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  • How far do you commute by bike?
  • Premier Icon DezB

    15-ish miles each way, 2 or 3 times a week. Would do it more, but I enjoy other stuff (football, rugby) which my ol’ legs won’t me combine in the same day!

    Premier Icon fathomer

    5 miles in, anywhere between 5 and 30 miles home dependent on mood and weather. Only tend to do it in the dry and when not on site.

    15 miles each way through London everyday around an hour depending on the wind and which bike I’m riding. It’s flat & boring but Richmond and Hyde Parks brighten it a bit.

    Will do it till the clocks go forward then reassess how dangerous it is in the dark!


    10 miles each way at the moment. Nice and easy compared to my old occasional commute – 33 miles each way, with a few hill passes on the way in and a constant ascent with the horseshoe pass thrown in for good measure on the way home.

    Premier Icon DezB

    ‘look at my commute! Aren’t you jealous?’

    Yes. Yes I am.

    Premier Icon ddmonkey

    Varies but usually 40km round trip, but the full 130km round trip with approx 1000m vertical if time and energy and weather allow (not very often) – its a lovely ride.


    Sounds exactly what i am contemplating !!

    Posted to RAF Leuchars and apparently there are married quarters in Cupar.

    Ah right! Mine will be Dundee to St Andrews, via Tayport. As fasthaggis mentions the road from Cupar to Leuchars does get quite busy and it is a fast road, but its fast on the bike too. And if you don’t fancy it/fancy some hills there are a few other ways that make is quieter and more interesting.

    Premier Icon ir_bandito

    1 mile to my son’s school
    0.2 miles round the corner to the office.
    1 mile home.




    At one time I (stupidly) used to do 46km (road) with about 600m of climbing (on the way in, reversed on the way home) either side of a day in a sawmill. That was the direct route – I never wanted to extend it much as I was pretty much always knackered. Then I did about 6km that I could do on fun off road and extend as far as I liked (and run or xc ski when the snow was good in the winter). Nowadays I mostly either work from home or have about 5km bimble either way.

    Premier Icon hopevalley

    On road and 100k and 1500m climbing minimum – up to 130k/1800m and beyond if weather/family allow…. from Dark to White Peak, really great ride too… try and do 2/3 a week but did manage every day for 9 weeks a couple of years ago.

    Mister P

    Somewhere between 45 and 70 mile round trip depending on the mood I am in. Today will he straight in and straight home again as I have been struck with the snots so that’s just a 45er.


    I moved last week and now have a lovely 20 mile round trip along the Tyne on cycle paths. The perfect unwind at the end of a day at work.


    67 mile round trip but I only do it on a Friday as I can wear what I want and we finish at 1PM.


    Either 6 or 8 miles in and the same back or sometimes up to 20 if I go through Epping Forest

    basically all flat

    no wonder I’m still fat


    1.1 miles door to door. If I’m feeling awake I might take the ‘hilly’ option (c.75 metres of climb), if not (and it’s usually not) it’s a quick blast along the sea front! 🙂


    28 miles each way. Once or sometimes twice a week weather dependent. Helps as it is through the Dales. 🙂

    Harrogate to Skipton


    26 mile round trip on a single speed road bike mostly B roads
    dont encounter much traffic do this 5 days a week all year
    It can at times be a grind but most of the time its the highlight of my day
    arrive home stress free …love it


    Recently been getting up at 5am to ride in two or three days a week to maximise riding time on lovely quiet back roads. 28miles with 1700ft of climbing in about 1.5hours. Feel brilliant all day and get the train home to play with the kids. I also have off road routes which take over 2 hours. I’m not interested in riding home as if I have time for that I can do something more interesting… like ride better places as on the other days of the week.

    Not sure how this will hold up through the winter as the route I do is very exposed.

    I love my commute, 25 quiet miles each way in some lovely countryside. A couple of hefty hills help the fitness and to be honest the commute has stopped me looking for a job elsewhere. Do it two or three times a week and miss it on a car day.


    I mostly drive it… But when I do ride it’s 26 miles each way – on the way there it’s mostly on road, on the way back it’s mostly off road (downs link).
    I’d do it every day if I could, but child/family commitments mean that wouldn’t be possible!



    My commute is only 0.4 miles each way.

    Premier Icon binners

    18 fantastic sunny, off-road miles home (2000ft of climbing), including a lap of Cragg and a 3 mile descent to finish, through some very overgrown singletrack.

    I took some pictures for Dezzy, as I know he likes to see me enjoying myself 😀

    [/url] The route home by binlidski, on Flickr[/img]

    The route home by binlidski, on Flickr

    The route home by binlidski, on Flickr



    60 mile round trip 3 to 4 times a week. Great start to the day and gets the miles in. Will vary frequency if racing at the weekend but in the winter its great for the base.

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