How many have hardtail and full suss and will you throw out the hardtail?

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  • How many have hardtail and full suss and will you throw out the hardtail?
  • Premier Icon vondally

    For me 29er hardtail lightweight scandal was great as revitalisation of riding a hardtail but i can honestly say that I would dutch the hardtail for a full suss no trolling at all BUT I do have the spine of an eighty year old ex prop forward quote consultant the other week 😀


    Not sure how a FS is less versatile than a hardtail. You can tackle any terrain on both bikes – you’ll be faster over some terrain on the FS and faster over other types of terrain on the HT. Modern FS bikes are getting lighter and more efficient at pedalling. If I had to drop to one bike then i’d probably get rid of the HT. Though my Covert 29 is quite a bit heavier than my HT, it pedals well and you don’t really notice the extra weight, so there are no real significant downsides to carrying all that extra weight and suspension that is limiting me on rides i’d normally choose the HT for.

    Premier Icon vondally

    so the hardtails are for winter and full suss for the summer? 😕

    Premier Icon Northwind

    I have hardtail and fullsuss for everyday use… Wouldn’t really want to be without either, but if I absolutely had to have only one bike, it’d be the full suss, no question (and a spare set of wheels!)

    Premier Icon takisawa2

    Theres no contest as to which one of these comes out of the garage first.

    IMAG0482 by pten2106, on Flickr


    Just maybe the slant in the magazine is not what we’re expecting??

    I’m not expecting it to be, but how often does “shock headline” not represent the expected detail behind it?

    I don’t know how anyone enjoys the constant patter from bumps when you’re in the saddle on a hardtail climbing or covering flat ground. Doesn’t stop me wanting a hardtail, but my full suss would be the last bike I’d get rid of.

    Premier Icon Normal Man

    I’ve just sold my steel Kona ht. I bought my fs (spesh camber expert) late last summer. I thought about keeping the ht for winter duty but I’ve been injured since late Nov and so unable to ride. A friend was looking for a ht and asked if I was willing to sell. Given its lack of use and it weighing 5lb more than the fs, away it went.

    I wouldn’t say I’ve thrown away the ht forever though.


    I’ve two full suss bikes, which I absolutely love to ride so about eighteen months ago I bought myself a hardtail frame and dressed it with hand-me-down components from my other bikes.

    In truth, the hardtail is all I need and it sees far more than it’s fair share of use. I love riding it, it’s the default choice on long, flat rides but it more than holds it’s own on the rocky stuff too. I just have to think a little more carefully about my line and “float” over stuff I’d normally expect the suspension to soak up.

    If I had to give up my bikes, it would probably be the last to go.


    Got shut of my fs xc bike over 5 years ago for a steel ht and much prefer it for my xc type rides , I have a big bouncy bike for dh as well.

    Premier Icon oxym0r0n

    Sold Yeti asr-sl to buy a new hardtail (Solaris) after riding my SS much more than FS. Not regretted it…

    Now have Hardtail + fully rigid SS

    Premier Icon jambalaya

    I definitely would not get rid of my hardtail – if I really had to make a choice between it and the FS I would learn towards hardtail only


    Just sold my hardtail Klein and hoping to replace it with a Cyclocross Bike.

    So will then have a short travel full susser and cross bike.

    Its a shame that many mtb XC races dont let you race cross bikes, I’m sure in many cases they would be quicker.


    I own a Lapierre 29er HT which is perfect for my local xc bread n butter stuff and to be fair most stuff i intend to ride , i have however just a couple of weeks ago bought a 5″ travel full suss from the Easter sales for weekends away further afield. The 29er will see more use but i will never go back to just one bike after losing too much time off the bike with mechanicals etc , always handy to have 2 to use.

    Premier Icon vincienup

    Currently built I have a bouncy and a hardtail. Two other HTs lurk in pieces, one scheduled as Summer Fun, the other possibly in danger of becoming a bike I can’t bear to part with (even though it’s too small really)
    Just about to buy a CX from that nice Mr Cy.
    They’re different bikes and can’t really be compared.
    If I really had to have just one it would probs be a really nice long travel HT with a good lockout…


    I would get rid of HT in a shot, only ever use it at centreparks. Use my Heckler for every single ride, for me the whole purpose of riding is going down bumpy stuff with the most speed and grins I can. Couldnt give a monkeys if the HT might be faster x% of the time.


    I’ve one of each – 456SS (with 36 talas) hardtail and Stumpy Evo FS. Both capable of tackling any trails I fancy*. If i had to get rid of one, it’d be the FS and i change the 456 frame to something similar but a little more refined. Luckily i don’t have to make that choice, because the Stumpy is rather fantastic.

    *both are ok for jumping, but the 456 is too big (20″) for real jumps

    Premier Icon johnhe

    On technical, dry, dusty, fast trails, I prefer my full suss. Allows me to go faster but with more control. Most of the rest of the year I prefer my hardtail.


    I’ve got a couple of both and non of them are going anywhere.
    If I could only have one bike then it’d be an hardtail all the way.
    They are just the ideal do it all bikes. From jumps to singletrack to the pub. They’re also a lot less hassle to look after.

    Premier Icon breadcrumb

    I went from HT only to FS only. Now I’ve got a FS and a SS HT.

    The FS didn’t get a ride for months at one point (even thought of selling it) but now its the bike I enjoy the most. At the moment!


    I hate being without either but if I was forced I would keep my HT as it is more versitile.

    wobbliscott – Member
    Not sure how a FS is less versatile than a hardtail.

    Well, I can ride everything on my HT that I can on my FS. Sometimes I’m faster sometimes I’m slower but it is just as much fun. I can also drop the forks and the seatpost on the HT and take it to the jumps or the local BMX track. The FS would be useless at this

    No way will I dump my Sov. Its huge fun For for short bursts on local trails because it’s not a steamroller.


    I have not owned a HT bike since 1995, no going back now.

    Premier Icon andycs

    Sold my Chameleon in 08 and bought a 5 which I still have. 18 months ago built a ridged Inbred 26 {now realise it should have been a 29} I have used the Inbred loads more than the 5 and am about to buy a hardtail 29, probably a Trek Stache 8. I will keep the 5 and use it for messing about on, Lee Quarry, Wharncliffe etc, but I suspect the 29er hardtail will become my most used bike.

    Premier Icon iainc

    currently going from short travel HT plus a 5 to a Soul, and most likley selling the 5 (note, this differs from posts a few weeks ago where I was definately selling the 5, but dont tell the wife 😆 )


    I currently have a Yeti 575 frame hanging in the garage ready for the Alps in August
    Took it to Antur Stiniog and not used it ever since
    Currently the harder trail bike is a Chumba HX1 with 150mm forks
    Don’t miss the FS and it will be going after the Alps trip
    Currently the regular bike is the fat front singlespeed and the new rigid 29er is under construction
    But still not convinced 29er is for me

    So after all that the FS is going. Hardtail all the way


    Benji as said this before so at least consistent.

    I used to have only FS but the cost of new bearings and bushings (as well as pads and drivetrains) was horrendous especially as not always available when you need them, booking workshop time (I’m no mechanic). I bought a Soul in 2010 for shorter rides, winter rides and some other stuff and its great. Both is best (plus road bike obviously). 😕

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