how many bikes have you gone through sinceyoustarted riding???

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  • how many bikes have you gone through sinceyoustarted riding???
  • Premier Icon Baldysquirt

    Since 1999 when I started properly

    Sunn Crosss – sold
    DDG Axis – sold
    Kona Smoke – tourer then MTB then commuter, unused in cellar at mo
    Pipedream Sirius – still in use
    Cannondale Prophet – recent purchase


    [formative BMX childhood]

    And since 1990:

    Marin Muirwoods
    Raleigh Dyna-Tech
    Rocky Mountain Hammer
    S-Works Steel*
    Bontrager Privateer
    Bontrager Race 1*
    Bontrager Race 2*
    Rocky Mountain Blizzard* (build in,er, progress)


    1992 – Diamond Back Sorrento (As a teenager)
    1992 – Diamond Back Topanga (My Dad's that I rode when I grew out of mine)

    Long gap due to university, clubbing and stuff…

    2006 – Giant XTC SX – Sold recently
    2009 – SC Superlight
    2009 – Geared Inbred (for the winter)

    Premier Icon spacehopper

    not specifically mountain bikes…

    Raleigh Chippy..
    Raleigh Buster
    Raleigh Mini Burner
    Raleigh Burner
    Raleigh Marauder

    Mountain bikes..

    Raleigh Max Ogre

    GT Timberline

    Specialized Rockhopper which snapped and was replaced with…

    Specialized rockhopper Comp (currently running in rigid singlespeed guise and my favourite bike so far..)

    incredibly stiff and awful no-name Alloy dirt jump frame.

    On-one inbed 456 (Frame Awaiting me acruing enough parts to build it back up)

    GT RTS Team

    Commencal Meta 5



    GT Tempest
    Diamond Back Something or other
    Diamond Back something or other frame replacement
    Trek 6700
    Cove Stiffee (nicked)
    Cove Handjob (Current)
    Cove Gspot (nicked)
    Second hand Rockhopper for commuting duties (current, though to be sold soon pending new roadrat)
    Dialed Bikes Alpine (to short)
    Cove Sanchez (sold)
    Nicolai Helius FR (nicked)
    Charge Duster (nicked and never ridden)
    Nicolai Helius ST (current never selling)
    Evil Doc (current)
    In the process of finallising Helius AC order
    Cotic Roadrat from cycle to work


    Peugeot Links 15 Speed!
    Diamond Back Sorrento
    KHS Pro Montanna
    Sp SJ?
    Rocky Mountain?
    Marin Quake 5
    Sp Sjumpjumper M2 Metal Matrix
    Kona Nunu
    Marin DH FRS
    Kona Chute
    Trek 1.4 road bike thing?
    Muddy Fox Courrier Comp???
    Kona Chute, last one broke!
    Kona Chute, you see a pattern here?
    Kona Roast, Guess why I got this??
    Kona Roast, Going off Kona!
    Some steel jump thing?!
    Cortina europa DS
    Cortina Europa DS Liked them so much I bought 2! Still have one!
    Spooky Metal Head
    Santa Cruz Cameleon
    DMR Trailstar
    Scott Octain
    Foes Zig Zag
    Trek 8000
    Cove Stiffee
    Kona Stab
    Fixie!! Sold very quickly after getting
    Foes Fly
    Trek 24" Wade Boots thingy.
    SP Epic Marathon
    Sp SX Trail
    Sp SX TRail Broke the last one
    Duncon Pussy
    Another Foes Zig Zag!
    Cannondale Synapse
    Trek Remedy8
    Scott Gambler 10
    Pinnacle Full sus thingy
    Kona Howler
    Iron Horse Sunday Elite

    Thats about 39, but I've counted before and there have been so many more?? Just cant remember! Oh, and yes I am in the trade!

    Oh and If my missus asks….. No Its not really that many!


    Had 3 since 2005

    Kona Coiler – bought it assured all was ok, turns out shock bushings were shot, cranks were shot, shock was totalled, headset mashed. Scrapped it. Never rode it

    Transition Dirtbag – bought it in good faith, headtube weld mysteriously cracked while it was sat in my house waiting to be completed…christ knows how that happened. Never rode it

    Trek Fuel 90 – bought in good faith (and in person unlike the other purchases which were online), rode it once and boom, rear triangle cracked.

    Never going near another bike as long as I live.


    I simply cannot believe how many bikes some people have had here. Seems to be 2 a year for some people?!

    3 for me

    1992 GT Talera
    2004 Claud Butler Cape Wrath
    2008 Trek Remedy 8

    And long may they continue to roll. (apart from the GT that was shit )


    keerrrr bump!

    Premier Icon tonyg2003

    1988 Dawes something 18speed
    1989 Rockhopper
    1990 Orange Aluminium O – current
    1992 Gios (road bike)
    1993 Alan carbon 12 tube (lethal road bike)
    1995 Dave Yates (road bike) – current
    1997 Coyote Scandium
    1998 Pearson steel ( winter road bike)
    2000 Dave Yates 853 road bike – current
    2000 Columbus (winter bike)
    2001 Aluminium / Carbon (road bike)
    2002 Pearson carbon (road bike)
    2005 Ridley Excalibur road bike – current
    2005 Specialised Epic
    2005 Steel track bike – current
    2007 Orange Clockwork – current
    2007 On-one Inbred-Alfine – current
    2009 Trek Fuel Ex8 – current

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