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  • How few bikes?
  • 9 and still counting.

    There is only one which is no longer in my shed. The best of the others is the Stumpy Elite ’08


    From what i can remember

    Universal siera nevada i think 26 inch ridig thing was far too big for me (long gone)

    diamond back sorrento that had V brakes and Canti levers awsome stopping power (long gone )

    numerous bmx (wish i still had them sold for at most £30 prices now are more than i paid for a garage full of stuff)

    Not bought one for at lest 6 years

    Mongoose Rackadile ALD (stripped to build Patriot frame up)frame donatedto a friend

    Patriot (crashed and brokeen)

    Geared inbred DN6 (stripped and frams sold when 456 launched) frams still in use

    456 Still got it only bike i have now all the others have gone

    airborne liberator looked nice rode it once or twice decided was too small and short so swopped it possibly for a Dialled PA frame

    Jump bike not sure what brand it was or where it went

    sub5 bought it rode it thought it was going to end up the same way as the patriot and possibly end up damaging me so that went back on ebay

    sure i had another fram but cant remeber

    out of them all i kept the 456 and love riding it after a few years off


    20 in 20 years ish, probably forgotten a few

    Generally we get to hear about how often people change bikes etc, but how few bikes have you had?

    Over a 20 yr period I’ve had 4

    2nd hand Scott – was a heavy great gate, but got me into it.
    ’97 Lava Dome – never been quite right, but I love it nonetheless and still have it.
    ’06 Spesh Enduro Expert – fantastic bike, but a bit of a pig uphill.
    ’08 Spesh Enduro S-Works (built up in 2009) – now getting close to perfection (see my other thread)

    Think the S-Works will stay for another couple of years – glad I went down the upgrade route, as it’s always felt like it could be ‘the bike’, but never quite had it. Had I sold it and gone for a new one, the quest to get it feeling just right would no doubt have started again.


    Mid nineties diamond back sorrento
    Club Roost Stinger in pastel green with bomber Z1 BAMs, it looked awesome until the head tube snapped off.
    The stinger was then replaced by a Curtis SuperX in 2001 which I still have along with an 08 Trek 8500.

    Premier Icon andytherocketeer

    4 since 1989 (and still got all 4)

    Madison/Ridgeback Rapide road bike
    Scott Vail ht
    Cotic Soul
    Droessiger (German brand) CX bike

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    MBK Monaco a long while ago as a Kid but thrashed it all over the mountains of Leicestershire as a student – skip somewhere
    Orange Evo2 – first proper bike v brakes and 100mm bombers – snapped
    Spec S-Works Enduro 04 – awesome bike – snapped at 6 years old – it was too soon
    Kinesis Pha5e – fun but harsh ride
    06 Heckler – 1x before it was fashionable and coil sprung – skipped as it was trashed after 4 years of abuse
    On-One 456 – Replacing the Kinesis still going strong
    09 Heckler – Just stripped down and in the store room
    2013 Blur Ltc – Just finised

    So 8 in 19 years


    I think about 7 since I “properly” got into riding. I’m now down to 4 but will be 3 shortly if I can get my bmx sold.


    50 plus – I need to list/count them.

    Some for one ride, admittedly.


    first bike 1992, Kona Hahanna, replaced with Bontrager privateer in ’96, I think i bought a Lemond Tourmalet in 1997 got a deal on a bontrager race in ’98. Then bought a Trek Top Fuel in 2006? and a new one in 2010. Snapped the Lemond in 2008? and got a Lemond Croix de Fer frameset as a warranty replacement.

    I still have the two bontragers in the loft, one has rusted through on the seat tube and the other just needs new cables, chain and cassette, I only use the newer Top Fuel and the Croix de fer.

    So in total, 5 bikes and 2 frames in 21 years.

    Premier Icon postierich

    23 yrs of messing about on bikes!
    21″ Raleigh Purple frame forget its name
    AlpineStars mega DX HT
    Marin Bear Valley HT
    Marin Ti Bike HT
    Marin FS
    Whyte 46 FS
    Airbourne Black Widow HT (Long fast rides)
    Singular Hummingbird HT (Bikepacking bike)
    Independent Fabrications SS (Look @ me bike)
    Canyon Nerve (most used bike at the moment)


    20 ish is my guess


    35 bikes since my Raleigh Silver Bullet in 1983….

    Not really ‘how few’ is it?!


    Not many. I had a triggers broom of a BMX – a Raleigh Aero Pro (’84) which came with a 15 yr F+F guarantee. I milked that to death (5 pairs of forks and 3 frames) for 12 years until some wee scrote stole it. Since then there was one more bmx and 6 mtbs (four of which i still have).

    Premier Icon tomhoward

    12 in as many years I reckon.

