How long before a trail centre in the quantocks?

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  • How long before a trail centre in the quantocks?
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    i always thought of it as nature’s trail centre.

    rides like one anyway.


    Probably never but I was bumbling around in the triscombe/great wood area this afternoon and there are so many man made jumps etc, and there is already an uplift service it just got me thinking. Sort of like swinley’s evolution, sort of (ok, well not crown land and all that goes with that). Don’t get me wrong I wouldn’t want one but I just wondered if it has ever been looked at?


    I reckon Sharki might turn rogue & object


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    Doesn’t need it. Triscombe has had built trails for as long as I can remember. We were running our own uplifts up the road long before the commercial setup started.

    And it keeps the built trials in one place and keeps everything else pretty much natural.


    There’s a few people who think the same. To be honest I just wish the forestry commission would build a couple of switchback trails from Ramscombe to the top of the hill. The fire road can be a drag. I’m no brave downhiller, but I’ll have a go at most things I find that’s not too technical for an old hardtail. But I do know the Quantocks well enough to appreciate that some of that man made stuff gets so carved up in winter that it becomes unridable and no fun for some of us. I would hate to see a mini Bike Park Wales up there. But it would be nice if there were a few short waymarked trail with a few berms and rollers for a quick blast through the trees. All other areas of the Quantocks are protected so there will always be plenty of natural stuff available. Don’t beat me guys, I know the mere suggestion of alternatives won’t sit well with some of the regulars, but I can’t see any reason why Greatwood can’t be developed a bit for all weather use for ALL abilities without affecting the downhills on the other side of Cockercombe rd or the uplift service. I wish the Forestry commission would do it. Think I better watch out for Sharki’s bike traps next time I’m out though;)

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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