How have your kids changed/developed over the years?

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  • How have your kids changed/developed over the years?
  • TuckerUK

    Get them to school a head of the pack…

    I should say that I’m a career teacher…

    Quod erat demonstrandum on

    the level of literacy is often shocking…

    Team Sport.
    My son started with a local league, junior team when he was 6 and to be brutally honest was a bit crap. At the age of 7 I remember him going off mid match and crying behind the goal after someone had a go at him for a mistake he made. We stuck with it and he has improved dramatically in all aspects. He’s now 11 and is a better player (no superstar though), he has the respect and friendship of the rest of the team, he has learned to shake off the knocks and has had the confidence in the last year to go full on into rugby which he is very good at and has been selected for every match the school team has played.


    He is also enjoying road riding

    I fear for the youth of today. He’ll be shaving his legs and wearing lycra before long. 😉

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    Exactly. If had a child that grew up to be as intelligent educated and successful and articulated as any photographed there I’d be pretty pleased with my parenting.

    As we are into quoting out of context


    You do know about the Bullingdon club don’t you? They get drunk and smash up restaurants. Then when they are sober say sorry and pay for the damage. Is that the result of great parenting. Sorry if you were being sarcastic

    PS is your quote error free


    IMO the education system has been severely dumbed down, the level of literacy is often shocking, respect for self and others is at an all time low, responsibility and accountability have been replaced with laziness and self-entitlement etc.

    Total bowlarks IME and IMO, although tbf we live in a niceish area and the schools of which I have experience of are “good” schools, both of which have strong minded, driven heads and motivated hard working teaching staff.

    My eldest daughter, in Yr6, is certainly working far beyond most stuff that I was doing back an junior school in the seventies, they’ve also started doing – shock horror – grammar again. I didn’t even know what grammar was (i thought it was just a type of school) until I started doing French in secondary school. Sport is encouraged (my eldest is school sports captain/junior leader-whatever) and has taken part and had coaching in swimming, athletics, football, tag rugby, netball, basketball and tennis.

    All in all much better than my seventies junior education, having done the rounds of the secondary schools over the last couple of years they also seem a lot better than the soulless, impersonal exam factory with grammar school pretensions and largely time serving teachers which I attended in the eighties. Thumbs up for “modern” education.

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    Total bowlarks IME and IMO

    Who are you to judge? You can’t even spell bollocks.

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    You can’t even spell bollocks.

    I bet his kids can.

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