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  • How many cats – and names?
  • Well ‘how many….’ seems to be post du jour, so here goes:
    – Zee (as in ZZ-top)
    – Spatz
    – Mr Angus “Gussy” Bags
    – Eduard “Woody” Schevednaze
    – “Robbie”
    – Her Royal Highness Princess Margaret “Moo-moo”

    Premier Icon stevied

    None but all the cats around here are called “stop sh*tting on my lawn you maingy b*stard”..


    none but the neighbours visits several times a day 🙂


    Chole and Fudge.

    Chole was Fudge’s Mum, but they hated each other – both dead now, thank God.

    2 here.

    Mickey and Millie. Don’t know why, that’s what they were called when we got them and they answer to their names.

    Usually referred to as ‘Bloody Cats’.

    They do there business in our own garden too, which is just lazy.

    Premier Icon mintimperial

    Tilly (Family cat, died when I was away at university and my parents didn’t even tell me.)
    Bailey (Family cat, adopted by me when my parents started neglecting him and then treacherously outed themselves as heartless, evil dog people, which explains a lot.)
    Steve and Deeley (Sisters, Steve was a runt and a complete nutter, she went missing aged 3. Deeley was the best cat ever but she was run over last summer and I’m still really sad about it 🙁 .)
    Marsha (Still with us, lovely but a bit stupid.)
    Emma (Adopted but didn’t get on with Marsha at all, and had to be rehomed.)

    Also numerous foster kittens and their mums.

    Premier Icon martinhutch

    Tolly (Short for Tolstoy)
    Tally (Short for Natalya)

    Both Russian Blues. Little gits.


    There is no honour in cats.

    Premier Icon dusty trails

    None but all the cats around here are called “stop sh*tting on my lawn you maingy b*stard”..

    Indeed…here too!

    One called Frank didn’t want him but didn’t get a choice he moved in as a kitten just walked in the patio door no one claimed him after months of posters saying “is this your cat?” that was ten years ago. Wouldn’t be without the moggy now.

    Cost thousands as well in food and vets bills over the years and yet I regret none of it.

    Premier Icon rhid

    Claude, Ginny, Dexter and Ed.


    One called Cat. In my defense it just turned up one day, so I have no idea what it’s name is.

    My brother has one called Catty. He doesn’t have an excuse.


    I took in two cats when I lived in China. I inherited the first, XiaoP (‘Little Pete’), who’d gone half feral after being locked in a basement for months. The second was a kitten wandering round the area where we lived (Bobo, a contraction roughly meaning ‘Little Persian’). I really miss my two little guys, but they’re well looked after and a lot luckier than most Chinese cats.

    Premier Icon binners

    Che Guevara
    Nelson Mandella
    Bobby Charlton.

    Bobby has basically moved in with someone else down the road, so has become an occasional visitor. The mercenary little sod.

    And this morning either Che or Nelson have upped their game by replacing the usual mouse or vole gift, left at the back door, with a big fat hamster. 😯

    I kid you not. Where the hell have they got a hamster from? I suspect there may be repercussions to this!


    There is one in our house that belongs to my other half – personally, I hate the thing.

    It is called Harry and did have a brother called Lloyd but he met an untimely end on a road. I didn’t mind him too much, but the one we’re left with is massively annoying…very aloof, whinges a lot and is generally a pain.

    Premier Icon stevied

    Bobby has basically moved in with someone else down the road, so has become an occasional visitor. The mercenary little sod.

    And this morning either Che or Nelson have upped their game by replacing the usual mouse or vole gift, left at the back door, with a big fat hamster.

    I kid you not. Where the hell have they got a hamster from? I suspect there may be repercussions to this!

    Bobby’s new owners have lost a hamster?


    Another one called Cat, short for little bastard.

    Premier Icon DaRC_L

    Pussy aka Fatso, “the effing cat has peed again” and “when is she going to die”
    Socks was her daughter, mad as anything but died a couple of years ago (weak heart) I still miss her but I suspect the local fauna is very thankful

    This is a warning of what happens when you let toddlers name pets, two words you can’t allow your kids to google without parental controls 😯

    Premier Icon rickmeister

    We have a fleet of cats, three indoors ones who are now ex-pat-cats after moving from Edinburgh to Germany.
    Ben, Ginger and AKA Nutter
    Eddie, Ex stray, just walked in and despite us castrating him, has stayed for the last 6 years.
    Tigger, Inherited from the B&B next door

    Plus, two living in our garage
    Kitten, because it is a kitten
    Mum-cat, because its kittens mum

    Then there are the two from next door…. and across the road there are another 5 …


    Whiskey – don’t remember how he died (old age hopefully)
    Blacky – got locked in a barn and ate rat poision
    Jack – old age/kidney failure
    Prawn – stroke
    Alice – old age/kidney failure
    Taz – 14+ and currently pee-ing on the bathroom carpet regularly..
    Pisci (pronounced pesky)- youngest and most pesky! She raids all the locals bbq’s the morning after & come back with black feet and lumps of meat or eats anything left out for the birds!

    Premier Icon beagle

    Follow Bob Mortimer on Twitter – he often has cats names for sale. £8 usually. Sargent Walnuts being my favourite.


