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    Hi – I’m running a pretty much stock trance x2, with shorter than std 80mm stem, and am needing new tyres – I’m getting all sorts of conflicting advice about how much difference different tyres will make. I’m currently on the Kenda Nevegals that Giant fitted in the factory. I’m considering a pair of Nobby Nic 2.25s – but would really welcome feedback and comments from anyone out there with experience of how they run – I’m looking for something for bridle ways and moor land paths which will grip and run well on loose pack, roots, ‘slippy rocks’ and light mud – easy rolling on the linking country lanes and something which make the front end less twitchy would be a bonus too – I’m sure that’s a lot to ask for from one set of treads, but if you’re already running them how do you think the NNs would stack up !!!


    I found them grippy and fast rolling, but the sidewalls were far too weak and the tyre was forever tying to roll off the rim, even at 40psi. The Back end always felt like it was sliding around during hard-ish cornering. You’ll be better off if you’re fairly light though….

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    Grippy, fast, really supple, need a good dose of pressure more than other tyres, BUT, the great performance came at the expense of longevity – they wore quickly.

    But then they are a light, high performance tyre, and something has to give.

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    I prefer Nevegals, especially for the riding you describe.


    They are great, fast rolling on hardpack, whilst stilling being pretty grippy in most conidtions. However you need to get the Snake Skin or Alpine cross versions as the side walls on the normal ones are paper thin, and they wear very fast.

    Great tyres, and not nearly as draggy as the Nevegals


    I run 2.25″ on my Spark all the time. Brilliant tyre. Been running the same pair for 14 months now!
    Roll alright on the road to for odd road ride.

    I have got a spare pair in the garage if you want to try? 26″ x 2.25″ std evo not ust. £50 pair.


    Not enough tread for fast cornering on the front tyre IME.


    I’ve never tried them, but a couple of times in races when i’ve been battling against someone and they seem to be having trouble with their tyres not biting on rocky/stony climbs…….. both times they were on NNs.

    I was on Hutchinson Pythons. Now they are a great tyre. 🙂


    Loving my nobby’s on woodsy, soft, hard, mud, but they dont seem work too well on rocky, ie peaks stuff. Compound is hard and doesnt mould round rocks like a softer compound such as maxxis does. Thats the compromise I guess, of such a fast rolling tyre…. Even faster run tubeless!


    Love them in UST guise but still have a stack of them in the garage with big splits in them . I try others but always come back to NN’s despite the huge expense. They slide in a way you get used to not like my mountain kings on another bike which are lethal with roots etc.

    They are mainly a race tire, so light (this is why the side walls are so thin)and fast rolling. They are not the best at cornering (loose loamy conditions they can break away unexpectedly) but are adequate if you are careful. When it’s proper muddy as in a wet XC race course I find they bite really well when the tire finds the harder earth/rock under the mud; much more so than other race tires I a have used. I also find them pretty good over roots wet or dry but they are at their best when it is a little damp under tire but not slippery.For general use they are OK but if you want absolute confidence while looning around then you should look for some grippier-but-slower tires.


    I use a NN as a front tyre in all conditions on all surfaces. As long as you have at least 30psi in it I have found it pretty good. As already said, it rolls quickly and I haven’t had it wash out on me yet. It might not be so good for heavier (I am 80kg) or more aggressive riders though. I would say they are worth trying – you can always sell them on if you don’t get on with them as they are generally popular enough to offload through the Classifieds.

    PS Under 30psi it is a bloody menance (tubed) as the sidewalls collapse. I have some nice scars to prove it

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