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  • How Injured Are You? 5 Exercises To Find Out!
  • stwhannah
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    Coach to the mountain biking stars, Alan Milway, brings you some exercises to help you assess just how much work you could be doing… We like how the …

    By stwhannah

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    How Injured Are You? 5 Exercises To Find Out!

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    Is this before or after you do the exercises?

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    I am on the ‘regression’ level of the exercises I’ve managed to do in the office. The only way is up, I suppose…

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    reassuringly, the PT I took on after getting through some shoulder surgery rehab has already got me doing these. Aside from that particular side plank that is, I will be interested to give it a try. Anyway, I have moved from ‘mostly in regression’ to ‘all in progression’ on the rest, hooray for progress. It made a noticeable difference to my riding.

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    I’m not injured, i’m just old !

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    if i attempted exercises 1. 2 or 5 i would end up in hospital for more joint surgery. ;o)

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    Wow, that first pic goes against anything I was ever taught about protecting your knee from injury. Not that there’s much left of my knees to protect these days, but extending the knee in front of the ankle was always a no-no to my coaches.

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    Great, a good read. I already do most of these apart from the side planks. I’ve found the split squats most beneficial a physio recommended them to me coming back from a knee injury as well as arabesque/RDL with a kettle bell. Please put some more articles like this on the site. There’s a reason why Richie Rude is a consistent performing rider and it isn’t all just because he can ride. He incorporates strength and conditioning into his training. More like this please STW.

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    Very, won’t be doing any of them thanks.

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    Hip replacement, old t12 fracture and other issues plus and general wear and tear.

    I’m 40 going on 70…

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    Herniated s1/l1. No chance to any

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    Read this with interest after realising the steady decline of my strength has reached the point where I really need to do something about it. Still aching two days after 1 HIIT session that I’d have sailed through pre-COVID. Winter training starts here!

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