How many ex-pats do we have on here?

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  • How many ex-pats do we have on here?
  • konabunny

    I’m more of a serial immigrant than an expat. New South Wales. I don’t intend to go back to the UK to live or work but otoh I think the Australian economy is in much greater danger than everyone else thinks it is, so…


    I think the Australian economy is in much greater danger than everyone else thinks

    How come? Are those thoughts sector specific? or just the economy in general?

    I was under the impression that a lot of the Australian resilience was commodities driven…


    Near to Bilbao, in the Basque country. Came here on holiday, been here 5 years now. It´s the longest I´ve ever lived in one place since leaving home for Uni.


    4½ years into life in Southern Sweden, can’t see us ever moving back TBH.

    The summer:

    The winter:

    I am in Brazil, but after saying that am flying back to Blighty today for 3 or 4 weeks.


    Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Devon originally

    I’m not in Spain 😉

    Smogmonster – google perth mtb and you will get the clubs website which has details of all the local rides, the photo in my post is jarrahdale

    Riding pretty good once you get used to the peagravel, generally the mtb ‘scene’ is made up of a small number of dedicated riders, not much general mtb interest around and not much stuff in most bike shops.

    Save all your your wiggle and crc purchases until you get here – not vat and free postage, but buy lots of hard to source cotic and singular frames before you leave….

    Email in profile for more info.


    not expat yet, but moving to Finland in July. No plans to return to the UK full time. Belgium, NZ, Oz, Germany and Austria are pretty attractive atm too 🙂


    Will be an expat again soon, this time it’s Bogota Colombia, still not sure how I feel about it yet.

    Premier Icon molgrips

    not expat yet, but moving to Finland in July

    Lucky git 🙂

    Premier Icon cb

    What professions are people in – there’s a real variety of locations mentioned there!

    Premier Icon portlyone

    I was an expat. My family moved to Peru when I was 12. I came back for university and proper sausages. Strange how you miss the small things!

    I’m in Central France.

    Been here full-time since 2007.

    Semi retired IT contractor.

    Now full-time cyclist! 😉

    I havent lived in the Uk now for 5 years.

    Left when i was 20 and now living in Innsbruck, Austria.

    Best bike place 😉

    5 Bike Parks within 1hr or so.

    Miss Dominos thats about it

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    Nick I was nearly in Innsbruck yesterday. Glad to hear there are bike parks nearby, will be visiting them in the summer.

    Premier Icon jj55

    I’m still living a mile from the house I was born in …….. should i move?


    Finland is an excellent choice 🙂

    I concur with Kitz_Chris, bit snowy here at the mo.
    Colorado USA

    I’m still living a mile from the house I was born in …….. should i move?

    No, not if you are happy there.

    Premier Icon rockhopperbike

    in the desert that is Zaragoza- northern Spain, only for a year, but it’s been fun so far


    What professions are people in – there’s a real variety of locations mentioned there!

    meeja researcher here. It’s lots of numbers, and people are sufficiently scared of them to think it’s magic and hence give me a visa 🙂

    Haven’t done ANY riding since I got here though, but roll on spring. I’m also hoping to get down to Utah again, now that it’s only 4 hours’ or so flight.


    I’m in Slovenia. Been here more than 10 years. Great riding (STW have been here more than once to report), whatever your taste. I work in a research lab.


    I live near Belfast, it is shit as is the UK and its lack of job prospects, I am divorcing but have three great kids, should I up sticks and leave?

    We had a chat about this thread today in our site office, lets face it the quality of life in UK is turd

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    lets face it the quality of life in UK is turd

    Rubbish. You might’ve had a crap time of it, that’s your problem not the UKs.

    I’m still living a mile from the house I was born in …….. should i move?

    I depends why you left in the first place. And whether “now” feels the right time to go back.


    i live in a place called Hommersåk, Norway. Winter lasts forever but i really like it here. Moved from the UK 10 yrs ago. 5 years in Zurich and now Norway. I agree with the above speaker, “quality of life in the UK is mostly shite”. I wont be returning, other than to visit family and friends

    Premier Icon molgrips

    quality of life in the UK is mostly shite

    Such a stupid statement.

    Most countries have pros and cons. The UK has a lot of pros, however they are sadly lost on so many people. Great shame.


    OK, I’ll bite. What are the pros?


    Bob Diamond?


    Pros about the UK:
    – you can get a good curry, ranging from madras, to tikka masala, rogan josh, peshwari nan, paneer gobi…. I could go on.
    – Barstaff know which beers should be served cold and which ones warm.
    – You can see masses of music from the US, Europe, Canada, Australia, France etc etc etc.
    – You can buy alcohol in the corner store, and have change left from a fiver!
    – Fish and chips is a) possible and b) something that people understand without having to translate.
    – Tea is available on tap, you don’t have to import decent teabags.
    – People don’t give you a funny look when you ask for squash, y’know, diluting juice? No? D@mn.
    – There are around 20 different countries you can visit within a 4 hour flight of London.

    Oh god, what have I done?!

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    Of the UK? Well off the top of my head

    Intelligent forward looking tolerant culture
    Accessibility of mountains, seaside
    Outstanding natural and man-made beauty
    Some of the world’s best museums, art galleries etc etc etc etc
    One of the world’s biggest and greatest cities
    Countryside access
    Good career prospects
    Great cultural output (tv, film, music, literature etc)

    For a few.

    That’s not a competitive list, by which I mean it’s not meant to say my country’s better than yours. However it is a list of good things.

    Just because you used to wallow in some hole of a crap town doesn’t mean the whole country’s bad.


    yeah, thats not really saying much for the uk nicko.

    Been in Vancouver 3 years, no plans to move back.

    Shiny – where in KL? I’m back in London at the mo but should be back soon.

    Being chased by a pack of monkeys as a downpour closed in – and as you know that means it got dark – on the Mont Kiara singletrack was…….. interesting….


    Looking at moving at the moment

    Fish & chips and orange squash isn’t really an argument for staying somewhere.

    The UK is Okay, but other places clearly have something to offer.

    Only thing I want to stay for is family and friends and familiarity – otherwise keen to explore.

    Everywhere has it’s pros and cons I guess



    I tried living down south but it was shite.

    Premier Icon peteimpreza

    Anlegov where in Slovenia?


    Hey Clockwork667 – Where in Colorado are you?

    I just got back from a weekend Skiing and back to the day job. I work in Academia, but the real reason I’m here is bike racing.

    Boulder has the most vibrant mountain bike scene I know of; the local Wednesday night race series attracts some of the fastest riders in the USA. Just one of many reasons I’m here.

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