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  • How many bikes vs SPD pedals vs cleats vs shoes?
  • Me?

    3 x bikes (HT, road and gravel) – I ride them all

    3 x sets of pedals but use only 1 and swap these between bikes

    2 x sets of cleats but use only 1

    1 x pair or shoes (MTB) which naturally I wear across all bikes

    Will probably get some road shoes at some point.  Not in a rush.  Can see myself getting by doing swapsies until then.

    What do you have?


    6 bikes (3 road, 3 MTB), 5 sets of pedals, Imelda Marcos number of shoes – 3 x SPD, 1 x flat, 3 x Look Keo plus walking and climbing boots used on the flats.

    One bike, one set of pedals (SPD) two pairs of shoes. Tempted by flats though, which will of course bring a third pair of shoes.

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    4 bikes. 1xFS, 1xHT, 1xSS mtb, 1xGravel/road.

    5 sets of pedals. FS & SS have flats. HT has SPDs and gravel/road has SPDs or SPD-SLs depending which guise it’s in and what I’m riding.

    3 pairs of shoes. Flat pedal 5tens, SPD XC shoes and road shoes.

    5 bikes (or soon will be) hatdtail, full susser, cx, commuter, road, 3 pairs shoes, xc mtb, mtb winter boots, trainer type, all mtb spd.

    3 x sets of pedals but use only 1 and swap these between bikes

    Eh? Crazy, spd pedals are £20 a pair get em bought

    3 bikes and 3 sets of times, with summer, mid, and winter shoes, no hassle jump n go

    Some hefty collections it seems.  Good work peeps.


    A few bikes between me n the Mrs but all running spds except the pub bikes and the cargo bike.

    She has 4 pairs of shoes and I have 5. All have spd cleats on them

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    Sadly one bike at the moment. One pair of Time SPD pedals, one pair of flats and shoes for each.


    2 bikes 1 pair of shoes same pedals

    tho, i may get some flats and suitable shoes again. they just feel comfier

    6 bikes.

    3 pairs of shoes.

    3 different types of cleat (MTB – crank bros, Road – Look keo, Gym spin bikes – spd )

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    erm… 4 bikes, each has it’s own set of pedals, one permanently has flats, 2 permanently have spds, main bike swaps between Spds and flats, depending where riding (or whether I can actually be bothered to change the pedals).

    3 pairs spd shoes

    1 pair Sombrio non-spd shoes

    And 2, no 3 pairs of spare spd pedals.

    Neeeugh, is comperlicated innit.

    (Not counted my bike, which my kid uses, which has flats, but has been known to have spds and he has a pair of shoes (not mine) for each pedal type)


    I have a feeling I may WIN today’s pointless “what do you have” listing thread.

    bikes: (all get used)
    27.5 Work Hardtail – HT Flats
    26″ XC Hardtail – HT Nanos & Shimano XT (trail) SPDs (switch from time to time)
    27.5″ XC Hardtail – Steele Ind PO30 Flats
    26″ Dirt Jump Hardtail – HT (exotic) Nanos
    26″ 4X Hardtail – HT (exotic) Nanos
    26″ full 120mm sus slopestyle bike – HT Nanos
    170mm Enduro bike – HT (superstar MK1) Nanos
    26″ SS DH Bike – HT Nanos
    26″ DH bike – Steele Ind PO30 Flats
    27.5 170mm Emtb – Steele Ind PO30 flats
    Roadbike – Shimano A520 single sided SPDs
    20″ Race BMX – Outland flats & Shimano DX SPDs (switch from time to time)

    10+ Spare sets of pedals kicking around including Shimano XC spds, shimano DH SPDs, road SPDsl, rooad Look, plastic and Aluminium flats, (VP & Welgos)

    8 pairs of Etnies kingpin
    6 pairs of Vans (various)
    1 pair of 5:10 Impact (unworn)
    1 pair 661 Launch SPD – cleated
    2 pairs Shimano AM45 – cleated
    1 pair Scott SPD shoes – cleated
    1 pair polaris road shoes – cleated
    1 pair shimano road shoes – cleated

    4 pairs of sealskin waterproof socks, 3 pairs of crane waterproof socks, 1 pair of road overshoes

    All my non biking shoes are skate shoes too and I ride bikes in those too but I won’t bother listing those.

    *Fun fact: I always ride mtb in 2 pairs of socks and never tie my shoe laces except for job interviews, Court apearances and funerals.

    *it’s not really fun at all but is 100% factual

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    Now that is complicated!

    Just one question geex… why 8 pairs of Etnies??

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    6 bikes. 5 with road SPD’s, 1 with flats, all stay on the bikes at all times.

    Plus at least 3 pairs of spare road SPD’s and associated cleats. Plus 2 pairs of MTB SPD’s and cleats. Plus 1 pair of pedals.

    2 pairs of road shoes with cleats. 1 pair of MTB shoes with cleats. 1 pair of flat pedal shoes.


