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  • unfitgeezer

    …and what’s the worst bit ?

    If you work from home then go clean up !

    Hospitals are not excluded…

    The string cord for the light in the toilet is minging…yak yak and over time people are pulling it higher up the cord so the mingingness is getting worse !

    Lets hear yours…

    Premier Icon tomhoward

    I imagine the guy whose collegue poos in the shower will win this thread.

    Me? Mines pretty good actually ๐Ÿ™‚



    tomhoward – Member

    I imagine the guy whose collegue poos in the shower will win this thread.

    Premier Icon Clobber

    I am currently working in a fabrication shop in Mumbai…


    I work from home, which is fairly clean as Mrs E is house proud.

    When I go to the office it’s pretty good too, due to a combination of only moving office about 12 months ago and the company employing a guy who’s role includes making sure everything is kept clean and tidy.


    Small branch office here, so pretty good.

    Our head office is a disgrace though. The gents loos are minging, piss on the toilet and the floor, nobody ever flushes. I have to have a clean up when I use them in case the next person in thinks it’s me.

    Some people must have minging houses if they do that sort of thing.

    Premier Icon honeybadgerx

    I had to do a pre-start site walkover of a hospital a few months ago, the fire door next to where an extension is going to go is where the staff nip out for a fag – cue loads of discarded surgical gloves.

    The extension is next to the isolation ward ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

    EDIT: In my actual work no-one washes up the chuffing tea spoons!!!! (and breathe)

    Premier Icon Yak

    By getting the kids out to school every morning, I immediately improve the hygiene of my workplace/ home. This will be reversed in about 90mins though when the biohazards slightly grubby pair come home. ๐Ÿ™‚

    My office at work is waaaay tidier than my study at home! ๐Ÿ˜€

    colonel wax

    Hospital Library here, cleaners are in everyday so not too bad. Dunno about the rest of the hospital.

    Staff toilets are usually minging though.

    Premier Icon tomhoward

    guy who’s role includes making sure everything is kept clean and tidy.

    A cleaner, then?

    Premier Icon davosaurusrex

    Sewage treatment works so I’m going to have to say not very. That said my wife is a primary school teacher, we have 3 young kids and none of us gets sick very often.

    Edit to add the worst bit, the inlet treatment works; copious amounts of excrement mixed with jam rags, condoms, fat balls, sweetcorn and some quite bizarre things that find their way into the sewers. Horse carcass washed up at one of the bigger works…


    50 or so people off in the last 2 weeks with a d and v virus…. . How clean do you think??

    Premier Icon ourmaninthenorth

    My office at work is waaaay tidier than my study at home!

    Likewise, but that’s because I don’t work with Mrs or Miss North….

    Premier Icon binners

    Mine is รผber clean. We have 2 full time cleaners here who are like Kim and Aggie

    This creates its own problems. If you stand still for more than 10 seconds you’ll get hoovered, mopped or polished (oo-er). And you end up sneezing all the time because they go mental with the cleaning products, as they’re now totally immune to the smell of them


    As above our place is virtually sterile

    The cleaner (who is a lovely person) cleans while we’re working and takes great pride in her work, so much so that one feels inclined to walk around areas of the floor that have been mopped and wipe the sink after using it etc.

    Thursdays is The Big Cleaning Day when the vacuum is on for pretty much 8 hours and the whole place is so clean no one wants to do anything in case we mess it up


    Cleaning standards are non existent here
    Toilets get a supposed daily clean
    Lots of walkers vs washers ( euuukkkk)
    Desks a weekly wipe with a rag , at least I don’t have to hot desk

    Downstairs they’re not allowed to use disinfectant wipes since
    Some poor soul has ” allergies ” cough cough

    The FM folk that look after the place and manage the
    Cleaning & repairs are useless


    We had a brand new re-fit of our kitchen area and the loos last year, so everything is sparkly, and we also have a cleaner around every morning.
    Not a grubby place, generally, mostly dusty because of the amount of paper that goes through, because we’re a response/mailing house for many major charities, and we handle millions of letters, so pretty clean overall.
    Also it’s practically all female staff upstairs, where I am. ๐Ÿ˜€


    Total mess

    The Cleaner who was actually good was laid off/early retirement. leisure attendants were supposed to take on her role.

    They won’t clean toilets and can’t clean properly anyway. Use a Glasgow life building at your own risk.


    My office is usually clean apart from the cubicles. They have fitted low energy bulbs which means it’s still usually dark if you’ve only gone in for a pee. The problem is that someone doesn’t mind pissing everywhere. Toilet seat, floor etc. If you go in and don’t realise this, it is very possible that you get the seat of your pants wet from the floor. Not nice. I’ve been lucky enough to date.


    Worked in a student house, bin bags full of rotten food, all the bins full,sink and toilet blocked, pull cord in toilet almost glowing with bacteria,handle on toilet flush almost a bio hazard.

    Walking accross the kitchen floor you felt your feet where attached to suckers sticking to the floor,the kitchen sink was so stained with used tea you thought it was painted brown,

    Premier Icon trout

    my office varies hugely from day to day
    Flooring installer most homes are spotless but then we get the filthy gits .

    doing Bathroom floors can be bad if lots of males live in house .
    and you would not believe what some kitchens are like .

    then we get the replace carpets in the bedrooms of old folks homes ๐Ÿ˜ฏ


    Our office toilets were last cleaned about 4 months ago ๐Ÿ™

    And one guy insists on coming out of the toilet and drying his hands on the tea towel in kitchen. The one we use to dry the dishes with.

    The longer you work somewhere, the more you notice stuff like this. I try my best not to touch anything these days!


    A cleaner, then?

    No not really as he does all sorts of jobs, like setting up the meeting rooms, sorting out lunches, delivering post helping the fleet manager collect/return company cars and general pottering about!

    Considering that I work in a prison it’s not too bad. We have a decent bunch of wing cleaners ATM who’ve all done a BICS course (British Institute of Cleaning Sciences!) The 2 lads on the servery have a bit of OCD so they get scrubbing every day & the place is pretty good as far as it goes.

    The worst place in the whole jail that I’ve ever been in is B wing staff rest room. Complete shithole, & the microwave was a health hazard.

    (Scratches head) do you boys actually mountain bike? It’s quite a dirty sport, y’know! All that mud is the product of rotting plants mixed with animal faeces, and processed through the bowels of worms.

    Contaminated land type stuff here. We have a sample prep area downstairs that is a bit dusty (dried mud) and fridge that snakes of oils.

    Our kitchen is perpetually full of dirty crockery. For intelligent, supposed scientists, we don’t half leave a kitchen the same as students do.

    Being the old boy with kids, it disgusts me!

    Premier Icon Drac

    Well got the results for audit and the station I manage scored 98.9% so pretty damn clean, only staff not using stickers on a certain sharps boxes lost me points.

    Premier Icon benji

    If it’s not the farting competition, and why they need to walk over to you, fart as hard as they can, and then walk off. But I suppose it makes a change from the smoking, it’s amazing it’s banned in the workplace, but it hasn’t happened in our shithole.

    Premier Icon PMK2060

    If my wife was as dirty as our workplace I would not be on singletrackworld tonight ๐Ÿ™‚


    Office has no windows or any ventilation at all.

    Toilets being done now. Did have leaks everywhere, mushroom type things on the walls. We now have a hot water tap and hand drier. The floors are plain concrete and the walls need re plastering..once dried out.

    No one has ever poo’d at work.

    Premier Icon outby

    Down a mine ,no clean water and bait tables are never cleaned .

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