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  • how many bikes have you gone through sinceyoustarted riding???
  • taka

    im on 16 at the mo and still counting 😉

    appollo xc26
    appollo xc26*
    dimondback pice of sh!t x2
    1993 marin bolinas ridge—–still got 🙂
    commencal combidisc
    specilized stumpjumper fsr
    orange patriot
    orange sub 5
    dmr trailstar
    on-one inbred ss
    one-one inbred 456
    specilized pitch pro
    dirty jo semi creme
    cannondale f600 lefty
    voodoo wanga

    oh yeh i started riding 4 years ago and heared about stw 2 year's ago 😉


    Premier Icon kiwijohn

    Since 1990;
    Bought 9
    Sold 4


    Since I restarted in 2006:

    Rocky Mountain ETSX 50
    Orange P7one
    Airborne Lucky Strike (still have it)
    Santa Cruz Chameleon
    Kona A
    Klein Attitude (still have it)
    Ibis Mojo (still have it)
    Cotic Soda
    Cove Hummer
    Ti 456
    Indy Fab Steel Deluxe (still have it)
    Salsa Mamasita (still have it)

    2 off the peg
    2 frames
    and shite loads of bits.

    ton, take your time on this one and use page over leaf if you run out of room. 😉

    Since 1990, six. (only have the 4th now)


    Since when?

    Since returning to off roading in 1992 I am on my third solo.
    1st Tandem

    Since starting cycling back in the 70s about 10 bikes

    Premier Icon kennyp

    Seven, and I still have five of them.


    muddy fox courier comp
    GT Zaskar
    Kona Explosif (broke it)
    Kona Explosif (replacement, still got it)
    Marin Mount Vision (still got most of it!)
    Commencal Meta 4 (still got it)
    Not quite as immpressive as taka's 16 bikes in 4 years, that's 6 in nearly 20 years for me!

    Premier Icon alexonabike

    Since 2001:

    GT Arrowhead
    Billy's 'Peashooter' jump frame build
    DMR Switchback
    On-One Inbred SS
    Surly Steamroller (on eBay now)
    Ellsworth Moment
    Surly Karate Monkey
    On-One 456
    Cove Hustler (still got)
    Planet-X Kaffenback (still got)
    New Inbred 1×9 (still got)

    Premier Icon scaredypants

    since about about 1992, 6 – still have 5 of them (frames at least). 1st was nicked, 2nd now a bare frame, 3-6 in use (fairly) regularly.


    Woowoo.. still have my first one.
    Ah, if only I were richer!

    Premier Icon ton

    since 1984
    dawes galaxy
    dawes super galaxy
    muddy fox explorer
    peugeot hybrid {29r…..;o)]
    saracen eiger
    diamondback apex
    diamondback axis
    fisher tassajara
    fisher hookoohekoo
    bontrager privateer………still got it.
    spesh rockhopper pro…….pinched
    spesh rockhopper pro
    rocklobster 853
    kona hoss deluxe
    orange sub zero
    456 in that green
    merida matts se
    sand on one 29r
    summer season
    fisher pro caliber 29r
    brodie holeshot
    fisher fat possum
    haro mary ss
    haro mary geared
    chumba hx2
    ventana el capitan
    cove stiffe 69r
    sand on one 29r
    blue pig
    mm bop
    nicolai helius
    cove stiffee……….on it's way.

    33 in total………..i thought it was more. 😉


    lol on double mine


    I reckon this is teh list:
    Raleigh Mtrax 600 (ti/cromo compostite) had for 12 years
    From 2004:
    Dawes edge comp – BOS and sold quick
    Sub 5 (never rode as it was too small but a bargain at £100 from the local paper)
    Maxlight xc
    GT singlespeed
    Marin mount vision
    Giant Trance – loved it and wish i still had it
    Dialled PA – ditto
    Marin pine mountain – steel framed commuter – sold after 1 ride
    Cannondale prophet *keeper*
    Gt Avalanche


    Been Riding for only a year :

    Carrera Vulcan
    Carrera Banshee – That thing rode like a challenger tank !
    Carrera Vulcan – Fed up with the banshee so got some Manitou Black forks second hand and upgraded abit
    On-One 456 – Work In Progress !


