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  • How many hardtails do you own and regularly ride?
  • Premier Icon jimmy

    I have a Cotic Soul 27.5 which I ride most, only use the FS for steep and techy stuff in Tweed Valley. I have ridden both a 26″ and the 27.5″ Soul for those duties happily, the FS just takes the sting out on some trails.

    Also just bought a 29″ Ramin to build as a trial for”Gravel” duties, and a spot of bike packing as I just can’t on with drop bars off road. However, it really blurs the lines between all my bikes and I might end up selling all of them and buying a Ti 29er HT for everything.


    Space aside, as long as they have different uses.
    I have my XC Carbon HT with 100mm and a DJ as well as the Enduros.
    The XC has been great during lockdown riding from the house and it’s also good for piss boring places like Swinley where a gravel bike is more appropriate and any full suss just a waste of time but I can pop over, have a quick blast and get some exercise and it fits the Saris less hassle than a FS as well. Before lockdown I was riding it to failure (seeing how big a drop before it snapped) but I’ve now bonded with it again.

    I do keep wondering if I could replace it and the DJ with a more aggressive HT (I’m not doing tricks) but so long as they serve separate uses and I have space … neither is worth selling.

    Premier Icon FOG

    Soul – 26″er but with carbon forks and 700c wheels
    Solaris Max
    Vitus eSentier
    And they all get ridden every week.

    Premier Icon matt_outandabout



    (*warning may contain stealth ad content*)Currently own 1 hardtail Stanton Slackline Gen2, although despite loving my time with this bike I’ve got to admit to myself…. I just prefer riding my Swarf Contour…for everything. Coming to a Classifieds near you*soon*

    Premier Icon devbrix

    Now one after never having a HT before. Built up a Chromag Rootdown 29er to cheer me up during lockdown and enjoying very much. Hoovered up a lot of the parts box.

    Premier Icon tuboflard

    In order of ridingness;

    =1 Singular Rooster set up as single speed and a Kona Sutra gravel bike (does that count as a hardtail??)
    3 Specialized Fatboy. Mostly ridden now for bikepacking duties but also a fun alternative
    4 Cotic BFe 27.5. Immaculate build, never ridden in anger. Built up for the wife over a year ago and remains untouched ever since. Think I might have to take it out for a spin one day.

    1. Liteville 301 mk12 – best FS I’ve ever ridden can handle anything

    2. Bianchi Ethanol – carbon frame fast as gets me from A to B in no time

    3. Salsa El Kaboing – 26 was where it all started for me so a nice reminder and a pretty quick

    Can’t see the line up changing reckon I’ve all angles covered …….for now 🤭

    Premier Icon hardtailonly

    For years, just the one (and was my only MTB, hence my username).

    Dabbled with FS, but didn’t really get on with the only one I owned, so moved that on earlier this year.

    Now have 3 HTs (1 fully built, the others in the process of being built:

    On One 45650b set up SS, for local fun and winter mud.

    Ragley BigWig, will be my ‘main’ / ‘big’ MTB. Quite a lot of overlap with the 45650b but will likely keep both.

    Genesis Fortitude frameset to transfer my commuter parts over to. Aim was/is a drop-bar rigid monster-cross / utility /commuting/touring/bike-packing bike. Had planned to run it SS also but that will limit some of the above. Will build it up and try it in various incarnations and see what happens.

    Don’t think I will try FS for the foreseeable future.

    Also have a gravel bike, with a second set of road wheels.

    Overall, probably enough bikes, but quite weighted in favour of steel HTs currently!

    Premier Icon sadexpunk

    just the one bike these days, singular gryphon rigid ss.

    just starting to get into it a bit more now tho and hopefully buying a geared hardtail this weekend for the more up and downy rides. not saying what yet tho in case something goes wrong!

    Premier Icon sadexpunk

    not saying what yet tho in case something goes wrong!

    which it looks like it probably has now grrrr….. hes from bristol and agreed to meet in stratford this weekend for the handover of cash/bike (cotic soda, was really excited about buying it too), now been quiet for two days, no answers to texts, phone calls or answerphone, no answer to my emails either. bike was listed as sold earlier on pinkbike, now been removed so hes obviously still about.
    what is it with people, why would you just not put your hands up and explain if youve changed your mind or want to sell to someone else?? leaves a bad taste just blanking someone when youve agreed a sale.

    Premier Icon Kuco

    2018 Trek Procaliber 6.

    Premier Icon halifaxpete

    I hardtail, and 1 full bounce. Cheap and cheerful DeeDar (Currently awaiting a new mech) Always liked a good hardtail as they make you think about your lines/technique more IMO, Enjoy it as much as my Five29 TBH. Would like another 29er hardtail though always regretted selling my old Trek Cobia.

    Premier Icon Akers

    Just 1, Cotic BFe 26 (2018). Used mainly for XC fitness loops, once or twice a week currently.

    Just the one – I ride it sometimes

    [url=]20200403_193707 (1)[/url] by davetheblade, on Flickr

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