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  • How many bikes is too many?
  • When they are taking up living space

    Edric 64

    I have 8 in the house at the moment ,the rest are in the shed


    At the start of the week I had 4; a 140mm 26’er FS, a 100mm 29’er FS, a 100mm 29’er HT and a carbon road sled.

    The 26’er is all but gone, the 29’er HT may well follow and then I’ll be down to the 29’er FS & the road sled. Plenty did me, for all my riding requirements if I’m honest


    3 is good 🙂

    Road bike – Tuesday nights & sat am
    Hardtail – Thursday nights
    160 alpine – Sunday play times


    Feel happy and lucky at 4.

    Monstercross does the faster rough stuff and doubles up as tourer and almost road bike
    SS hardtail keeps me riding through the mud and cold
    SS Cross Check does the everyday and shorter road loops.
    Folder does some touring and train hopping

    All but the folder get used throughout the week. If they didn’t they’d have to leave the house. Hanker after something a bit faster and lighter titanium or steel SS to replace the Cross Check but haven’t seen what I could afford yet. I’d probably worry about locking it up places anyway.

    david jey

    Currently six:
    Road bike
    Commuter/cx/light tourer
    Proper nasty ol’ hack (80s Claud Butler road frame running ss)
    26 FS
    26 Rohloff HT
    29 rigid SS

    Just bought the 29er and therefore one of the other MTBs will probably be gotten rid….


    So you’ve 3 bikes, but only ride when its ‘nice’…


    About to build number 4 but I think one will have to give way, or at least be broken down for shed storage so it doesn’t appear to exist 😉

    Premier Icon ahwiles

    for me, 8 would be too many.

    1) commute/winter/pub
    2) road
    3) hardtail
    4) something like a Horsethief (probably a horsethief)
    5) single-speed
    6) bmx
    7) dad’s old dawes – it’ll be lovely when i’ve finished it

    Premier Icon DaveRambo

    I currently have 5

    Full Suss (for all day rides)
    Ti Hardtail (for riding fast)
    Road bike (for the road)
    Old retro hardtail (because I love it)
    Pub bike (for the pub)

    I will add at some point
    Better road bike (so I have winter and summer options)
    Single speed (for when the mud comes)
    Brompton (for the upcoming commute on the train)

    That gives me all the options I’m likely to need but I can see me adding a Rohloff bike.

    My theory is, if you have lots, you can spread the wear across many and you dont buy as much to repair on a weekly basis. Lets hope they dont all fail in the same week !!
    So far:
    Winter road bike
    and building a new road bike this week


    I have six, with another one on the way although that will mean selling one of the current six (Anthem). I use them all although its my Soda that gets used most if you take out the commuting side of things as that gets used 4 days a week at the moment.

    I could get rid of the soul and use the Soda for off road commutes but I like the option and also have it built quite differently.

    Santa Criz Blur LT – DH, more extreme rides and places like Golspie and Laggan black
    Giant Anthem x1 – About to be sold but was my bike for events
    Cotic Soda – Long XC and trail centre rides
    Cotic Soul – Play ht and off road commutes
    Trek Madone 4.9 – Sportives and long road rides
    Kona Bandwagon – Road commutes

    Just purchased an Anthem X1 Advanced 29er to replace my old Anthem X1, will be used for racing events and occasional XC rides.

    My partner has 5 bikes (Blur, Lynskey, Condor Fixie, Ridley road and Orange R8, my son 2 (Bfe and BMX) and my daughter one (Isla bikes). Its quite a busy and well alarmed garage.

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