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  • how many hours do you work a week?
  • morgs

    Just want to try and guage how stupid I am….

    I work 8:30-5:30 monday to thursday, -5:00 on friday. We get an hour for lunch, but that’s just the start of it. It is frowned upon to leave much before 6…I often come in and do a few (up to 5) hours of a weekend and have been stuck in the office until gone midnight before now. I’m typing this at my desk!

    So go on, STW – how nuts am I / are you?



    get in at 7:30, leave at 4:30 with no lunch break as such. work from 7-9 most days also

    Unill xmas about 60 hours a week.

    Now part time and 2 days at 20hrs a week. 😀

    Premier Icon ton

    8.30 while 5
    tho i usually go home at 4.
    and 3 hours every 3rd saturday am.

    About 60-70 hours per week – but never do weekends anymore….That’s bike time!


    I work 8:30 to 5 5 days a week with an hour for lunch, i tend to get to work a bit before 8, i cycle most days so have a shower when i get in but i use the time to boot the PC up get a few things going before i go.

    Then probably take around 30mins for lunch. But i almost always leave at 5pm.

    Call it stress management, but working beyond 5 has never featured in my life.


    as little as poss!!! but TBH, leave at 08.30 (approx) drive upto 1.3hr arrive 10.00ish, work all day, no lunch and leave around 17.00, then 1.3hr drive home, so all in 10hr a day + a few hr;s a week in the evening.


    Depends on the season
    Anything from 45-100+hrs a week
    Start at 6 or 7 if busy, normally 8
    Finish at 5 when quiet, can be anything upto gone 2, Past 12 is common when busy
    Lunch is 30mins if I’ve time

    average around 18 hrs or so I guess for the last few years

    do you get paid for all those extra hours? If not work out your real hourly rate

    Premier Icon bruneep

    48 paid for 42.

    Premier Icon Stoner

    You would hate me if I told you, but since Im now pretty much a househusband I suppose I have to start counting the hours doing the chores 😉

    Premier Icon postierich

    Start 7.15am finish 14.45 meal break at end 30 hours a week(5 days) have only one in 4 saturdays off though 🙁

    84 hours a week, although 1hr lunch and 2x15min tea breaks per day are included in that.


    8:30-4:30 for me – 37.5 hrs p/w when in the office. Dependant on the work load, i work anywhere between 34 hours and 52 hours a week. If i’m travelling, then sometimes it’s 60 hours+


    Min 60 Mon to Fri + another 10 or 12 over the weekend, and 24 hour 7 days per week on call for the last 11 years.
    Last week K**b of Production Director points out any monkey could do my job.
    Hell of a way to waste your thirties.


    Official hours are 7.00am – 2.30pm Monday and Tuesday the rest of the week (Weds – Sat) is 6.30am – 2.30pm , we get a 40 minute break that I usually take off the end of my duty so paid for 39 hours , get a floating day off that moves on a day each week so get a long weekend every 6 weeks.

    It’s rare I ever do overtime.


    24, most weeks. Home for lunch, snooze or ride. Volunteer about 5 hrs, do product testing for a footwear company, but that’s hardly work.

    I do 8.30 till 5.30 five days a week. I travel up to an hour each way. I sometimes work the odd extra hour here and there. I rarely take an hours lunch I tend to have a few short breaks through the day.


    varies massively from normal a 40 hour week (a blinkin rare thing) but can quite easily do 18-22 hour days or days-nights-days back to back with a couple of hours sleep snatched when possible depending on the client requirements.

    Last week K**b of Production Director points out any monkey could do my job.
    Hell of a way to waste your thirties.

    What a c–t.


    45-50 hrs a week teaching.

    15hrs a week cycling.

    It’s a good balance.


    Officially 8.30 – 5.30, but usually 7/7.30 until 6.30/9.00 depending on workload.


    My average is about 43 hours a week. All paid for. Usually start at 8:15-8:30am, half hour unpaid for lunch and leave between 5 and 6pm. I went through a period of about 3 years when I was doing 6 days a week (50 hrs/week on average) which was killing me so now I work less and rest and play more!


    about 45 to 50 hours a week. paid overtime so it’s all good.

    Premier Icon Northwind

    35 hours on the dot (not counting lunches) Sometimes a little more, which I take back as time off in lieu some other time.

    One thing I find interesting is that people who work extra hours often are convinced that it’s just perfectly normal and that everyone does it. In my last job, there was a team of 5 of us doing much the same job, for much the same money, 1 woman worked at least 5 hours a week extra and never claimed money or time off for it because, quote, “everyone does it”. Apart from everyone else there that is.


    70 i have 2 fulltime job’s


    One thing I find interesting is that people who work extra hours often are convinced that it’s just perfectly normal and that everyone does it

    There’s a group of about 10 blokes at work do this every day , they’re the main reason that upper management believe the job is too easy and that we need to reduce our staffing levels.


    I work from home most times
    don’t really count the hours but around 4 today, tomorrow I may do 10 or I may do 2

    get paid for 37


    Assuming I drag myself out of bed on time:
    Mon – Thurs 7.30 – 4
    Fri 7.30 – 12.30 so loads of riding time 😀
    So 37/week plus putting in a Sat/Sun morning every so often too.

    I like my hours 🙂


    190 hours on an average week. Sometimes more.

    There’s two blokes at work who start at 0400 and work through to around 1900 most days then just to top it off they work a Saturday as well.!

    Premier Icon v8ninety

    37.5hrs/wk average, on a 24/7 rota working 12hr day and night shifts. (with 3/4hr deducted for a meal break). I travel 35 miles to work which takes about 45 minutes at each end of the shift too, but I don’t get paid for that so i’m not counting it.

    On the plus side, every now and then I get paid to go mountain biking in the name of fitness training… bonus!


    When I work offshore I can work 100hrs a week easily.

    When working onshore it’s very flexible to be honest.

    On paper 84 hours
    I reality about 63 when you take breaks, web surfing time etc. out of it.
    Oh and 24 hour callout.
    But then it is 2 weeks on – 3 off.

    I couldn’t go back to 5x8Hour days – why not 4×10?


    about 8-12 hours a week normally of actual work. then lots of time thinking about stuff.

    Premier Icon colournoise

    Never really added it up.

    7-30 to 5 most days with lunch invariably eaten while working if I even get time.
    7-30 to 6 on a Wednesday.
    Evening events over the year probably average out to another hour each week.
    Maybe an hour or so at home each night except Fridays.
    3 hours at home on a Sunday morning.

    So around 55 hours a week.

    Balanced out by the 13 weeks holiday/riding time I get each year I guess.

    slainte ➡ rob

    Premier Icon Lucas

    I hope all the people above working crazy hours are being paid overtime or have a nice fat salary. If not then really you’re in the wrong job or have the wrong employer. I really hate the one-upman-ship thing that starts to happen when people start working longer hours to prove how important they are. If you are having to work many hours to get the job done then your employer needs to employ more people (fair enough if you’re self employed) or you need to get better at time management.

    To me the most important thing is time away from work, time with family and time doing things I like (fair enough if you really love work and don’t really like your family). I get paid for 37.5 hrs a week, some weeks I work more and stay away from home, but that adds up the flexi time so the next week I’ll have a bit of time off to make up. I don’t get paid a massive amount, I get my work done so it seems a good compromise to me


    Around 35, sometimes 40, sometimes 30. Most of the others in my office do 50/55 as a routine

    I’m not really the dedicated type, try to make up for it by being properly efficient when I am there.

    Basil.- What do you produce exactly?




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