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  • How long is your stem?
  • bol

    I've just swapped my 90mm for a 70 on my xc bike, and am about to go out on it for the first time. Hoping it will quicken the steering a bit, but not make it too twitchy. I use pretty wide lowrise bars. What sort of stem length do you lot run on your xc bikes then, and am I just trying to be trendy?


    I use a 50 for my XC riding – short stems always look RAD and cool at the trail head

    100mm stem for xc. Tried an 80mm stem but it was all wrong…too short for climbing and put your weight in wrong place for decending with seat up ass. Should also say i come from a dh background and hadnt ridden anything longer than a 50mm stem before i got my whippet machine.

    120mm/110mm depending on bike.


    120 on my merida

    60 on my gary fisher rig – genisis geo means long TT short stem

    road bikes a 110 and the cross bikes a 90


    40, 40, 50 and 55

    80mm on the full susser, 90mm on the Hardtail and 110mm on the roadie


    Went from 120mm to 70mm.

    Have 90mm lined up.

    (120mmm on my road bike)

    100mm on the HT commuter, 50-60mm on the others…

    Premier Icon momo

    90mm, used to run a 120mm stem, dropped about 9 years ago, wouldn't go shorter on this frame though, feels just right as it is.

    Premier Icon the-muffin-man

    105mm on my (old skool) Ti Inbred



    90mm on mtb (short travel hardtail) 120mm on road bike


    65mm on FS – 130mm travel
    90mm on HT – 115mm travel
    100mm on Roadie
    100mm on SS commuter


    Dh: 50
    xc: 70
    road: 80

    (units are in mm)

    Premier Icon warpcow

    80mm on trail-type HT
    110mm on XC SS HT

    I actually prefer the stretched out position but the shorter one suits its purpose.

    Premier Icon UK-FLATLANDER



    65mm Straightline with zero degrees on me Orange 5 AM

    50mm on the Heckler
    70mm on the Handjob
    90mm on the CX
    120mm on the Road

    was 60,
    tried 50
    found a bargain thomson 70 and it does feel better length wise.

    marin quake dh – 50

    I had an XC race bike and got into more AM type riding so thought it would make sense to swap out the 100mm stem for a 70mm and to be honest it did improve the feel for jumps and drop ins but having just changed my bike for a Orange P7 with a 90mm stem I realise just how wrong the other bike was. I guess what I'm saying is, it depends on the angles and travel of fork what is going to be right on your bike and don't try to turn an XC bike into an AM bike.


    Orang Hutan, I think that's what I'm worried about. The head angle is 71 degrees, so it is only ever going to be a traditional xc hardtail. It's got a bloody long top tube though, so I thought it might make sense.

    As it turns out I won't fnd out how it rides tonight anyway, as I just found two broken spokes as I went to take my bike out. I obviously need to keep my wheels on the ground more – and probably stick to a longer stem too.


    60mm hussefelt on an 09 chameleon

    70mm on the Heckler
    90mm on my 69er 456SS
    90mm on the Gary Fisher HT (12" frame though)
    70mm on the Scott Octane

    Premier Icon solarider

    45mm on Freeride bike
    90mm on TT bike
    100mm on CX bike
    120mm on Road bikes
    120mm on XC bikes

    But in the end, whatever feels right. The 'shorter the better' camp is all good if it doesn't make you too cramped, and a longer stem does open your chest out to breath better.

    Use whatever length gives you the right reach for your intended use.

    Premier Icon Northwind

    50mm on the Hemlock, 60mm on the Soul. Got a 70mm and an 80mm lying around for when the urge takes me but I much prefer to sacrifice a little climbing manners for the benefit the rest of the time.


    I wonder how the length of stem relates to the 'trail' of your fork.

    90, 90 and.. er.. 90.
    That's on an Enigma Steel hardtail, Kona Kula SS and an 05 Trance with 120mm forks. They've all got pretty much the same top tube length, all about medium size, and I'm about 5ft10. I've found my comfy point and I'm sticking to it.
    I did have an 18" inbred which ended up with a 70mm Thomson. Right size, but it used to wheelie up hills. Ripped down them though. Compared to the Enigma it was like riding a bike made of jelly.


    How do find your Steel Enigma?

    Edric 64

    110mm to 150mm depending on which bike it is on


    Just swapped out my 100 for an 80 on my fuel ex. (19.5") as I was getting aching shoulders and neck – feels better

    How do find your Steel Enigma?

    Mines a bit of a special one… They were looking for a factory to see if the mass of steel suff could be moved east to open the market a bit.
    However, I agree with Jim. The quality just aint the same that they offer. The welding on mine is rough but does the job. I love their ideas about shape and size though.

    Premier Icon kimbers

    i find short stems 50-65 mm improve the handling no end on the especially on the descents good for singletrack too, never noticed much of a difference on the climbs so well worth it ime


    45mm on the DH bike, 50mm on the XC,DH,AM,hardtail. 90mm on my commuter. There are times I would prefer a few extra mm :-), but I'm now used to the wide bar/short stem thing, plus the ht has a long top tube.


    2x 50, 1x 70, 1x 90, 100 on the road bike, 120 on the fixie hack


    1 x 80, 1 x 90

    50mm , 70mm , 90mm , 100mm , 110mm

    Premier Icon chunkypaul

    used to run 90mm on most bikes, but have recently gone shorter with a 65mm on my orange five and a 70mm on a turner sultan and these have been fine

    but really struggling with the most recent change on my cotic soul, 90mm to 70mm, now my 27" bars feel too narrow, i can't climb any steep technical bits (weights too far back) and long steep descents are horrible, it feels like i'm kissing the front wheel… confused!

    70 on anything that I have to climb out of the saddle on (bash my knees on the shifters with a 50)

    50 on the Stinky

    I'd put 50 on everything but with a standard 23" ish TT length the total cockpit is a little short for climbing

    double post. sorry

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