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  • Junkyard

    4 hours generally so depends if road or off road

    More if a big day out


    I have the same issue with excess weight but unike you I can’t shift it. Currently training for a 100 mile road event so most off road rides are between 12 and 50 miles the latter only happens if I can’t bare the thought of riding long on the road. I think once this event is done and dusted I will be riding for pleasure off road and distance will be between 10 and 30 miles.

    The road bike will be going up for sale immediately after the event, I hate it.

    Hoping to add some running into the mix soon as well as my foot heals, but gym membership is one thing I feel I can’t justify.

    Good luck with your continued fitness increase and enjoy.


    Joined a local CC this month and started hammering road rides, 100 miles on road, 20 miles off-road so far this week. Planning on going mountain biking tomorrow so could hit 140 or so.

    Bit of an exception this week, normally do about 20 🙂

    Not bothering with the gym again here ever, signed up a few times, always get bored after a few months, then blow hundreds not going. Swimming I can only take for about 30 minutes before it gets too dull. I swim breaststroke like an old lady though, which probably doesn’t help.


    My target really is to be able to polish off 50 miles in relative comfort, I guess part of that is getting my arse used to it again. When I sort out my new mtb will be off into north Wales at the weekends to get some hills in try getting to that next level.

    Might try adding a bit of running, the c25k. Road doesn’t bother me, just wish it wasn’t so flat around here. Well it isn’t just need a little more distance to start getting the hills. I think I will be happy when I am around jumping on the bike and 30 miles is a leisurely ride.


    the commute to work is about an 1hour each way, that is 3-4days a week, sometime 5 but not that often, On one of the quieter weeks i might go out for a couple of hours on the mtb in the evening.

    then at the weekend, maybe one maybe two rides, one around the 3hour and one around 4, mtb or road, depending on mood and mud.

    not training, i just like riding a bike.


    My short evening ride is 20 miles, my medium weekend rides are 40-50 miles ( I don’t generally take water or food on these ones) and my long rides are 60-100 miles. Strangely my average speed doesn’t change at all with the increase in distance.

    I do about 150-200 miles a week at the moment

    All off road and on a single speed 29er 🙂

    Premier Icon cakefacesmallblock

    Average weekend offroad local rides for our little clan vary from 10 to 20 miles, sometimes both sat and sun with one or two similar evening rides.
    I’m just coming to the end of a week off, having ridden 105 miles mostly offroad on the mtb. Including a big Exmoor ride, some trail centre merry-go-round and some Wyre fun stuff.
    Hopefully, out to raise a little more dust in the morning. 😀

    Premier Icon matt_outandabout

    Distance is a poor measure of routes and how hard you work. You can do 4 miles here….and take in a 3000′ climb and descent…


    You don’t take food or water on a 50 mile off road ride !
    Are you for real?


    done about 14k miles last year, some mtb’ing, mostly road. Probably about 10 rides over 100 miles, maybe more. Done 126 miles on the mtb last saturday


    Distance is a poor measure of routes and how hard you work.

    Agree hours out is a better guide tbh

    I once did 6 miles in 4 hours

    Premier Icon njee20

    You don’t take food or water on a 50 mile off road ride !

    That does seem pretty mental. I’m not a huge drinker/eater, but assuming that’s at least 4 hours you can’t do that without any fluids.

    Weekend MTB ride of 30-40 miles usually, road rides at either commutes of 10-45 miles, or 60+ if it’s a weekend ride. Tend to do 100-150 a week.

    As said though, distance isn’t a great measure, time and/or intensity are better metrics.


    i do on average 100 miles a week mainly on cycle tracks on my mtb,as of next week will be totaling an average of 140 mls a week as i now have more time, on average anywhere between 25-40 ish per ride, depends on weather and what time i have, ive built myself up to those miles over a period of 3 months, when i first started 20 miles was an effort, but now 30 miles is quite easy, i put my headphones on and you soon see the mileage rack up on the computer, when your enjoying yourself lol, plus because i ride off road, i dont get stressed with idiots in cars, just dog walkers lol

    The quick rides I do around my side of town probably total 5-10 miles, but that’s going over every mildly interesting thing I can find.

    If I go to the decent trails across town then that probably totals around 20 miles.

    Then I have the big days out where I ride across town and then onto the proper hills. A good ride with a bit of everything in there tends to total around 45-50 miles.


