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  • How light are your singlespeeds?
  • Just built up my sanderson as a singlespeed,

    853 frame
    RF deus cranks, stem and bars
    Controll tech post
    ‘normal’ grips from the spares box (not lock ons)
    Hope mono mini pro (carbon/ti) brakes with 160/140mm lightweight aligator rotors
    Manitou minute forks, 100mm
    Shimano XT hubs, DT 4.2 rims
    SDG bel air Ti saddle
    Middleburn 38t DH chainring
    On-one groove armada 19t sprocket
    KMC 8speed chain
    Specialized storm pro 2.0 tyres

    Picked it up and didn’t think ‘wow thats light’, ok theres definate room for improvement in some components/frame but I was expecting more (or less as the case may be)? It’s still awesome mind you!


    You’re obviously very disappointed with it.

    Tell you what, I’ll give you a tenner for it, take it off your hands… 😉

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    You probably only save a couple of pounds by dropping the gears which on a steel hardtail’s probably about 10% – would be difficult to detect I think just by lifting the bike.


    ooh,ooh,let me go and put the kettle on and get a chair………..


    Mine weighs a ton! It is steel, cheap and covered in loads of heavy mud….and when I sit on it it suddenly gets 16 stone heavier 😯

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    The SS TD-1 I borrowed for Hit The North and Kielder100 was incredibly light. When I picked the box up, I thought the wheels must have been missed out of the package.


    Wouldnt call my Inbred light, but it rides great.
    Why 38/19 ?
    32/16 will save you over 30grams.

    Being a Sanderson, this thread needs a pic for me to drool over. 😛


    what you want is a nice slot drop carbon frame for starters.


    I haven’t weighed my bikes (I like a lightish bike, but I’m not weight weenie), but my cheapo Inbred feels light enough, partly because the lack of gears and the rigid Pace forks more than compensate for the heavy frame. As you would expect, it is noticeably lighter than my geared full-sus (Giant Anthem), both to pick up and to ride. You notice it most when out of the saddle, either sprinting, or up short, sharp hills.

    For me, my singlespeed is my hack bike, so as long as it isn’t so heavy that it is a dog ride, I don’t really care.

    Pics at the weekend when I find a suitable backdrop.

    38/19 becasue I had a 38t ring from my days going 1×9 in the peaks, and it made sense to keep it to minimise mud problems.

    ade ward

    My td-1 is sub 20lbs but it was weighed in the bathroom scales

    ragley titanium 16″ td-1
    pace rc 31 rigid forks
    old xtr cranks with surly stainless 36 tooth ring
    Paul hubs mavic 719 rims
    conti mountain king 2.4 with tubes
    hope mini with titanium discs


    Cotic Simple here, weighs 21 lb something


    my Kona Humuhumunukunukuapua’a is gonna weigh a fair old bit – and i dunt care 😀


    double post

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    Voodoo Wanga (18″)
    Hope headset
    RF Deus bars and 100mm stem
    XT brake levers
    SRAM BB7 discs F&R 185/160mm
    Square taper LX 175mm crank
    BETD 34 tooth chain ring
    Surly hubs
    DT rims
    White Industries 17t freewheel
    Hope QR skewers
    USE carbon/ally suss post
    WTB saddle
    Conti tyres

    When I pick it up to put on my bike storage rack it does feel heavy and mostly at the back end. However can’t say I notice the weight when I ride it, especially as I weigh 100kg. By the same token my Planet X road bike – 18lbs – only feels light (very light) when I pick it up.


    240 hubs, carbon frame and forks. umm pretty light?


    Mine is 21.5lbs.
    Ibis Tranny lge
    SID team forks.
    XTR cranks with Gamut 32t chain ring & 17t Chris King sprocket
    XTR disc brakes
    DT240 single speed rear hub/ 240s front hub on DT carbon rims.
    Conti 2.2 Mountain King tubeless.
    Thompson stem
    Easton cnt bars EC90 seatpost lock-on grips.
    It feels light and rides really well, it could be lighter but I like the suspension forks and the security of proper tubeless tyres.

    For comparison, my other bikes a 456, with 150mm marzocchi Z1 RC2’s up front, hope/en321 wheels, dual ply supertacky 2.5″ high rollers, 8″ brakes etc etc etc.

    I guess I was expecting road bike levels of lightness, I’ve a SS’d steel road bike (geared with a similarly daft 48-20) which wheighs so little I wory about it in high winds!


    My Whyte 19Ti is around the 21lb mark (as far as I can remember) but my Whyte 19 alloy (similar spec) feels lighter, I’ll get round to weighing them both at the same time one day (if I can be bothered).


    19 lbs with mudguards+ Hope lights.

    My SS is 22.5lbs in winter mode and about 22 in summer mode, the difference being tyres.

