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  • How far do you commute by bike?
  • PeterPoddy

    30 mile round trip. Just started last week. 47mins is my best time one way so far. 🙂


    Not the furthest but i commute each way somewhere between 16 and 25miles each way, depends on mood weather time etc.

    Work on it taking an hour, which is about right for a comfortable bimble to work, yes i have one it a bit quicker, 40mins, but that was with a tail wind.

    Do that between 3 and 5 times a week usually 4, usually i skip riding on wednesday and take stuff in, but it does depend on how many miles i have done over the weekend, 7+ days in a row is pushing it a bit,

    14k each way, just a nice distance, takes about 35 mins on the 29er, not tried the roadbike yet, tomorrow maybe the day… 🙂


    About to move house and will start a 15 miles each way commute. Pretty flat around Fife though so no real elevation.


    Normally 15 miles each way. About 25 miles coming home if it’s nice.
    I’m very lucky in that I have a 50/50 split of road and offroad. The extra 10 miles that I do when it’s nice is all offroad and has some very sweet singletrack.

    I try to cycle every day but that plan sometimes fails by at one day due to work or family commitments.



    Sounds exactly what i am contemplating !!

    Posted to RAF Leuchars and apparently there are married quarters in Cupar.

    Premier Icon rOcKeTdOg

    17 miles, no car atm. I’ve found there’s a distinct difference between wanting to ride to work & having to ride to work


    Something stupid like 1.3 miles and it’s downhill all the way 🙁


    Depends really. If I commute from home it’s a 58 mile round trip which is too much to do every day. So I tend to put the bike in the back of the car and park half way making it around a 30 mile total cycle commute.

    Not cycling at all at the moment though as I had a hernia operation 2 weeks ago! 🙁

    Premier Icon njee20

    I don’t do it often (ie I’ve only done both ways in a day once!) but it’s a 90 mile round trip. More common is the drive half/ride half, which is 46 miles/day.

    Even that I only do once or twice a week due to being in other offices, or having early/late meetings, and because I’m lazy!


    20 mile round trip, with plenty of climbs involved.

    So I tend to put the bike in the back of the car and park half way making it around a 30 mile total cycle commute.

    I do fancy this, but I can’t seem to bring myself to drive through the North Yorkshire moors then ride through Middlesbrough. 🙁


    13 miles round trip. Downhill all the way in, killer coming home.

    Premier Icon stabilizers

    Currently 57 mile round trip. Not every day as AndrewJ says. Too much and don’t have the time with the school runs.
    Will be riding the next 2 days and yes I agree there’s a huge difference between wanting to and having to. Given that it is a reasonably pleasant route.

    Premier Icon maxray

    About 24miles each way on my trusty croix de fer. Only do it once a week tho!

    10 miles in and if the weather is nice then 30+ home. 😀

    Premier Icon njee20

    I do fancy this, but I can’t seem to bring myself to drive through the North Yorkshire moors then ride through Middlesbrough

    Mmmm, that’s what mine’s like – drive through the Sussex/Surrey countryside, nice country roads, one set of traffic lights. I park just outside the M25 and ride into the City through 130 sets, not ideal! 😕

    7.2 miles each way. 30 mins on the way in, predominantly downhill. Slightly longer on the way home.

    Might be moving soon and deciding on bounds of potential area. Thinking a mile or 2 more wouldn’t be a problem at all.

    Premier Icon Simon

    Not the furthest but my commute is 7 miles each way, pretty much all off road unless it’s really wet (like most of last year 🙂 ), often extend the ride home if time allows.
    Do it 2 or 3 times a week.


    18 miles a day.

    I go quicker on the way home, even though it’s at the end of a day that’s 15 hours from getting up to getting home.


    Ive been doing a 40 mile round trip once or twice a week. Its quite a hilly (2,500ft) climbing each trip, mixture of busy ish town roads and forest tracks. Takes about 1hr 20 each way.