    New cat names unexpectedly available : Perry Similar : Kenny Carpets, Pat and Ron **** (can’t split), Tracy Everywhere : £8:00 each


    Five cats at the moment

    Pippin – Bloody huge Maine Coon

    Merry – Another Maine Coon and Pippin’s sister. A little toe rag who follows me around the house chirping at me. Also known to pinch tools if Im working on a bike

    Arwen – Brown rosetted Bengal

    Marble – Snow Marbled Bengal

    Merlin – Snow Rosetted Bengal, all of the others hate him as he is a little bastard, attackes everything including the missus and kids at times but loves curling up next to me on the sofa for a cuddle.

    Muscat, small grey girl, ex-feral; cute but always afraid.
    MacGregor, 9kg of male ginger attitude. Often referred to as the ginger minger. Bullies the wee one and eats pheasants & hares for fun.


    One , moon caine called Loki ( nicknamed Loki cokey) normally gets called Cokehead even when calling him home ,neighbours love him too


    I’ve got a Loki too, before Loki became a movie character.

    Also got a Sprocket, he’s more expensive than any bike i’ve ever owned, by a factor of 10. must have no more than 2 lives left. run over, fell off a roof, blocked gut, shot in the head etc etc. he’s either stupid or hard as nails. not sure which.



    Vega – chocolate tortie siamese

    Chilli – lilac tortie Balinese

    Stampy – bluepoint siamese

    Squid – sealpoint siamese

    Premier Icon somouk

    We have 3, two came with the other half and one we took in last xmas from the snow. Edward, Hollie and Peter.

    Premier Icon tonyg2003

    Smudge tabby British shorthair (aka stupid). Like to get herself into draws/cupboards and often takes a few hours to find her. Completely chilled – happily stares down our 4month old psycho patterdale terrier and sleeps with our border terrier.

    Domino silver spotted British shorthair. A bit scaredy and spends most of her time next door on sofa of 75yr old neighbour.

    Premier Icon sparkyrhino

    1 called Derek, Degsy,Del,Dirk depends what he’s up too.friends daughter calls him Derek Dong(a chinese classmate)apparantly 😯


    2 here. 1 Chocolate and 1 Blue Burmese

    Tilly and Mave

    Premier Icon andytherocketeer

    a tortoiseshell called Pickle *

    *I didn’t choose that name, but it was brown and brown and brown and another shade of brown

    Premier Icon wallop

    Two. Archie:

    and Bella:

    Brother & sister, found as kittens abandoned by the side of a river near Bath. They cannot stand each other 😆

    Premier Icon edhornby

    Just one named Smokey, he came from the cats home and had grey fur with brown swirls that looked like smoke, but they grew out so now it just as though Mrs Ed couldn’t think of anything original 🙂 he has decided he likes me as he’s generally a blokes cat, when he goes there won’t be any more in the house because there can only be one

    One, that came as a team with my Wife. He’s called Figaro.


    You know how I somehow always manage to win the ‘how many bikes?’ threads? Well, my lil’ sis’ is pretty much the same . . . only with cats 😆

    Hold on, I’ll ask her . . .

    35 . . . at the mo’ 😯

    Bruce, Lucy, April, Gwennap, Megan, Hazel, Jack, Susie, Nookie, Sammy, Gromit, Stanley, Arthur, Wobbly, Pedro, Bonita, Charlotte, Camilla, Cherry, Smokey, Misty, Maisie, William, George, Tiffany, Felix, Freddie, Bobbie, Honey, Olive . . .


    2 originally now 2.5 or 1.5?
    Samson big black n white lad only seen now when his other owners go on holiday His sister Delilah very cuddly stay at home cat and recently Pat(the cat) completely black… fur and heart!! bullies/ambushes delilah ,kill lots but eats most of it scared of her own shadow needs to be rehomed soon. never wanted any but S & D are ace.


    . . . Thomas, Alfie, Pumpkin, Bridget and Precious . . . phew! Don’t ask me for pics 😆

    Oh, and I have just one cat . . . Catty Jacques, aka Hattie


    My last two were Alto and Stratus (‘cos they were grey).


    Merlin and Megan both domestic, but we have a new wild feral that is taking ownership to our garden, we have named him Tigger, a huge long haired spotted tabby that only comes near when he is hungry a real bruiser of a cat!


    Six at the last count – last two were acquired despite my words “over my dead body”.



    What’s the connection with the names ?

    Current Ferrets:

    EP (extended Persephone)
    Jacob aka Cobbles
    Dark Star
    Keva aka Pockets
    Star Buck ( who lives up to her name, hates the world and picks fights with everything including our Staffs)

    We have had but sadly gone;
    Teela, Canth, Third, Kahless long ferret, Romulus, Remus, Cassiopeia, Lex, Fayd, Trinity, Neo, Storm, Bronson, Mouldy, Fungus, Weena-wu, Persphone, Bomber, Husker, Hera, Conrad Black, Shiva, Vladimir, Leto, Mystique, Helva, Morticia, Wednesday, Thor (the worlds most po faced ferret), Jayne Cobb, Coop, Vinnie, Martok (probably missed a few rescues)

    mr frosty

    Called my tuxedo look-alike Mcat


    Where do some of you store all your cats?!

    Firstly acquired Pablo and Petal (aka knuckle-head when I refer to her), a mother-son duo from a foster home. Is it an unwritten rule that foster pet names can’t be changed? As of last week, Petal decided that purring at full volume at 4.30am was a fantastically good idea.

    Then acquired Maceo from the SIL. Maceo thinks it’s enormously entertaining to screech like a demented parrot at feeding time. The other two stare at him quietly, slowly retracting their claws.

    Premier Icon chipster

    Joey, Archie and Guinness(aka Colin.


    Rudee Wuzshel von Schnurr (don’t ask).

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