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  • How long does it take you to get ready for work?
  • peterfile

    6.20 – shower
    6.30 – dressed
    6.40 – out front door
    7.10 – arrive office


    Depends on what day, either I’m doing some housework or getting the little one ready for a tow to nursery. Either way the alarm goes of at 7:00, drag my arse out of bed by 7:15, out of door around 8:35 or 8:15 if doing the nursery run, ride 6 miles, get to work for 8:55.


    Premier Icon turboferret

    5:15 – alarm
    5:16 – ablutions
    5:20 – training kit on
    5:30 – out the door on bike
    6:00 – in the pool
    7:00 – running
    If not a swim/run day it’ll be a longer bike instead
    8:00 – heading home on bike
    8:30 – into the shower + shave
    8:40 – get dressed
    8:50 – out the door on motorbike
    9:00 – in the office to munch on breakfast

    Nearly 4 hours from waking to office, but I don’t just lounge around 😀

    Cheers, Rich

    When I commuted to London I woke up at 0655, left the house at 0705 and caught the 0717 train from the station which was a mile away. I’m not quite sure how I managed it!


    5:30 Alarm goes off
    5:40 In shower
    5:55 Leave house
    6:07 Get train
    7:07 Sat infront of 6 bl00dy screens for the next 9 1/2 hours


    Shower and shave the night before.

    5:15 Get up
    5:16-5-29 brush teeth, splash face, get changed, spray sure on and question life.
    5-30-5-40 walk to work

    Premier Icon weeksy

    About 8 mins from getting out of bed to getting in the car.

    Shower at 10.30am in gym.


    6:30ish Missus gets up, I listen to her getting ready while I snooze
    7:00 Alarm
    7:00 – 8:35 Coffee, Toast, then morning ablutions, interspersed with procrastination. It’s mainly procrastination. This morning it was watching ‘This is Peaty’ on Youtube.
    8:35 – Time to leave. Blunder round the house looking for bike kit and cursing. Usually a missing arm warmer, glove, or bike lock key. Leave the house when I have finally got it together.
    25 minutes of nailing myself on the bike.
    9:15ish Work.


    7.00 first alarm, ignore it
    7.15 second alarm, get up, make breakfast, take it back to bed, catch up on news and forums
    7.50 sh!t/shower/shave
    8.20 make pack lunch, leave for work
    8.45 start work


    I have a regime.. I de-cloak when I get in the night before, then set out new clean Shirt, get another Suit out, new Tie, clean undies then hang that lot up whilst I shower.. This leads to me getting out of bed the following morning, showering and re-cloaking in 15mins and out thas door like.. 😀


    6.50 – alarm goes off
    7.05 – rush out of bed
    7.06 – wake kids up, tell them we’ve overslept again and they need to get moving
    7.07 – bathroom
    7.10 – get dressed
    7.11 – help kids to get washed and dressed – usual arguments about not liking any of their clothes, school uniform suddenly being too small, etc
    7.35 – load kids into wife’s car
    7.40 – drive to work
    8.20 – arrive at work.

    …and relax.


    Depends whether Susanna Reid is on Breakfast or not….

    Premier Icon gofasterstripes

    6:00 Wake. Read nuclear physics magazines and plan world domination.
    6:15 2nd personality wakes. shower while whistling cheery tune
    6:30 exit shower and put away magazines ?housemate? has left out [odd]
    6:32 toaster/kettle on
    6:33 [switch]
    6:34 Head down to lair.
    6:35 Warm up centrifuge, acid bath and activate drone scouts.
    6:38 Observe mortal enemies and work on second fission stage drawings .
    7:00 Head back up.
    7:01 [Switch]
    7:02 eat cold toast [odd], drink cold instant coffee [odd], read grauniad
    7:20 notice time and am surprised
    7:30 [switch]
    7:33 Incognito browsing, switch to secure network, TOR. Brief henchmen via scrambled comms.
    8:30 Head back up.
    8:31 [Switch]
    8:32 look for rest of breakfast, always seem to eat it in a daze.
    8:33 notice time, panic. should leave at 8:30
    8:40 exit house with wet hair, loo roll stuck to feet and half my lunch
    9:05 arrive work, make excuses set the tables out for first customers in organic cafe.

    various times during day – puzzled by nods and winks from men in trenchcoats who keep passing the organic cafe.

    …i never seem to have enough time to do anything and I always set off alarms in airports. very puzzled.

    5:50 yoga

    Premier Icon footflaps

    7:00 Alarm, light boxes and Radio 2
    7.30 Go downstairs, feed cats, make tea for Wife and I
    7.35 Back to bed with tea and cats
    8.00 Shower
    8.15 Breakfast
    8.35 Clean teeth
    8.40 Ride bike to work
    9.00 Arrive at work


    7:35 Drag my ass out of bed, brush teeth & quick wash
    7:40 Leave for work
    7:50 At work, sit at desk, try and wake up

    Even though I’m in work before 8 I don’t really wake up until about 10:30.


    6.45 get up.
    6.50 in shower
    7.15 iron shirt
    7.30 leave house
    7.35 join rat race
    8.45-9 arrive at work.


    on a good day

    6.15 alarm
    6.30 out with dog
    7.00 on bike
    7.30 get to work, shower, hair wash
    8.00 at desk

    Premier Icon addy6402

    Something like this….

