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  • Premier Icon Simon

    Sure has been a great summer. After last year’s washout and 2months off with a bust thumb I’ve gone nuts this year and ridden at every opportunity.


    I did 208 miles, not too bad considering i’m riding on a snapped collarbone.

    Premier Icon doom_mountain

    I don’t count mileage but I’ve been riding 4 times a week 😀


    I did 935km but not a single one of them off road. It’s winter here and the local trails aren’t very good at coping with wet so it’s all been either road or a wee bit on the turbo (about 70km).

    Premier Icon BlobOnAStick

    About 250 road miles. About 50 off-road miles.

    Communte to/from work is 30 miles (I sometimes take the long way home) so doing that a couple of times a week brings the totals up.

    It’s been a poor period for MTBing, even though the weather has been great and my son is now keen to come with me (and give me a run for my money) I’ve not been out more than 3 times in the month.


    I did 1100km total but it was a mix of trails, gravel and road. Probably 50% road, 40% tracks/gravel, 10% singletrack/proper offroad at a guess.

    Oh and it was all on a CX bike so doesn’t count.


    184 miles this month, most I’ve done for a couple of years. Not enough time for riding.

    Premier Icon dazh

    Strava tells me it was 981km in total last month. Dunno how much of that is offroad but it’s probably about 30%. I usually aim to do 50/50 offroad/road but last month the TDF and a new road bike conspired against that.

    931km for me, probably 70% mtb mixed between 1×9, SS and mtb tandem then the rest is road miles, July was just too nice for road miles as the trails around here have been running so nice.

    Premier Icon christhetall

    350 miles of mountain biking, 40 hours, 40,000ft of ascent

Viewing 10 posts - 41 through 50 (of 50 total)

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