how far do you travel to ride at weekends?

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  • how far do you travel to ride at weekends?
  • james6963

    how far do you travel at weekends to get to good mountain biking trails?

    Premier Icon Simon

    Out the the door and pedal up the hill. If I had to drive to ride I’d probably give up.

    Premier Icon scc999

    About as far as we do to go climbing. Dartford to the Peak, Snowdonia etc.
    But that’s not every weekend!



    ^ as above. Out me door, couple of road miles and into the forest. Although I’m happy to drive sometimes and do one of the magazine pull out routes.

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    As far as it takes, I’d get bored if I just rode the stuff out the door every time. When I was in the UK lakes, peak, n Wales, borders was all weekend territory. S Wales more of a long weekend.

    Premier Icon Northwind

    Depends- one day might be right out the door, I can be on singletrack in about 5 minutes. Next week I’m off to kinlochleven for the weekend. I’ll not generally drive more than a couple of hours in a day to ride but I’ll drive further for a weekend’s riding

    Premier Icon kayla1

    It depends, but it’s generally out the door and there are decent trails within 1km. We’ve driven to Hamsterley a couple of times and up to Northumberland but I prefer to start and finish the ride at home, dunno why.


    Got the Peatlands 15 mins from the house which is ace for a quick blast. But spend most of my time 30 miles away in the Tweed valley. So much amazing stuff down there that Peatlands just can’t compare with.


    2 to 3 hours for a day trip (lakes, north Wales, further across the dales). Scotland, south Wales would involve staying over.

    Did Snowdon yesterday in fact.

    Furthest I have driven to ride was 1300km to Chamonix. Worth every mile. Did stay for a week though.

    Quick 20-30 mins in the car for me, although I’ll happily drive 2-3 hours to go to GT or Laggan. It gets boring riding the stuff local to me after a while.

    Premier Icon deadkenny

    Got choices of out the door local, various xc routes about, or off road ride to Surrey Hills about 1.5hr away, ride to Tunnel Hill at 45mins and that area give access to Swinley.

    Or, drive to these places and other MoD spots, 15 to 30mins.

    Beyond, will do a few hours to Wales and stuff.

    Premier Icon scotroutes

    If I cycle 30-40 minutes from my door I can be here
    [url=]P1000728[/url] by ScotRoutes, on Flickr

    I find I don’t drive much these days

    Premier Icon mechanised

    I try to make sure that I ride for at least as long as it takes to get there and back driving, makes me feel like I’m making up for the distance traveled. As living in Manchester there’s not much out the back door.

    Good thing is there’s some good riding in most directions if you travel an hour or so to get there.


    almost always ride from the door. lots on the doorstep, and you can always mix it up slightly so as not to get bored. Occasionally will get in the car for a trail centre, but don’t like the added hassle.

    Premier Icon Nipper99

    spend 2 hrs a day to work and back so tends to be out the front door as i cant be arsed to drive at w/ends. Cross bike has made a big difference. Gower one way and Breacon Beacons the other.


    Most of my riding is at Woburn which is a 40 minute drive each way if theres no traffic. I can rarely be arsed to drive much further any more as I do enough driving for work – hence why my roadie gets way more use now. I’ll occasionally do a big day or weekend away somewhere nice though. Most decent places are 1.5-2hrs each way (I’m in east midlands). Love riding the long mynd, fod and wales but I only normally do them in the summer as I cba driving all the way to ride in the pissing rain.


    Used to be 60 miles (London to Surrey Hills & back) 2 weekends a month, 450miles (London to the Peaks & back) the other 2 weekends.

    Now, mostly its zero. 🙂


    2 minutes into rivington but don’t mind a drive to llandegla and gisburn once a month or so. Se with road biking with the odd lakes sportive thrown in. Wouldn’t bother if I had to drive to all of it

    Premier Icon MoreCashThanDash

    Surrounded by bridleways, towpaths, Sustrans paths and the occassional cheeky bit. None of it rad or gnar, but I can go out the door, ride 20 miles with only 2-3 on roads.

    Which suits my useless riding skills and pressured time frame fairly well.

    But the kids like Sherwood Pines and Hicks Lodge, so I guess technically the answer is just under an hour….

    Premier Icon smogmonster

    25 minutes to Hamsterley, 30 minutes to Reeth or 45 minutes to Guisborough are my usual drives. Otherwise its hit the roadbike if I cant be arsed with all the faff of pack/drive/unpack/faff in the carpark.


    Anything from 30 mins to 2 hours

    Premier Icon colournoise

    Can (since I moved last week) ride some nice wooded singletrack pretty much from my front door now. Pretty flat round here though, so the group I ride with does a monthly trip away to ride. Happy to do 2-3 hours each way. That gets us anywhere from the Peaks, through both ends of Wales, to the Dales.


    Well as a limit:

    Number of hours of driving < Number of hours riding

    However, typically I drive 2 hours round trip for a 4.5 hour ride every weekend. I ride locally during the week and take the opportunity at the weekend to ride further afield.

    Premier Icon breadcrumb

    20 minutes sees me in Keswick, sometimes I’ll venture a bit further though.

    Premier Icon andytherocketeer

    down 3 storeys in the lift

    Premier Icon fathomer

    About an hour to Cannock, or 1h20m to the Peaks but not every week.

    Occasionally a couple of hours to Degla but only once every 6 months.

    If it’s a weekend away, 4 to 5 hours.

    From the door for me too. Every minute faffing putting kit in the van and driving is a minute of ridding gone. It’s 7 miles to the hills but warms me up nicely and gets time and miles on the legs. I’ve also livened it up loads now by finding bridle ways and lanes all over the place to get to where I want – they’re also quieter too.
    At most for leisure rides I drive 45 mins to exmoor, or up to 3hrs for xc racing or marathon events – but that’s only when I’ve got a day pass.

    Premier Icon ratadog

    Out the the door and pedal up the hill.


    Dalby at the top of the hill


    1hr to Edale or 30-40 to Marple for me.

    One day I’ll move somewhere better but for now I’m pretty happy.

    Premier Icon tonyg2003

    Out the door probably about 90% of the time. Especially mid-week (rare to drive0. Although all over the UK and Europe the rest of the 10%. When we moved the biking here was a big part of the decision for us.

    Premier Icon stewartc

    Locally, maybe a kilometre of so before the climbing starts, for weekend shuttle runs, maybe 30mins in a van, and for some island hopping maybe an hour ferry journey, Hong Kong is not that big.

    Premier Icon hairyscary

    At the weekend I usually drive the 20 minutes it takes to get to the local hill, a couple of hours for a day ride and any longer I’ll make a weekend of it. I don’t ride from my door as the closest trails are 4 and 10 miles away, 4 miles is ok but I’d get very bored of the same trail and 10 miles….sod that.
    I don’t find driving to ride a hassle at all, but my bike does live in my car and I don’t care about getting it dirty inside.


    Cannock is closest for me and that’s about 50 mins on the train. Llandegla and the Peak are both around 2 hrs, and that’s about my limit for a day trip.

    Premier Icon iainc

    My local trails are a 30min drive, cathkin is under 10. Wet weekends I may go to Glentress which is just over an hours drive.

    Great road riding from the door on quiet back roads

    It costs too.much in petrol to be worth it nowadays, so trips to wales or peaks are now once a year events

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