    0700 Alarm (radio)
    0710 Alarm (buzzer)
    0730 Finally vacate bed
    0750 On bike
    0820 Arrive at office bike shed
    0825 Fire up laptop, pick up shower kit/clothes
    0830 In shower
    0845 At desk (coffee/breakfast consumed at some point)


    I’m shocked at the complete absence of slackers posting on here so far.Probably all still in bed 😉


    tlr – Member

    Depends whether Susanna Reid is on Breakfast or not….
    Need to factor in an additional 5 minutes if so? 😉

    It’s funny how much it can vary with the weather. If it’s bright and sunny outside, everything seems to happen faster; if it’s grey and overcast, everything’s in slow-mo.

    7:30 Alarm
    7.40 on bike
    8:00 Start work


    Wake up about 9ish
    Grab a coffee
    Start work

    Usually have a shower at some point

    Premier Icon euans2

    03:45 Alarm goes off
    03:50 Drag ass out of bed
    03:52 Jump in shower
    04:05 Get dressed
    04:10 Have breakfast
    04:20 Leave for work
    04:30 Arrive work car park
    04:45 Go through Security checks
    05:00 Start work


    Shower and shave the night before.

    Yuk, I couldn’t go to work without having a shower in the morning.


    06:00 Alarm
    06:02ish Shave
    06:15 On bike
    07:30 Arrive at work; quick shower
    07:45 Desk


    03:00 1st alarm goes off, press snooze
    03:15 2nd alarm goes off, press snooze
    03:30 3rd alarm goes off, Get up
    wash reluctantly, get dressed, make coffee
    03:45 check ebay and pistonheads and ebay
    04:00 in the car and off down the m11
    04:35 arrive at work
    04:45 check singletrack for sale
    15:15 leave work
    15:45 get home
    15:50 fall asleep in armchair

    kinhell gotta go i should have left work 2 mins ago 🙂


    I work nightshift now so it varies. Used to be down to a fine art when I started at 6.45 though. Alarm was 5:52, needed to be on train station by 6:09. There was about 30 seconds spare for things going wrong. Amazingly in 3 years it only went wrong 4 or 5 times.

    Premier Icon Clobber

    No-one has mentioned a “clash of clans” attack.. surely everyone has to fit one of these in before work?


    No-one has mentioned a “clash of clans” attack

    I thought this may have been a euphemism for something I and the missus rarely do.

    Premier Icon crazy-legs

    6.20: My alarm clock goes off – the alarm consists of the neighbour’s daughter arriving to park her car outside parents house so I get woken by shouts of “back a bit! turn yer wheel! well done luv!”
    The daughter is 37. She’s needed the same instructions every weekday for the 6 years I’ve lived in that house. 🙄

    6.30: Get up, have breakfast
    6.50: Put on whatever bike kit the weather dictates
    7.00: Pack work clothes, lunch etc into rucksack
    7.10: Ride to work
    8.15 ish: Arrive at work, shower, change
    8.40: Office.


    Up, showered, dressed, teeth brushed and out the door in 20 minutes.

    Premier Icon Northwind

    7.50 Alarm
    8.00 Other alarm
    8.10 Alarm that I actually pay attention to
    8.11 Minimum possible morning cleaning stuff
    8.30 Make breakfast and lunch
    8:45 get on bike
    8:50 get off bike
    8:51 get to office, change
    9:00am go on STW.


    What time do all you early risers get to bed?

    Premier Icon ourmaninthenorth

    c30 minutes. Maybe 35 if I have breakfast at home.

    Mrs North, Mme North and I are all terrible in the mornings. For me and Mme North, this is explained by being nightowls. For Mrs North, she can go to bed early, have 12 hours sleep and still feel ropey in the morning.


    Alarm went off 7am this morn , was on bike at 7.10am and at work at 7.20am to clock on at 7.30am bollocks to spending life on trains or in cars or fackin shaving!

    Premier Icon el_boufador

    Quite intersting reading! pottering /efficient schools of thought. Definitely more towards the efficient myseld.

    6.50 alarm
    6.55 up
    7.00 cup of tea and cereal
    7.10 brush teeth, maybe a poo
    7.15 kiss kids/ wife goodbye
    7.18 on bike
    7.35 at work – get changed
    7.45 coffee, work begins.


    Unless I’m doing a 1pm-10pm shift. Then it’s..
    Get up whenever. Waste the morning faffing about. Get on bike for work 1240. Arrive 1250. Clock in at 1

    Mon – wed
    6am up dress walk dog.
    6:30 breakast coffee
    6:45 shower dress
    7:00 leave
    7:45 arrive at work.

    Thurs and fri similar but dont walk dog.


    630-645 wake up
    Put kettle on and radio
    Dress haphazardly
    Play guitar or read for 30 mins
    Get to work by whatever method I feel like
    Arrive at work no later than 840.

    Import and price and sort stuff out till 1730

    Other stuff.

    Premier Icon Capt. Kronos

    3.00am – 7:30am: Get woken up by toddler(s) wanting to get up. CBEEBIES on
    8:00am: Feed toddlers breakfast, throw dog out for a wee
    8:30am: Panic that it has got that late and rush out the house to get to work!

    2:00pm – 5:00pm: Get home, have a shower, feed boys etc
    12.00am: Bed and wonder why I am so knackered!

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