


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    Monday – 2 hours of Muay Thai padwork and sparring
    Tuesday – 2 hours of MMA padwork, sparring and fitness work
    Wednesday – 1.5 hours of Muay Thai padwork and sparring
    Thursday – 2 hours of boxing and MMA padwork and sparring
    Friday – 1 hour of HIIT circuits
    Saturday – 1 hour of boxing padwork and sparring, 1 hour of strength and conditioning
    Sunday – 2-3 hours of cycling

    Also walk the dog for 45 minutes every morning at 6am

    although I usually take one day off a week as a rest day but I change the day each week depending on how I’m feeling

    So about 1,000 to 1,100 per week

    Thanks Kaesae, why don’t you go and predict the end of the civilization on another thread then?


    The problem with only doing 3 minutes of exercise a week, it would take me 13 weeks to get to work every day.

    I’m currently doing about 500 minutes exercise a week.

    Based on the latest rocket science, I assume 497 minutes of that is of absolutely zero benfit to me whatsoever.




    Not enough – by a long way!!


    at least an hour a day, I reckon about 600 in a good week.
    I don’t class walking as exercise.

    I’m averaging 50+ hours a month on the bike.
    That works out at around 750 minutes a week cycling, plus some inconsistent running and other exercise bringing it up to about 800.


    Mon – 8 minute abs workout
    Tue – rest day
    Wed – rest day
    Thu – rest day
    Fri – rest day
    Sat – rest day
    Sun – rest day

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    I don’t class walking as exercise.

    You should. It’s great exercise.

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    Anywhere between one hour and about four I suppose. Given I’m probably as fast as Yeti I reckon that’s good value 🙂

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    About 500 mins. Although that may reduce by 497 after 10pm tonight.


    Right now, none at all…am recovering from a shoulder op. 🙁

    I’m definitely getting withdrawal symptoms…

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    2 hours of 5 a side.

    1+ in the gym

    3-5 hours on the bike at the weekends.

    So say 400-500? Discounting walking/riding to the pub of course…


    You should. It’s great exercise.

    it’s boring (in the city), and it costs a fortune in expensive but poorly made shoes.


    Right now? Probably down to about 150 because of my knees.

    It should be a lot more than that.


    Bearing in mind the 3-minute stuff, plus this cutting-edge research released on STW just yesterday, a few of you are doing WAY too much:

    2 sessions a week = maintain fitness
    3 = fitness gain
    4 = lose weight
    5+ = over training

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    But I ride my bike to work and back every day, which takes about 20 minutes each way. But those 200 minutes a week aren’t “doing exercise”, they’re getting to work.


    Quite a lot I am addicted to the endorphins or whatever they’re called.


    About 450 per week of running.


    Only counting the bike as that all I can put a figure on. 4968 mins YTD, which is 621 mins on average a week.

    Walking is good exercise, but I have no idea on how many mins a week I do.

    Mon: 45 mins weights
    Tues: 30 mins sprints/hill sprints
    Wed: 45 mins weights & 2 hours hockey
    Thursday: 2 hours hockey
    Friday: 45 mins weights
    Sat: 70 min hockey match
    Sun: 2-3 hour mountain bike ride or 70 min hockey match

    Total mins: 500+ish. But then I do very little steady state exercise, most of that 500+ mins is work/rest/work/rest. Actually working minutes is probably 200-250ish.

    300-400 depending on how much commuting I can be bothered to do.


    If I commute slowly it takes 40 mins, if I go at pace 20 mins, so it’d look better if I was going slowly in this case!

    5x commutes a week approx 300 mins a week
    1x circuits – 50 mins
    2x 5k – 60 mins
    1x gym session – 50 mins

    460 ish then

    And yeah I do run that slow and yeah I am too heavy.

    A bare minimum of 900 minutes a week. I’m still 14kg overweight too 🙁

    In regards to the 3 minute thing……

    That 3 minute thing that’s floating around at the moment is more to do with the deficiecy of most weight loss exercise regimes, rather than 3 mins being the ideal amount.

    It’s just that 3 mins of high intensity interval type training is more effective for body recomposition than endless hours of steady state running/cycling. Ergo, HIIT training is a good way to go, just don’t limit it to 3 mins!

    This is a good link, with references, to explain why:

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    I don’t class walking as exercise.

    What about if you swap the ‘l’ for a ‘n’? Does that count? Please say it does

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    The BBC website has a report on the 3 minute HIT exercise idea, which is linked to insulin sensitivity. Horizon is doing a big thing about it tonight, unless iDave gets his super injunction in time.


    3-6 hrs P/W in the gym.

    Plus a bit of cycling, but that is fun, so not sure if that counts…

    I’m going to watch Horizon tonight, but I expect it to muddy the already murkey waters for the layman.

    From what I’ve seen the iDave diet will do a very good job of regulating insulin and is a good dietry starting point. Body recomposition is 80% nutrition and 20% exercise.

    Doing HIIT will also have a postive effect on hormone levels including insulin.

    Combine the two (preferably for more than 3 mins) for even better results.

    Given I’m probably as fast as Yeti I reckon that’s good value

    …at typing?

    Fancy some Mayhem this year Mol?


    I don’t go to the gym, does work count? None stop walking 4 + hours a day at work 5 days a week, plus 3 hours on the bike on a sunday, riding to work, riding in the evenings…

    I think a very conservative estimate of 1500+ mins.


    700+ minutes per week. About half of that is road cycling (brisk to fast pace); the rest made of of hiking, climbing and swimming. So all would count as either moderate or high intensity physical activity.

    The World Health Organisation (who know a thing or two about these things … although obviously not as much as the STW experts 😉 ) published their revised recommendations for adults last year:

    150 minutes of moderate+ intensity activity per week (preferably upping to 300 minutes); or 75+ minutes of high intensity

    If you’re not sure whether your activity counts as moderate or high intensity, you can always check in the Compendium of Physical Activities:

    But basically, if you’ve increased youre breathing rate it counts as ‘moderate’, if you’re panting and sweating it counts as ‘high’ intensity.

    And if you wait a few weeks, I’ll be publishing our research on the the data about the amount of physical activity people get from outdoor recreation (and yes that does include mountain biking!) Bet you can’t wait for that exciting installment 🙂


    6-700mins per week usually.

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