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  • How long does it take you to get ready for work?
  • bwfc4eva868

    0500 – Alarm
    0510 – shit, have a ciggie
    0520- breakfast
    0530 – get dressed, take locks off bike
    0550- Have another cig, put bike gear and warm bike
    0600- set off
    0630 – Arrive, another ciggie, brew up, make some more toast
    0700 – Handover (work)

    1430/1500 – Get the frig out of work before i’m pestered into doing something else at work.


    Up at 5:30, shave, teeth, coffee, out the house by about 5:50.
    Get to work about 6:50, poo, shower, change and that. At my desk usually by about 7:15.

    if I can’t sleep I’ll get up at 5:00 and take the dog out first but she hates going out for early walks.


    A lot of ironing the shirt in the morning people. Also a lot of 20 minute people, impressive levels of efficiency in the latter.

    05:45am – Alarm
    05:50am – Up, breakfast, lycra
    06:20am – On bike
    08:30am – Arrive at work
    08:45am – Sat at desk


    6am: alarm goes off
    1. Press snooze
    2. Get smacked across face by large angry and hungry cat
    3. Push cats off bed
    4. Get up
    5. Fall over cats
    6. Go to toilet. With attendant cats
    7. Try to go down stairs without getting legged up by cats
    8. Open Fridge
    9. Pull cats out of fridge
    10. Feed the sodding cats
    11. Make coffee.
    12. Return to bed with coffee, finally in peace.
    13. Drink enough coffee to come round sufficiently to be safe behind the wheel of a car (generally around 1 pint extra strong).
    14. Clean teeth, get dressed, sort out face and hair.
    15. Give up on face and hair
    16. 7:30am – approx – set off to work
    Arrive at work at about 8:10am.


    6:30 Alarm
    Iron Shirt
    wash and teefs
    dress – out of door at 6:45
    Work at 7:02-06 depending on traffic

    Premier Icon cr500dom

    6.30 Alarm hit snooze until somewhere between 7-7.20 😳
    Wash / shave / cycling kit on
    Downstairs, Protien shake, bike out of shed,
    Cycle to work, 5 miles anywhere between 15-20 minutes depending on lights, chosen bike and tired legs

    Get to work at some point between 7.50 and 8.15, PC on, Coffee, emails etc
    Shower when it becomes free at work and dress for the day (Normally before 9 )

    Interspersed with this can be (Select randomly from list below)
    Cuddles with Mrs Dom
    Being woken by No1 child
    Putting No1 on the loo for a wee
    Getting No1 half dressed
    Breakfast for no1
    Milk for No2
    Dog out for walk
    Feed Dog etc etc

    I should go to bed earlier and I`d be better in the mornings, but whatever I do, it takes me an hour to come round.


    5. Fall over cats
    6. Go to toilet. With attendant cats

    you don’t go to the toilet with the cats watching do you?
    because that ain’t right.

    Premier Icon wwaswas

    I’m surprised how few people have a poo of a morning.

    Is there an ‘only on the company’s time even if it causes problems over a bank holiday weekend’ policy in place or are you too polite to mention it?

    Premier Icon MoreCashThanDash

    6.00 Alarm
    6.01 Bathroom, the 3 S’s
    6.15 Get cycling kit on
    6.20 Make drinks for me and wife, put washing machine on, packed lunches for me and/or the rest of the household, empty dishwasher, open up guinea pig hutch
    6.35 Put packed lunch and rolled up shirt into pannier
    6.40 Go upstairs to brush teeth and find wife still in shower having rolled over and gone back to sleep
    6.45 Brush teeth, put on shoes and helmet, pick up pannier and keys, touch door handle…..get stopped by one or both of the kids coming downstairs wanting food and/or drink and/or kiss goodbye
    6.55 Finally get on bike and head for work
    7.45ish Arrive at desk. Log on. Stretch, drink glass of water, unpack pannier, tell admin my car space is free, check emails and work trays
    8.15 Boss reminds me I’m still in cycling kit


    I get up sometime between 7 and 8 always in work at 8.55 to start at 9am, the later I get up the less likely I am to be late as less chance of me getting distracted, when I need to get the kids to nursery on a Monday and Thursday the same shock and awe works with them, up, dressed, in the car, if I give them time to settle it’s like herding cats! I wonder where they get that from?

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