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  • How heavy is your hardcore hardtail?
  • Premier Icon nickc

    Cham with 140mm Thors is too heavy at 27lbs, looking to loose weight, wheels I think


    haven’t got all the bits yet, but hoping for 29lbs ish, knowing me it will end up a few lbs heavier though


    I used to have an NS Surge with dh wheels, Domains, and a dropper post – came to just under 35lb. It was so much fun though.

    Bout 28-29lbs. I don’t really care. 🙂

    Premier Icon Simon

    Hate the term “hardcore hardtail” but I suppose Mmmbop is one, weighs around 27lbs.


    I guess if I weighed it it’d be about 30lb.
    The physics don’t add up though, the damn thing keeps flying up off the ground like it weighs nothing at all.

    But then, that’s Chameleons for you.


    4-5-6 around 27-28lbs?

    Premier Icon gonetothehills

    If my (Lynskey) Ti456 counts, then I think it’s under 26lbs, but I’m not *that* hardcore.

    My Mk 1 Dialled Alpine with 150mm Marzocchi Z1 forks, big brakes and reasonable weight wheels comes in at just about 30lbs. Might try and get a lighter fork but £700+ to loose a pound and a half seems very expensive.


    My Evil Sovereign is now 27.8lbs. There might be a 1/4lb more to lose, but no more and I’m not convinced the cuttent tyres are right either.

    Premier Icon unknown

    Just weighed mine with the ultra-reliable poundshop luggage scales – 32lb. Mountain Cycle Rumble with SC Shivers, Hope Pro2/321 wheels.

    Never thought to weigh it, Ragley bagger, lyriks and cheap Alex fr wheels (for now) has gotta be about 30lbs mark, although the speed I drag it up hills you would think it was more like 50lbs.

    Weighed mine at 25lb with Whyte 19 ally frame, hope hubs/ztr rims, reverb post, xtr cranks, 1×10 gears and fox 140 forks! Rides a dream and people keep telling me to get a full sus but they always seem to be behind me going up and down. Think i should say they need a hardtail, only way!


    I ride a bog standard 2010 Rockhopper but regularly whip people riding £3K S-Works!

    Edit – with Steel stanchions


    My Yelli is 27lb.

    Sov. 27ish lbs


    Kona Explosif 650b (forks off to be 140mm u-turned) at 28lbs +- 2 lbs or something like that.


    Genesis Alpitude with Talas 36’s and Stan’s Flows – 13.9 kg/30.5 lbs


    C456 26.5lbs


    about 30 lbs I reckon.


    18″ C456, coil RS pikes, hope pro 2/ex721s slx groupset.

    28lb 7oz.

    Could easily shave 1lb on both forks and wheels but its currently serving me well!

    Premier Icon xherbivorex

    my cove stiffee (with 130mm z1 freerides, pro2/xm321, 2.35 high rollers and easton bar/stem) is around 31 lbs. but i’m taking it apart and selling it in the next week or so. it’s a fun bike, but surplus to my requirements these days.


    26 lbs with light wheels on 29 lbs with bigger stronger wheels and tyres, 853 dialled Albert .

    Premier Icon colournoise

    XS BFe, Marz 44s, Flows, Reverb, beefy (!) build. 29lb on pretty reliable scales. Light enough to run 1×9 and ride all day. Strong enough not to break so far under a clumsy rider.

    Soul with Float 140s, Zee 1×10, M4 brakes, Flows, UST Rubber Queens, Gravity Dropper; 26.8lbs. Started out a much more XC build but has since shifted over to stiffer, stronger and often heavier parts, which suits how I ride. Not too slow uphill, quicker downhill, when I’m on form! 😉

    Premier Icon Flapjack

    Large C456 weighing in at just under 25 lbs.

    Premier Icon seosamh77

    27.2lbs for my core 40, only 120mm mind so dunno if that constitutes hardcore, whatever that it…


    I’d guess my small, but absurdly overbuilt DunCon Pitbull with it’s big old Manitou Shermans, and big everything else comes in at… at least ~35lbs. Possibly why it only goes out down the local woods / track these days (often, going off down things on it’s own). 😉

    It’s not particularly ‘hardcore’ to ask. Frankly I’m offended.

    My Blue Pig X only weighs *that much*, but it looks like it should weight *that much*. The Revelation makes a big difference, but I’m still a bit envious of the OP’s Shivers.


    C456, talas 150’s, crosstrails&rubber queens and formula 203mm rotors. 25lbs on the nose.

    I weighed my Cove Stiffee in at 14 and a bit kilogram with a mainly slx and rockshox sektor air build.
    Can I suggest you take that 130 mm fork off and put a 150 mm travel on it . You’ll never want to sell it. 🙂

    22lbs for the new build Corratec SS


    Orange Pure 7 with Pike Airs, Pro II hubs/717 rims and SLX transmission here. It weighs in a smidge over 28lb by my reckoning.

    It’s not as hardcore as some, but it’s a brilliant all-rounder.


    Large steel 456, 36 talas, 1×10 and no idea really. I doubt it’d be under 30.


    24lb 15oz for my mmmbop, that’s with proper tyres, a dropper and v12 flats.

    Premier Icon kayak23

    My Dialled PA at the back there, 31.2lbs, superstar xc wheels, Ardents, slx cranks etc.
    The Ragley piglet at the front belonging to a mate , 30.4 lbs, xo carbon cranks, nukeproof/Sun ringle wheels.
    The kona, doesn’t count… 🙂


    My first one a 04 Spesh P3 weighed in around 37-38lbs.

    Went to steel frames and still a burly DH spec build, dropped to 34-35lbs

    Went to 853 Superfly styler deluxe 🙂 and some carefull changes but the same fork/wheels, depending on tyres 31-33lbs, Been running a triple butted steel Atomlab Pimp2 which is a similar weight.

    When not doing DH racing, i got a nice Surly KM, haven’t weighed it but reckon it’s under 25lbs, SS and v-brakes, very nice for xc and pootling about.


    my first double post, edited it out.


    c456. So probably about as heavy as all those other ones^^^^ listed so far 😉

    Like that ragley up there ^^^^^

    Premier Icon Northwind

    Depends what it’s doing tbh… My Ragley is usually trailcentry/xc-ish so 24lbs-ish. When it’s being an enduro bike it gains about 3lbs of wheels and tyres.

    IMAG0293 by Northwindlowlander, on Flickr

    Premier Icon somafunk

    23lb ish for mine, i guess it may be called hardcore as it has 140mm forks, 2.35 tyres and seatpost dropper, i made it down Screel hill (nr castle douglas) last week without dabbing so yeah?, i’d consider it hardcore enough for me but i admittingly do not jump nor do i gnarr to the max dudes .

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