    It knackers me out to the extent I cant concentrate as well at work. Certainly couldn’t do it all week.


    as an aside, according to Strava i have spent over 2.5 weeks on the bike so far this year…a fair chunk of that has been commuting.


    100 commuting miles a week. Following The Time Crunched Cyclist commuter program. Intervals for breakfast.


    8 miles in, varies going home.

    I too have to ride in, or pay extortionate city centre parking.

    I could get the bus, but it would take me 1.5 hours door to door.

    25-30 mins on the bike, depending on wind.

    Premier Icon BlobOnAStick

    30 miles each way. Generally I’ll do one way on the days I can ride (ride in, train home one day, train in, ride home the following day) but i often take the long way home (45 to 60 miles) and as I loose the winter insulation I tend to mix in both ways in the same day more and more.

    Edit: door to door on the train takes an hour. Riding takes around 1hr40mins (provided the wind isn’t too strong) so I get a decent amount of exercise for only “40 minutes” it works well with family duties.

    Premier Icon MoreCashThanDash

    Usual route is 12 miles in and 14 home – tram works make it easier to take a longer route home at the moment.

    Occasionally do the whole thing on canal paths and cycle paths – makes it 19 lovely miles each way, but eats into work/family time if I do that too often


    like rocketdog. about 33 miles per day. every day. only been doing it about 20 months though and it has got easier. best time about 47 mins one way. hour dead the other. according to sporttracker I love 500ft higher than I work and do 1000 to 2000 ft of climbing one way (dependant on direction and route).


    15 in and between 15 and 40 back depending on mood
    But not every day

    At 30 round trip I Somtimes do 4 days by bike

    My shortest commute is 43km each way. Varies massively how often I do it. Sometimes when the weather is nice I extend it quite a bit as well. Other times I’ll drive in, ride home and ride back in the following morning.


    Renton. The main road from Cupar is a bit busy (and they hoon along) you could do a nice run in via Strathkinness then back through Gaurdbridge. Longer and it has a mahoosive hill in it,but a nicer route. 🙂

    Premier Icon Teetosugars

    34 miles for the return route..
    The showers are borked at work at the minute, so not done it as much as I wanted too..
    Hopefully they’ll have squared this away by the time I get back off leave, then back too it..


    56 mile round trip Monday and Tuesday, today a whole 9 mile round trip, tomorrow will be about 20, Friday I may catch the train if I don’t feel like another 56 miler!

    No car, expensive train so the options are pretty limited. It’s much, much harder if there’s a more convenient and comfortable option!

    Premier Icon Shackleton

    4 miles each way along the Tay. Long enough to enjoy the ride and feel relaxed but not so long that I get bored on a road bike 😀


    As title really just wondering who commutes the furthest each day by bike?

    Premier Icon gonetothehills

    I have a lovely 45 mile round trip. Bit of main road at one end, but predominantly lanes and quiet roads, nice scenery – as pleasant a commute as I could want. I do it once a week, sometimes twice, but as a couple have said, there’s a big difference between wanting and needing to commute by bike.

    I could/should have gone today – all planned and prepped but tiredness took over and I drove. I guess I did the right thing as I have a 100m+ sportive on Sunday and am still a bit tired from last weekend, but I missed riding and feel bad about it. Hey ho.

    8 miles round trip, somewhat embarrassed now 😯

    Still, evey little helps towards a better, cleaner environment for my kids 🙂


    20 miles each way which I do pretty much every day for about 6 months of the year and then average 3 days a week over winter. Not a huge amount of climbing with about 1800ft over the 40 miles.

    Premier Icon GrahamS

    A very pleasant 11 miles each way – about 10.8 of which is on luvverly traffic-free cycle paths (Thanks Sustrans!)


    7 miles in, 10-12 miles home. On the road, but sometimes throw in 2-3 miles of off-road.
    5 days a week, 12 months a year.


    work is somewhere we ride to for a warm dry rest and a brew between routes.

    32 miles with some gnarly West Cumbrian fell passes to contend with.

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