    Pictorial version

    Ridgeback 601LX

    Scott Windriver

    Pro Flex Beast

    Orange Sub Zero

    Commencal Meta 5 UK


    road bike that i used offroad, shook me to bits!
    dodgy tourer with fat tires cos i couldnt afford a mountain bike
    raleigh mustang
    emmelle cheetah
    diamond back sorrento
    giant cadex 3 (2nd hand)
    marin palisades trail
    marin bear valley
    marin pine mountain
    univega steel thing
    univega alloy thing
    haro full susser
    gt lts 3
    azonic ds 1
    coyote dual
    gt i drive
    giant atx
    sunn bmix
    sunn bmix
    kona stab
    cannondale f600 (still got)
    santacruz heckler
    norco dj thing
    santacruz superlight
    whyte 46
    rocky mountain blizzard
    yeti 575
    ellsworth epiphany
    gt peace
    santacruz chameleon
    santacruz blur 4x
    marin rocky ridge
    orange 5

    33. ****! did i win? thats not including any road bikes that didnt get ridden offroad or any bmx either. including roadies and bmx, 42.(!)


    cant believe im on a par with ton! how many years you been riding tony? for me its about 20, since i was ten. so thats only (!) 2 per year on average, though some years i bought none.


    drawing with ton on the mtb's 😉


    3rd in 15 years.

    Premier Icon jimmy

    Raleigh Lizard
    Shogun Prairie Breaker
    KHS Montana Comp (in various guises)*
    Chas Roberts Custom frame
    SC Chameleon x2*
    On One Inbred
    DMR Switchback*
    Specialized Enduro*
    DB Prince Albert
    Charge Duster
    SC Heckler*
    SC Chameleon (again)*
    DB Alpine**
    Specialized Allez

    Think thats it, feels like more. Those that have really impressed are asterisked.


    Seem a bit behind most pepole:

    Carrera Kashmir bought around 1992 by my parents (was 14 at the time) so not sure if this counts
    Orange P7 – my first purchase in 1996 (still have the frame, though all the bits have changed)
    Cotic Soul – bought at start of 2008

    Thats it really. Do have an M-Trax road bike too.


    33. ****! did i win? thats not including any road bikes that didnt get ridden offroad or any bmx either. including roadies and bmx, 42.(!)

    No 😉


    From aged 10:
    Raleigh Arena 1986
    Raleigh Mustang 1988
    Saracen Traverse 1989 Stolen
    GT Karakoram Elite 1990
    Cannondale M800 1990
    Orange Gringo 1999
    Club Roost XC4 2003
    Orange Patriot 2004
    Azonic Sabre 2004
    Dialled PA 2005
    Azonic Sabre 2006 (same one as above)
    Specialized Demo 8 2006 broke
    Specialized Allez 2007
    Orange 224 2007
    Orange Hitman 2007
    Commencal Meta 5 2007 *Current, in the process of breaking
    Lemond Zurich 2008
    Whyte 905 2009 *Current
    Condor Fratello 2009 *Current

    Premier Icon robob

    townsend 2000
    british eagle
    marin muirwoods
    gt xcr 3000 (lasted 1 ride)
    gt avalanche
    scott g zero pro
    inbred dn6 ss (should never have sold!)
    inbred hearing aid beige 29er
    voodoo wanga (for sale!)
    SC superlight
    cotic Soul (now ss'd)

    in 16 years

    little blue tricycle with carrier for action men/teddy bears/water pistol
    small red bike with white tyres
    raleigh chipper second hand – dad painted it purple and had my name on it
    green and white cruiser
    5 speed raleigh arena
    10 speed peugeot in yellow
    second hand cyclo cross bike – bought with first proper wage
    dawes tourer (second hand for commuting to work)
    muddy fox explorer
    specialised stumpjumper (still got even if it was too bog for me)
    raleigh dune dancer (not cool but a fantastic ride)
    orange clockwork -black , bent it beyond repair in a race
    orange clockwork -silver and blue- now white and used by eldest son as singlespeed
    viking road bike – still got , but still looking for explanation as to why
    scott racing (year before they called 'em scale)still got-youngest son rides it
    sanderson life – love it ! thought the clockork would never be beaten but the sanderson is by far my favourite, after the green and white cruiser


    you still adding them up then mama?

