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  • How far have you walked naked?
  • yetidave

    met a girl who was totally starkers once on a roundabout in Edinburgh at 8am on a sunday morning. I nearly fell off, she was getting applause from a nearby flat.


    I’ve ridden Dalbeatie’s slab and fished from the beach naked (no skids or crabs were involved).


    Out of a hotel in Eastborne, across the road down the beach into the sea and back.
    Celebrating after running the SDW, we got very drunk.


    Not walked especially far, but I have taken a few self portraits naked in abandoned buildings…

    Do I know you? And, more importantly, have you contributed to the page 3 thread on 28DL?!!!-probably-nsfw

    Same with me – not much distance, but a few times on cranes, in power stations, in mines etc…


    About 50 meters – across Fort Knox footbridge over the Cam, we decided to swim across – but didn’t want to get our clothes, shoes and phones wet, so we walked over, put everything in a pile, then ran back over the bridge nekkid so we could swim back. No – it didn’t make much sense at the time either…

    I think it invovled a quick dash through the pub beer graden – which now I come to think about it probably has CCTV… Hmm…


    There was allegedly a naked flying lap record at Meadowbank velodrome, but I don’t know if it is an urban myth.


    Ran naked round the cul-de-sack where I lived when I was about 12, at night egged on by a few pals that we were camping out with in the back garden.
    Skinny dip in Greece too.
    Not very adventurous I know, maybe I should be getting naked more often – or maybe not…

    Premier Icon ir_bandito

    Somwhere in the world there’s a photo of me and 3 mates, aged 18/19, stood on naked a boulder on the side of High Stile near buttermere.

    Said photo was shown to one of the lad’s girlfriend some time later, with the heads covered up. It took her 4 guesses to get her bloke!

    As for walking, well our clothes were nowhere near the boulder in question…

Viewing 8 posts - 41 through 48 (of 48 total)

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