    Loads of bikes

    Each bike has pedals

    Whole bunch of spare pedals – flats, SPDs, DXs and SPD-SL, plus some Looks which the kids have.

    Whole bunch of skate shoes for flats (Etnies Kingpins are my go-to, but a load of other etnies, Nike SBs, Emericas, Vans old-skools, Cabs, Jazz and slip-ons from who knows when) plus some 5tens and a pair of Scotts I’ve not worn yet but found in the wardrobe last week. For flats I’ll often just put on the first pair that fall out of the cupboard TBH.

    SPD race shoes, 3 pairs of commute/general SPD shoes – think they’re all Giro

    SPD-SL winter boots, couple of older pairs of road shoes for winter (for under overshoes on proper wet days) – all Shimano

    SPD-SL race shoes – pair of Mavic, pair of DMT and a brand new pair of Shimano RP9 that I’m desperate to wear once I’m injury-free in a few weeks’ time!

    Jesus, some serious numbers being batted about now.  Can’t imagine any of you residing in a 3rd floor flat with your spare room allocated only to bike storage.

    15+ bikes, 20+ pairs of shoes, 7 different pedal types.

    Then my other half has her kit. Probably half the collection I have.

    And we’ve got a storage box full of pedals too.


    Lots of road bikes with Look pedals

    some mountain bikes with spds

    a recumbent trike with flat/spd combination

    a few more as well

    Pedalbobs turn road shoes into flats. They are excellent.


    Because I like them Dez. Same reason I have 12 complete working and ready to ride bikes. 😉

    I could write a disertation about *why* in particular I like Kingpins for riding a bike in over other shoes. Please don’t ask me to though. It could fill whole other thread. The last pair I bought were from molgrips on here after he started a thread moaning about them and I felt sorry for him. 😀 none of my others have been second hand.

    Also, because both Vans and Etnies change their product ranges yearly you can’t be sure they’ll be the same shoe year on year or even that they’ll continue to make the model you like.
    Vans have pretty much phased out every decent shoe for flat pedal mtb use. The closest they now do is the Pro Skate models, these are ok for BMX use but they aren’t actually tough enough and don’t have a cushioning enough sole for prolongued year round use on a mountainbike.

    Now 5bikes (sold 3 this year to proof I need no emotional attachment to inanimate objects, damn I miss that cotic, and now down 1)

    full sus x2, XC hardtail, hardcore hardtail & gravel bike (summer & off-road wheelsets)

    =fully justified mix of bikes ;0)

    pedals mainly spd same on all bikes and v12 on hooligan bike, vaults /spd switch for newest bike

    shoes spd 2xwinter ankle and 2x summer (shimano / nw)

    2x adi terrex stealth hightop and low

    im good for now, no plans for more

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    1 x CX with M530 SPDs

    1 x FS MTB with Saint SPDs / SS Nano

    Giro Terraduro, Specialized XC shoes, Adidas Terrex and some really knackered 15+ yr old Specialized shoes that I keep for winter commuting.

    All bases are covered for me with this kit, not really sure what I would add that would really extend my riding..  maybe a flatland BMX 🙂

    2 bikes both with spds. Two mtb spd shoes one casual set of spd shoes and one road set (no pedals).

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    13 bikes ready to use get on the road.

    4 frames ready to be built with part but no room to keep them.

    four pairs of shoes with matching SPD pedals and probably another 20 or so sets of flats of various sorts / new and used in the cave.

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    With Mrs kilo

    Five mountain bikes all spd

    Six road bikes (3 x time 3x shimano) with road pedals

    four road bikes with spds , commuters and an old spare road bike

    Three cx bikes all spd

    Her tt and track bikes are in the loft with road pedals on them

    road shoes, I have three pairs and a set of winter boots Mrs Kilo has three pairs. Two pairs of spd shoes and boot for me, I think Mrs Kilo has five pairs and boots as well.


    With Mrs TJ

    One bike each with toeclips – commuters so need to be able to be ridden with any shoes

    Her MTB on Flats

    My mtb and fat bike on spds

    Tandem on spds

    Unicycle on flats

    We each have about 3 pairs of spd shoes

    maybe a stupid question but I’m going to ask it,

    why do people need so many road bikes, as a mtb’er first i can understand the need for different bikes,

    but isnt a road bike just a road bike (i’m not talking the gravel or aero/triathlon spectrum ends)

    surely their is only short distance and fast and then long distance comfort for hills..

    do people need 6 road bikes.. or do these bikes become emotionally attached, or do the colours of the bike match your favoruite full kits


    6 bikes:

    Best MTB

    Fat bike

    SS MTB


    Gravel bike

    Road bike

    All except the road bike have SPDs permanently, with the road bike on loan so it has a lovely pair of SKS touring pedals (thanks Ton).

    2 more pairs of spare SPDs, 2 more flats for very occasional loaning of MTBs

    8 pairs of SPD shoes at the moment. Winter boots, 45Nrth winter boots, hiking boots, 3 pairs of Rimes in various conditions, an unused pair of Shimano disco slippers, and some Pearl Izumi trainers that are simply awesome off the bike.



