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  • How is Gee Atherton Recovering From That Crash?
  • Premier Icon stwhannah
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    We all winced when we heard about Gee Atherton’s crash, and the photos alone were enough to make sure that some of us didn’t watch the video. The reha …

    By stwhannah

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    How is Gee Atherton Recovering From That Crash?

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    Premier Icon explorerboy
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    I broke my wrist REAL bad at the tail end of last year. I was super, super good with physio and anti-inflammtories up until I started riding again.

    Guess who cant support weight on his wrist after a ride yesterday? This guy!

    Do your exercises, kids!

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    His trainer makes a really good point about doing all the base training work before getting into the big weights and fun stuff.
    Sports massages aren’t just for pro riders. My physio insists I have them regularly. Helps keeping flexible as I age (56yo).

    What would be a good interview is to ask Gee about his psychological processes during the recovery.
    The body can heal (most of the times) but the mind may not ever get back to race pace.

    Premier Icon robertajobb
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    A properly interesting video. Hope he continues to heal well.

    I thought a great point in it all was the one about not needing to be fit and string enough to race again, but actually need to get back to being fit and strong enough to take a crash again. Because the reality is more crashes will occur if being remotely competitive, and he needs to be able to survive them.

    Premier Icon Joe
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    Interesting to watch. Always amazed how these guys get back to it after these huge injuries. I badly broke my ankle climbing 2 years ago – and fundamentally it changed my whole life.

    My walking has never been that great again and most mountain sports are off the cards.I think luck has a huge amount to do with how well you recover from these things.

    Premier Icon fossy
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    Deffo sports massage/physio during recovery, and don’t rely on the NHS. Broken spine 6 years ago, was months before I could safely have physio/sports massages, but it made a very quick change into my recovery once the consultant let them get to work. Unfortunately, NHS physio was useless – more constrained by what they are allowed to do in 10 minute appointments.

    I’m back riding more stuff than I was before- mainly road before accident, now road and MTB. Can ride all day without too much issues. But, bending for long periods, crawling under cars etc. all cause me pain – that may be age too.

    Premier Icon FunkyDunc
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    Wayne Peter’s (the physio in the vid) has a very good rep locally. He has worked with lots of footballers, cyclists etc (including all the Atherton’s)

    I spoke to him last year about my knackered hip and he was very good and actually said don’t come and see me, which was refreshing from a Physio !

    One of my colleagues plays semi pro football and has got back to playing football.

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