    Ti 456 (18″)
    Reba 120 maxle
    Pro2s on crests
    Easton carbon bars and stem
    Formula Oros
    XT Cranks
    Heavy, normal Kona ‘Jack shit’ grips – because they’re good.
    DH Chainring, Groove armada sprocket
    Normal 9Spd chain

    on and on

    Litespeed TI Obed frame M 1530g
    MORTOP HS-65 headset 70g
    Trigon Carbon fork 510g
    American Classic wheels 1400g
    KCNC Skewers 45 PAIR
    Schwalbe Fast freds tires 660 PAIR
    Maxxis flyweigt Tubes 160 PAIR
    Wellgo M111 pedals 240 PAIR
    STX RC + renthan ring + KCNC bolts 570g
    TA Ti BB 155g
    KCNC VB1 brakes 250g PAIR
    XTR cables 60g
    Ti seat clamp 10g
    KMC X9SL Chain 210g
    EC90 bars 110g
    Syntace F99 stem 100g
    Toupe 143 Ti saddle 170g
    TI seat post 180g
    Pork rind grips 20g
    SS 14t sproket+ spacers 50g

    6500 g = 14.3300 lb

    On my scales it comes in just over 14.5

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    Bontrager Race OR
    Pace RC39’s
    Hope Wheels
    Hope Mini Mono 180mm front disc/XTR V rear
    Old XT cranks and other fairly good bits and pieces out of the spares box

    Weighs 23.3lbs with pedals on (weighed on a set of fishing/luggage scales bought off ebay…)

    So lighter than my fs mountain bike but not exactly super light – pleasure to ride though and you don’t see many others about either…


    my big wheel varies from just under 20lb to a smidge under 23lb dependent of what kit it’s wearing at the time, boingy forks and chunky monkey tyres for the winter have fattened it up to the just under 23 at the moment my inner weight weenie keeps telling me that summer race slicks will be fine in cannock slop and the weight saving will make it levitate over mud n slippery roots. I need help 😀

    Got some old D521 wheels on my inbred SS so it’s probably pretty heavy.


    on and on, thats mental!

    How does it feel on the rough stuff?

    Mines a 853 inbred with –
    Pace RC31’s
    RF Deus Crank
    Hope brakes
    Hope pro’s 2 & 717’s
    Easton ea70 bars
    Surly cog
    Thomson post & transam saddle
    blue grove’s

    Guessing 24lbs? Feels plenty light enough for me…

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    flippin ‘eck on and on, no wonder the rear wheel is floating up 😯

    Singular Swift is around 24lb (with mud) 😕

    My Epic with all it’s gears and suspension is only a couple lbs heavier on paper, but feels different (much heavier) when riding.

    Just enjoy 😀

    on and on

    It rides really well. I’m a bit of a weight weenie so used to the feel of light weight bikes.

    It’s been thrown down some pretty rough stuff and i’m still alive 🙂 woot !

    the real shock was just how bloody good KCNC VB-1 brakes are. It’s hard to get the brain to adjust to trusting 250grams of alloy to stop you at 35mph down hill.


    im going to take a fold stab and say about 25lb

    sanderson soloist pre 853
    d/b cromo fork
    avid elixir
    thompson elite/charge spoon
    eastom ea30 bar/stem combo
    michi tyres
    deore cranks
    shimano spuds

    just for rustler


    Felt Curbside 18lb plus a lb for big flat pedals


    My p7 set up as a s/s weighs more than my geared full sus !!!!! I’m frightened to weigh it but it must be 28lb+. Its keeping me fit though.


    My Boardman is 22lbs in SS mode.

    That’s about a 2lb drop from standard by removing the gears and swapping out a few other bits (front wheel, saddle, bars). I think the 22lb weight included a set of weighty m520 pedals as well.

    It certainly feels very light and responsive, but I’d love to have a ss down in the teens!


    Who cares? It’s a bicycle, just go and ride it… 😕

    And yes, I am just a bit fed up of the whole weight-weenie / training / challenge / performance thing that seems to be taking over cycling at the moment. Whatever happened to just going out “playing bikes”?

    Aaaarrrrggghhh…. 👿


    Can it not be both?

    19lbs maybe sligtly less now a different saddle/seatpost. Could get rid of a few pounds from cranks, brakes etc… but don;t see the point.


    My lynskey 29er is an honest 22.2 lbs, SS with carbon fork and a sensible spec. It feels light to pick up and goes like a rocket up hill.

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    Mine weighs a ton but I don’t care. Cos its great 😉


    on and on, you spent the best part of £400 on a set of V brakes? That is dedication to the cause, I salute you.

    My Scandal feels silly light, I must weigh it some time.


    My iO with a set of Tora SL solo airs and some mud-X’s weighs in at about 27lbs, fractionally lighter than my 130mm Full Suss, but then again the wheels are proper heavy (single gauge spokes & low end Shimano hubs) and the finishing kit is all OE Genesis which ain’t light either.

    Could drop a couple pounds with nicer wheels and finishing kit, but I’ll wait until they die first. Or see if my mate wants to sell me his Hope Hoops with DT4.2’s when he splits his Inbred

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    My Sirius stared life at 26lbs 😯 but then a few sensible changes saw that drop to 24.2lbs

    Was happy with that.

    Pic taken between the two weights

    My new (old) Kona set up as a SS with rigid fork and most of the kit from the Sirius weighs about 22.5lb

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    pretty heavy (for an ss) old steel inbred, sturdy parts and old (98!) Z1 forks. At a very rough guess I’d say 27lb ish.

    After enjoying the shonky singlespeediness of it for a few years I may be treating myself to an upgrade this year 🙂 dunno if I wanna throw a lot of money at a bike I revel in trawling through rain and mud.

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