    Flats – MTB – 1 pair of shoes

    SPDs –4 bikes (commuter, cross bike, fixie, old commuter). Each with their own set of pedals permanently affixed. 2 pairs of shoes.

    Powertaps – 4 bikes share one set of pedals (good road bike*, old good road bike**, TT bike, bike that’s at my Dad’s house in Spain). 3 pairs of shoes (old road shoes, new road shoes, tri shoes which I use without socks on the turbo). I do have some spare keo pedals but don’t use them as it’s so easy to switch the powertaps.

    *recently crashed and awaiting insurance replacement

    **i.e. what was my best bike until I bought the new one, and which has now resumed that position while it is out of action.

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    why do people need so many road bikes

    Fast summer bike – Carbon rims and frame. Used almost exclusively in the dry and for “proper” rides. It’s light, it’s aero and it’s brilliant fun to ride.

    Old fast road bike – Used to be bike #1 but got relegated. Now used for dry, summer commuting, wet weekend rides and faster rides where I don’t want to take #1 out.

    Commuter – Tough as old boot, full guards, heavy as the sun. Purely functional, perfect for all weather commuting but not overly fun to ride due to weight and geometry. Used for all commuting when I need lights or when it’s wet, and the occasional tow-path spin.

    Fixed gear – Bought as a commuter bike but was the wrong bike for the job. Now used for short spins and the odd bit of canal work.

    Cargo bike – Strictly a road bike, shopping and trips into town, never ridden more than 2 miles at a time.

    3 road bikes, 1 CX/Winter bike a TT bike and 2 FS MTB…

    They’ve all got pedals on… Speedplay for the road and flats off road.  I’ve probably got 5 or 6 pairs of usable pedals in the spares box from various failed experiments… SPDs, Mallets and Candys, there’s some Time road clipless pedals before I saw the light and converted everything road to Speedplay 10 or so years ago.

    Goodness knows how many pairs of shoes… there’s probably 9 or 10 pairs in a wearable condition knocking around the house / garage.

    And yes, I need all of them (in case my wife reads this).

    Premier Icon SaxonRider

    1 x Road with Look Pedals

    1 x Road with Shimano Pedals

    1 x CX with Shimano Hybrid Pedals

    1 x MTB with Flat Pedals

    3 pairs of road shoes, 2 of which have Shimano cleats, 1 of which has Look;

    1 pair of MTB shoes, currently languishing with Crank Bros. cleats attached, but no accompanying pedals;

    1 pair of waterproof Karrimor walking shoes for use on the MTB


    Loads of shoes but cleat question is most interesting one. All shoes have cleats on them and there are several new cleats in the spares box for the road bike and MTBs, in the riding pack there is a lightly used set of SPD cleats with bolts and second set of extra bolts.

    why do people need so many road bikes

    Same reason people “need” so many MTBs.

    why do people need so many road bikes

    – Aero carbon road bike

    – Lightweight carbon climbing road bike

    – Pretty, Italian steel road bike

    – Heavy Steel winter / CX road bike

    – Time Trial bike

    See… all completely different.  Besides, the Italian one is red and doesn’t really ‘go’ with my club kit so I absolutely need all of them.

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    4 bikes. 2 MTBs with grippy flats. Gravel commuter with SPD/flat combo pedals. Brompton with flat pedals

    1 pair of MTB shoes for flats (with another spare pair for when these die, but haven’t used those yet) (robust enough soles to cope with the pins)

    1 pair of SPD shoes used regularly (have a backup pair but only worn a couple of times a year when these get too wet in the rain)

    Brompton tends to get used with the same pair of normal shoes (Merrell Freewheel) but also used with any shoes

    So technically that’s 4 pairs of bike shoes owned (and used for bike use only), other shoes also have multi use

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    Road bike – Dura Ace SPD-SL

    gravel/commuter – XT Trail SPD

    Rigid Fatbike/29er – XTR Trail SPD

    FS XC bike – XTR Trail SPD

    FS Ebike – Specialized Bennies Flats

    FS Trail Bike – XT trail/Race Face Atlas flats, depending on mood

    FS Enduro Gnarpoon – XT Trail/Race Face Atlas flats, depending on mood

    Shoes are S-works road, S-works XC and 5-10 freeriders


    11 bikes

    6 pairs of shoes 4 SPD – 2 flat .

    3 pairs of boots all SPD

    thanks guys , that answers it, no need really, i can understand not taking the best bike out in winter, and a commuter bike. and a steel bike, but otherwise its all the same road,

    I’ve tried to slim my bikes down and i think 4 is enough to run 3-6 rides a week and have backup when one ultimately fails, i dont understand owning one bike, got to have at least 2, otherwise like some friends, they cant ride if its broken

    but otherwise its all the same road

    No its not. It might be smooth immaculate tarmac in the south of france in july or a potholed dirt track in Croydon in December.

    I mean, it’s all the same dirt isn’t it?

    they cant ride if its broken

    Learn to use a hex key?

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