    After a year ish not riding piling on tons oof weight and starting getting my bike nicked etc I am just getting back into it and feel a little fitness returning.

    Started doing 6-8 miles and a big ride was 10 miles, avoided going out if it was windy as it was to much effort but now riding 20 miles easily and comfortably, seen my pace go up etc. I road 30+ last weekend and ok it hurt a little but I put that down to dieting to not fuelled as well as I might have. Most is just out on canal paths and rads on a cx bike at the minute until my insurance is sorted but main thing is getting fitness sorted. Its probably no wonder I am getting quicker and feeling better having lost 2 stone in 3 months.

    Just wondering how far typically everyone rides, is it for fun, fitness etc. Do you do anything else fitness wise.

    Plan on starting at the gym and getting some core fitness and swimming but cycling mainly as its low impact, and I love it, especially now I am getting the beef off and feeling better.

    I just do it because I enjoy it really. Probably the main reason. Fitness comes into it, but I probably wouldnt care if I was unfit if I didnt ride. Think this week I’ve done about 200miles (well, I will if I get out for an hour or so tomorrow), sometimes I may do only 50miles (although that’s not often).

    b r

    Longest last month was +60 miles and 7000 ft climbing – absolutely knackered, for a few days.

    Tomorrow will be about 40 miles and 5000ft climbing – but it’ll be hot, so hard work.

    All off-road.


    I understand that intensity and duration are better metrics. However just seeing what people are doing etc. I work from home so don’t have a commute and little time to ride. Pretty lucky if I can get three rides a week in. The last year has been solid work and no fun at all so want t fix the work life balance.

    I wish I lived somewhere where I could get a few 1000ft of climbing but its just not around here, not that I am anywhere near ready for that yet.

    I aam just reasonably happy with my progress from fat wheezy duffer to slightly less fat and slightly less wheezy duffer.


    1-4 hours a day. Doing my dissertation at the moment so it’s perfect time to procrastinate and just think about my work. Don’t want a real job!


    Start from home ride till I’m tired then drag my ass home, normally 5-6 hours

    Premier Icon curiousyellow

    116km with 868m of climbing today. Partly fun, partly for training. I run 3 times a week in training for a half-marathon to raise money for a hospice that helped a good friend through cancer before he passed away. The goal is to run it in sub 2 hours.

    I like road riding, but mountain biking is what puts the grin on my face. Would probably run less if not for the half marathon. Used to go to the gym a couple of times a week too, but have sacked that off to do more road riding.

    Used to play tennis pretty seriously but the cost of membership and the time investment mean that does not happen any more. Would swim too, but council pool has been demolished and I cannot afford £80 a month for swanky gym membership. Bike riding will do for now, but I have no idea how I’d fit other stuff in even if I could afford to.

    It’s all relative really. The more serious you get about something the more you start to compare yourself to the people above you. I’m trying to ride 1000km and run 100km a month, but I see guys around me who’re doing twice that and it’s inspiring/mind-boggling.


    70-80 miles a week,usually in 2-3 rides,usually about 7000 ft of climbing per week.

    Struggled at the beginning of the year,have now lost 2 stone and am getting fitter.


    150-200 a week, less than 10% of which is off road. At least 100 is commuting and another 50 is club riding.


    120 to 150 miles a week at the moment. A bit lower than previous years.

    On the food thing above, 50 miles without food is absolutely no problem at all. I think I’ve done an 80 miler without taking any food and certainly done a century with just a bag of randoms in my pocket. But I’d never go out without water.


    I too am carrying timber? i generally do 10 to 20 once a week off road and 20 miles road(on mtb) if i get chance. the more i do the better i feel . If i have a big ride coming up i go for a 4 hour but i take a picnic. I have no clue on fueling for a ride ? I work 70 plus hours a week so struggle to get the rides in ? i wish i could work less but the salary is great and i get plenty of Pr and newspaper /magazine articles for my field of work so i do it ?? ilove my job but having more time would be mega??

    Premier Icon Northwind

    Agree on distance vs time, today I did about 30 miles which is more than my normal, and I’m less tired than usual, mostly easy miles. Tomorrow I reckon I’m going to do about half that, plus any uplifts I can grab at the end of the day at innerleithen, and I’ll probably be ready for burial afterwards.

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