    Premier Icon transporter13

    I’ve lost count of the amount of bikes I’ve bought over the years, most being either second hand or built up from parts that I’ve bought second hand. If we’re talking brand spanking then 10 in 20 years

    Strangely enough, I havent noticed hora post here yet


    5 in 20 years

    Marin Palisades
    Commencal meta 5.5.2
    Orange Crush
    Trek ex8 (current
    Cotic Soul (current)

    Premier Icon Simon

    I’ve had 7 since 1996, still got 2 of them.

    Premier Icon steveoath


    Kona Hahanna (Gifted to Dad so he can learn to ride)
    Trek Marlin SS (Sold)
    Orange MS Isle (current)


    Raleigh Something or other (Died after 15 years service!)
    Edinburgh Bike Coop Revolution (Gifted To Best Mate)
    Specialised Roubaix (Sold)

    Stevens Vapor Disc (teh awsumz)

    Premier Icon muddydwarf

    MTB’s 5 off :-

    Claude Butler thing that i rebuilt before realising it was pretty rubbish
    Kona Cindercone ’98. Great bike but too big for me (didn’t know better at the time).
    GT Zaskar Race ’01. Great bike but extremely stiff, beat me up a fair bit. Upgraded with nice kit then sold to fund :-
    Marin Mount Vision ’04 that i still have. Still a fantastic bike for long days and marathon rides.
    Marin Wolf Ridge 6.8 ’09 model. Closest i have to ‘my perfect bike’ and the one i ride the most. Heavy but so much fun 🙂

    Road :-
    Boardman Sports Hybrid ’10 model. Been great for introducing me to the tarmac world
    Mango singlespeed commuter, great fun around town.

    Next bike (hopefully this week)
    MEKK Potenza 5.0 full carbon road bike 🙂

    Premier Icon tmb467

    Started with a Raleigh MTrax (not counting bikes when I was a kid!)
    Upgraded frame to a Marin Pine Mountain and forks to Pace RC35s

    Had that stolen and didn’t ride for years

    Then got a P7
    Had that stolen and got a replacement P7
    Sold that after a few years and didn’t ride for a while

    Had a retro Marin Nail Trail with rigid forks for a bit but it got stripped one night

    My wife then got me a GT hardtail to get back out again and I ended up with an 06 Enduro that I’ve just almost got right (but its too heavy really)

    Now also have a steel SS and a DMR Rhythm both of which I’ve built up. Only ever bought 2 bikes from new but had 9 in total

    Premier Icon chakaping

    Just added up bikes owned since I reached full size/got into cycling as a hobby – 24.

    Didn’t think it’d be so many, but most are within the past four years and I did have all my bikes nicked.

    Premier Icon scotroutes

    cynic-al wrote:

    50 plus – I need to list/count them.
    Some for one ride, admittedly.

    You should have done a bit more research before buying them then.

    Premier Icon scotroutes

    Orange Clockwork
    Specialized FSR
    On One Inbred
    Kona Sutra
    Focus Cayo
    Ragley mmmBop
    Ragley Ti
    (all now gone)

    Chinese Ti hardtail
    (mostly dismantled)

    SC Blur XC Carbon
    Van Nicholas Amazon
    Cube GTC
    Salsa El Mariachi
    (all current)

    Premier Icon roger_mellie

    Over about 20 years (lordy) only 3 MTBs:
    Specialized hardrock sport got me started,
    Marin wolf ridge followed,
    Lapierre zesty is the current one.

    Premier Icon fathomer

    I didn’t take cycling up till about 5 years ago and the bug didn’t really bite till two years ago. First bike was a Cube Ltd pro, that got sold for a Cotic Soul and I had my first ride on my new TRc today. My first and only road bike, which gets used a lot is a Boardman Comp, £330 bargain off eBay. So 4 in 5 years.


    Cad1 Worn out
    Kona caldera. Bent
    Maxlite Bent
    Maxlite xcpro. Sold on
    Prophet. Sold on
    Decade virsa. Snapped abit
    Voodoo wanga. Languishing in bits needing some tlc
    Canondale f29 Pretty much a modern version of my 1st mtb

    All since 97


    Over 14 years

    Kona explosif
    Cove hustler
    Cotic soul
    Singular swift

    All good in their own way and its taken me that long to realise that I’m really not that bothered what bike I’m riding as long as it fits and doesn’t break too easily.

    Tom B

    3 MTBs
    1 road bike

    Only been riding seriously for 4 years though.


    14 mountain bikes (7 hardtails, 7 full sus), 2 road bikes. Still have 5 bikes out of those lot I’ve kept. The tragic thing is about 8 of those are all from the last 5 years.

    Quite often buy just a frame though, 9 of those mountain bikes were bought as frames. My gearing and finishing kit lasts a lot longer.

    Proper, actual bikes rather than BSOs? 4 and a half.
    Started it all off with a Cube LTD Race, 100mm. Great thing, and having a decent bike just as I was getting back into it was the difference between me sticking with it and me jacking it in.

    After that came a rather large step forward: Pronghorn XC-SW Carbon. Ridiculously light, ridiculously expensive, and (to my eyes only, it would appear) a thing of handsome majesty. It rides fairly well too.