    (waits to be tarred with the same brush as hora, ton, mama etc.)


    you still adding them up then mama?

    76 (including quite a few bmxs) since my first mtb in 1992 😳

    Only 47 mtbs though . . . must try harder 😉


    wow. you are like a fetishist, fanatic and OCD all rolled in to one.


    work blocks the link too, shame.


    2002 Ellsworth Isis
    1997 Santa Cruz Heckler
    1994 Cannondale M900
    1992 Specialized Stumpjumper
    1988 Marin Pallisades trail


    since 4 years ago…

    Schwinn minimesa
    cube Ltd Pro
    Giant Trance X
    giant xtc carbon.

    have the last two on the list still, but Im only 1 so i think thats fair…


    Since 1997ish
    Rayleigh ozarc 531 (gave away)
    ???? Steel Frame (gave away)
    Zazkar (written off in car accident)
    Zazkar (cracked at head tube)
    Heckler MK1 (cracked at seat tube top tube)
    Heckler MK1 (cracked at seat tube top tube)
    Cove Gspot (seat tube snaped in half)
    Cove Gspot (Sold on)
    Planet X Compo (cracked at seat tube)
    Planet X armadillo (cracked at head tube)
    Cove stiffee FR (sold on)
    Norco torrent (sold on)
    Specialized sx (still going well)
    Kona Howler (cracked at BB)
    Marin Wolf ridge….

    15 bikes, 8 killed, 7 out to pasture


    2003 Specialized Rockhopper Comp – sold to mate
    2004 Specialized Enduro – still own it in
    2008 Marin Rock Springs

    That doesn't include the bikes I've bought for g/fs…

    2004 Specialized Hardrock
    2008 Merlin Malt 1


    raleigh aztec ( :cry:)
    trek 980
    marin indian fire trail
    dimondback axis team ti (still have hung on wall)
    mountain cycle san andreas (still have hung on wall)
    tomac eli (best ever but welding pulled apart)
    litespeed unicoe (welding broke)
    litespeed sawenee
    ibis mojo (paint problems so sending me new SL 😀 but stuck in customs)
    cotic hemlock (first ride this weekend :o)

    if possible like to keep my bikes as i am sad and have no friends


    Carrera Kraken
    Kona Kahuna
    Specialized Epic (still got it)
    On-One geared Inbred
    Dave Hinde M3
    Cotic Soul (still got it)
    On-One geared Inbred
    On-One slot-dropout Inbred (still got it)
    Van Nicholas Zion (still got it)

    Had 2 road bikes and a cross bike as well, that's in about 8 years.


    Raleigh Burner (I love you Raleigh burner if you're still out there!!)
    Peugeot Lynx
    Ridgeback (blue and white version of robyzf1's)
    Raleigh M-trax 1500 (still got)
    Trek 8000
    Cannondale Super v 700 fr (that bike was ugly but briliant!)
    Specialized Big Hit
    Cannondale F700
    Trek Liquid
    Specialized Demo 8
    Dialled bikes PA
    Retro Daimondback Apex
    Foes FXR 2:1
    Orange Clockwork
    DMR Trailstar
    Genesis Vapour
    Yeti 575 and a Massi Carbon M road bike


    saracen sehara.
    nishiki alien
    haro thing.
    giant cadex
    giant atx990
    fuji xc carbon
    fuji prevence.
    gary fisher retro ti thing.
    fuji sl hardtail
    yeti asr sl


    1986 – Specialized Rockhopper
    1988 – Roberts White Spyder frame
    1998 – Marin East Peak
    2006 – Thorn Catalyst


    GT Chucker, (swapped)
    Cove Stiffee, (stolen)
    Orange Crush, (sold)
    Giant Reign, (sold)
    Heckler, (stolen)
    Blur, (sold)
    Trailstar, (swapped)
    Scott Reflex, (sold)
    Cove Stiffee, (Still got)
    Gt Chucker, (swapped)
    Meta 6 VIP, (still got – looking to change for DH bike)
    Dialled PA. (swapped)

    That's in 5 years.

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