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  • How many miles in january?
  • I_Ache

    I’ve only done 6.32 ml and 362 ft climbing 😥

    Bloody ankle 👿


    200.22 Just commuting. Hoping to improve on that soon though!


    292mls…19hrs…same as last year.


    637 of Her Majesty’s miles. I would say about 150 of those are commuting as I’ve been wfh 3 or 4 days a week 🙂 but only about 30 on the MTB due to swamp like trails 🙁


    8 whole miles. The shame of it!

    Premier Icon weeksy

    408km. i don’t commute on bike.


    270 after tomorrow’s commute

    No road miles yet though 🙂

    Premier Icon somafunk

    How is it possible to do all these miles? The top guy in UK (7th in the table) has done 2,543 miles this month and 79,190ft of climbing!!!

    Unemployed/Student/Pro, or just very fit with a nice commute.

    He’s a local farmer and we serviced his bike(s) for the January challenge when the road salt and wear n’ tear got too much, really nice bloke and not as young as you may think, I’m 41 and he’s got a few years on me 🙂 . He was out riding in all weathers, in truly vicious conditions sometimes at all times of the day/night as he tried to fit it in round his work and family commitments so well done Brian, he eventually finished 7th overall in the January Strava challenge with a total of 2775.1 miles which was a helluva achievement and kudos to him. He wobbled into the shop t’day on very tight hamstrings, needless to say he’s gonna take it easy for the next few days. 😀

    Well after my poor show of miles in January (150 in total). I decided to up my game and since monday i’ve done 165 including this monster up cheddar yesterday


    haven’t done any running or swimming either.

    flu, full of virus 10month old and a bit of a funk all contributed to the lethargy 🙁
    off to Cape Town on Sat though 🙂

    Premier Icon ton

    up to 60 miles so far in feb. failed saturday and sunday, 1 st days of since boxing day. gonna do a bit of a tour at end of month to boost em up a bit


    ^ Henry’s bike! I’ve not been knocking out quite the same miles he has, but I’m on about 460 miles for January, however I’m a bit risk averse and spent 6 hours on the turbo too.

Viewing 12 posts - 121 through 132 (of 132 total)

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