    That was swiftly followed by my first road bike: Look 566. Nice and light, nice and fast, nice.

    Then I had a hankering for something a bit beefier than the carbon Prongy, so I went for an alu one: Pronghorn PR6 Trail. Fox Float 36s, Kashima, FIT, all that jazz. No idea how, cos i didn’t spend any real money on bling weight-weenie stuff, but it weighs in at 28lbs. As a result I’ve not ridden the carbon one since. A proper do-everything-I-can-imagine-doing-on-a-bike bike.

    Now have a PR6 Trail frame as well, just as a back-up in case the other one fails. Pronghorn don’t make them any more, see, and it’s the best bike I’ve had the pleasure of riding and don’t want to swap for another.

    Thinking back my best ever bike must be the Diamond Back Ascent EX

    2 new frames. New bars, shifters, 5 sets of wheels, 3 forks, umpteen gear sets and chains, not to mention saddles. Cantis, V brakes, disks on the front.

    They dont make bikes like that anymore 🙂

    Premier Icon Alex

    not so ‘quite few’

    I thought i’d better write it down before I forgot 😉

    Premier Icon cookeaa

    Since about 1992-ish I think 15 bikes, the majority in the last 10 years, but half of them are still with me… Is that a lot?

    Premier Icon matt_outandabout

    1992-Now (21 years) a grand total of 7.
    Raleigh something or other (Stolen)
    Al Carter Sacremento
    Orange C16r
    Orange Sub5
    Niner EMD (stolen)
    Orange ST4 (busted)
    Sanderson Breath


    I’ve ony had 5 this year . . . I think I’m cured! 😛

    Premier Icon mintimperial

    I was doing really well from 1992 until until about 2009, I’d had two proper bikes that I bought myself, a Breezer (nicked) and a Marin (still going). Since then I’ve gone a bit nuts though, I think I’m on about seven or eight now… 😀


    Since 1990, 8 MTB & 2 road


    Down to only one Mtb now – from three this time last year.
    But .. Up to three road bikes now … soon to be four.


    too many keep finding pictures of bikes i’ve had and cant remember on photobucket

    I started cycling 25 years ago and in that time I’ve had 14 Mtb’s, 6 road bikes and 3 BMX’s.

    I think you’ve done pretty well!


    Since getting serious again back in 2000:

    ’00 Carrera Kraken – upgraded most of the parts as I broke them in the first year, then moved it to commuting duties before selling it to a neighbour. Now doing duty with a student.
    ’09 Specialized FSR XC Expert – great when I bought it but my riding got more serious and quickly found the bike unsuitable. Sold the parts, frame still kicking around.
    ’12 Carrera Vengeance – for commuting duties. Picked up as shop soiled for £200, slowly upgraded with bits off ebay etc. Now on it’s way to Africa apparently!!
    ’11 Orange 5 Pro – best bike I’ve ever ridden. Suits me perfectly and is as happy bimbling along the canal with family as it is getting thrashed in the Alps.
    ’12 Boardman Hybrid Comp – commuter with a bit of road usage in the evenings to keep my fitness up.

    So 5 in 13 years, not bad!! The only two I love are the Kraken and the 5. Both have given me amazing memories of places I rode them and friends I rode with. Made a mistake selling the Kraken, will never sell the 5. It’ll be hung with pride of place in my man-cave when it retires/dies.


    Started around 1997,

    Schwin “something” hardtail
    Marin rift zone
    Spesh rockhopper
    Spesh epic
    Spesh stumpjumper
    Spesh allez roadbike
    Santa cruz blur
    Giant anthem
    Scott scale
    Giant tcr roadbike
    Giant defy winterbike

    So 11 in 16 years. Probably only cycled properly in around 10 of those 16 years.

    Premier Icon Andy R

    Since 1988 –

    ’88 Explosif
    ’93 RM Blizzard
    ’95 Kilauea
    ’95 Explosif

    Then some newer stuff –

    Two Singular Hummingbirds (one SS, one with Alfine).
    Carver 96er
    Trek Top Fuel 69er.

    I sold the Carver frame, the ’95 Explosif frame is languishing in my workshop, the RM Blizzard and Kilauea are in Greece.
    I still use the ’88 Explosif from time to time, the two Hummingbirds are probably my most used bikes, esp. the singlespeed.
    The Trek 69er I can’t get on with, for some reason, and I think it’ll be going soon.


    Frankly I’ve no idea but then I’m not going to go to my grave miserly. I build them all myself and sell them for what I paid for them, often passing on the love. All the parts get ridden to death and I’ve got MK1 Saint cranks at home that lasted 6yrs, a XTR rear mech thats been on every bike (2001 vintage) and still in service on my only bike, a King headset that I’ve owned since 2003…etc etc etc.

    I think its criminal to own a few bikes and not actually ride them all equally/alot/often. I once bought a frame from someone – it was 4years old/he’d had it that long and never built it. Not even taken the tags off.

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